All the tools you need for a Van Conversion

last updated: Dec 15, 2021

OK, because I had these huge bits of reclaimed mahogany I used a few extra tools, but if I didn’t these were pretty much all the tools I needed.

In total they cost you about £200/$250! But… firstly these are super useful tools and can be used for an DIY project throughout your life!

Either way, if you don’t need them afterward you can always sell them on eBay. I mean, if they cost you $250, and you sell them all for $180, then you have rented them all for a few months for only $70. Cheap rental!

With tools it is worth going by the old saying ‘buy good, buy once’.

Power Tools

I have had the older model of the following Bosch drill and Jig saw and they have lasted 8 years and going strong – they are good value.

Power Drill  
UK:   Bosch PSB 750 RCE Hammer Drill
USA:  Bosch 1006VSR 3/8-Inch Keyless Chuck Drill

Drill bits
These drill bit sets seem to have most things you need at a good price (except maybe a large hole cutter – for heater vent).
UK: Makita 98C263 Drilling and Driving Accessory Kit, 101 pc.
USA: Hitachi 799962 Drill And Drive Bit Set, 120-Piece

Jig Saw
UK: Bosch PST 700 E Compact Corded Jigsaw
USA: Bosch JS260 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw

Jig Saw Blades
UK: Bosch T Shank Jigsaw Blade Set, 8 Pieces
USA: Bosch T5002 10-Piece Assorted T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set

Cordless Drill/Screwdriver
I could not find the cordless drill I have, but if you are going to do you van in full days I really recommend getting two batteries. Its so frustrating to have to stop work because of a flat battery!

The following drills come with two batteries and should do the job pretty well!

UK: Hitachi DV18DGL/JF 18V Li-ion Cordless Combi Drill with 2 x 2.5Ah Batteries
USA: Bosch DDB181-02 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Compact Tough Drill/Driver Kit with 2 Batteries, Charger and Contractor Bag

All the tools you need for a Van Conversion

Extension lead, power drill, cordless drill, hand clamps during the build

Hand tools

Foam gun

OK, you probably don’t need this, but I seriously recommend you get one. I would not do it without!

It is ten times easier to use than the tube on the non-gun tubes and about ten times less messy! Just remember to get some cleaner – when you are finished – and will disconnect the foam canister for good – clean it out else it will be ruined.

UK: Draper 28618 Expanding Foam Gun
USA: Foamnseal FNS 500 Polyurethane Foam Dispensing Gun / Tool

Other Hand Tools
(UK links here – but it is easy enough to find these tools)

    • Hammer
    • Tennon Saw (mostly for sawing cladding ends neatly – jig saw can lift grain)
    • Hack Saw
    • Metal file
    • Pliers
    • Mole Grips (not essential)
    • Needle Nose pliers (to hold the tiny nails for cladding clips)
    • Socket Set (mostly to take fixings off the van)
    • Allen Key Set
    • Right angle.. for example:

Framing Square Right Angle Rule Ruler Engineers Carpenters Tool 24 X 16

I am sure there are a few I have missed – but mostly it seems about right.

Disclosure; the links are Amazon affiliate so I get a few dollars if you use them.. and that would be nice 🙂

All the tools you need for a Van Conversion

Another build shot 🙂

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