Electrical design service with Tom, our off-grid electrical engineer

We can help design your electrical system. From the size of the batteries to which inverter will be best for you. We’ll calculate how much power you’ll require and give you a clear document with all the info you’ll need to begin your build. If you are based in the UK or the US can even supply all the parts you’ll need.

This includes a 1-to-1 Consultation (1 hour) to answer any questions you may have and discuss the essential/non-essential items you wish to run in your van e.g. fridge, fans, USBs, blenders etc.

Within 1 week, you will be provided with full documentation detailing your recommended electrical system components. We can also supply these parts.

   1 hour consultation to understand your needs

   Full documentation provided within 1 week

   If you want, we can ship components to you (US/UK only)


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Why should you get a consultation?

Install a system that fits your actual needs

We take the time to understand your needs - from where you travel to what you want to power - and the sort of system you want.

With this we can make sure that you are installing a system that is right for you.

Get the best value for money

A poorly functioning system costs you dearly when out on the road, but at the same time most of us are operating on a budget. Where is the middle ground? Where can you cut costs while still having a system that does the job?

We will help you arrive at a system that balances both needs and budgets.

Install a safe system

To be safe, electrical systems must be installed correctly and, when faulty electrics cause the majority of camper van fires, it is worth doing it right.

We will design you a well-designed system, with protection to help prevent fires or electrical shocks.


Get a specification for all components

Within 1 week of your consultation, we will provide you full documentation for your system. This includes, Battery Capacity, Solar Array (Panel) Size, MPPT Charge Controller Size, DC-DC/Alternator Size, Inverter/Charger Size and other key components.

Correct component interaction

Not all components work well together - different alternators need different charging systems, and different batteries require different charge controllers.

We will help make sure that all the parts of your system, and any interaction with the vehicle's electrical system, are correct.

Save time - we can ship the entire kit to your door

If you live in the UK or the US we can ship you the entire system. All the parts we ship are from reputable suppliers and we can include all the main cabling - saving you ordering lots of different items individually - which is usually more expensive.