Electrical Consultation (1/2 hour call)

Save yourself stress, money or wasted time with a conversation with a qualified off-grid electrical engineer who can help you with any aspect of your camper van electrical system.

This might be to help guide you in your planning, to discuss your ideas and sense-check them or simply to get some quick installation advice.

Once you purchase, you will be sent instructions for booking a time for a call with Tom Alderice, our electrical expert.

   30-minute consultation for any electrical questions

   1-on-1 consultation over zoom

   Perfect for sense-checking your plan


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Why should you get a consultation?

Guide your early-stage planning

It is easy to get carried away with what you want to install in your van conversion but lurking behind the scenes is the hard reality of physics.

A quick call can help guide you down a realistic path before you invest too much time into something that might simply not work.

Sense check your electrical system ideas

You have a plan, and you know what you want to buy but, before you start shelling out thousands on expensive equipment, it is worth talking through the overview of what you are doing with someone with years of experience installing off-grid systems.

A 30-minute chat could save you a lot of time, money and stress.

Quickly get advice for your installation

You are halfway through your electrical installation and you are just STUMPED! The manual is unclear and either way, it doesn't seem to fit with your system design. Don't worry - help is at hand!

A quick chat with our off-grid electrical system expert can help you continue with your installation with confidence (and avoid turning an expensive gadget into toast!)