20 Best Campervan Interiors [2022 Design Inspiration Guide]

last updated: Feb 18, 2022

Currently building your own conversion, but looking to spruce up your campervan’s interior?

Look no further, because I’ve rounded up the best of the best for you right here.

This list has van interior elements you’ve never even heard of.

Ski Chalet Van? Check!

High-Tech Adventure Van? You bet!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect off-grid van design, or a luxurious and modern campervan layout, it’s all here.

Get ready to feel inspired by these custom van interiors. A quick heads up … they’re pretty epic!

First up …

1. Ultimate Family Van

Triple bunk bed in the ultimate family van

If you’re looking for the ultimate family van conversion, look no further- we’ve found it. This family van, named Everest, is fully equipped with 6 seatbelted seats, a double bed, and three bunk beds.

The 4 back seats face each other around a full-size table. The four seats also conveniently fold down into a double bed. 

Behind the table is a full stereo set. This feature is ideal for keeping kids entertained in the back, as it is fully controllable from the back seats.

This conversion also features a full campervan bathroom. This is perfect for a family-friendly van, so the kids don’t have to wake someone to go outside with them!

The toilet in ultimate family camper

The most unique and family-friendly aspect of this van is a triple bunk bed. 

Each bed is 6 feet long, so this van could sleep not only kids, but also adults! 

Each bunk also has its own reading light, storage pocket, and curtain- allowing the kids to sleep peacefully if the adults want to stay up with the lights on.

2. Self-Build Van

living and sleeping area in a self-build van

An elegant design, intricate details, and a raised floor make this van conversion distinctively beautiful and functional.

Raised wooden floor in a self-build van

Modeled after a boat, the entire floor of this van is raised, leaving a whopping 15 cm of storage underneath the entire floor. 

This storage space is conveniently accessed through two hatches in the floor. For extra safety and security, there is even a safe located deep underneath the floor!

Rope lines the edge of the walls, serving as an elegant finish. 

The shower door and kitchen drawer also are delicately marked by a ball of rope that dually functions as a handle. 

The fixed double bed not only has a reading light, but is lined with LEDs that are adjustable through a touch sensor. 

It’s the little details that really make this van so great.

3. Off-Grid Van 

Wooden interior of the off-grid van

Complete with solar panels and cozy, double insulated reclaimed wood, this sustainably sourced van named Herb is ready to get off the grid. 

Stepping into Herb feels like stepping into a log cabin. Homey, comfortable, and warm. 

The interior of the van is lined with reclaimed wooden pallets, shaved down and varnished to achieve a polished look. 

The wood isn’t the only thing recycled in Herb either. All of the light fixtures are reclaimed. The kitchen light is an old desk lamp, and one light was once part of a fire hydrant!

The kitchen in the off-grid van

Many of Herb’s key features are sourced naturally from local artists- The dream catchers are vegan from an artist in the United States, and the iodized copper sink is from Turkey. 

A macrame curtain divider separates the cab from the back, carefully crafted from a woman in Wales. 

All of these personal, artistic touches make this van not only sustainable, but also commemorate all Herb’s adventures.

4. Climbing Van

Climbing van's l-shaped kitchen

Next up, the Climbing Van. One of our all-time top van builds, and one of the top picks in our round-up of the best Sprinter van conversions.

I’m sure you’re already dreaming of all the delicious meals you can make in this van’s beautiful, large kitchen! This interior really prioritizes kitchen space. 

With a large, L-shaped kitchen, mini Belfast sink, drawers and overhead cabinets for cooking utensils, you’ll be able to prepare almost anything your heart desires while on the road. 

You won’t have a lack of entertainment in this van, either. 

A projector screen hooks to the wall above the sink, dropping down for your own person at home cinema.

The bed in Climbing camper van

At the foot of the bed lies two comfy bench seats that conveniently form into a mini bed! Also, in between the bench seats is a slide out table offering the perfect space to share meals, or get some work done.

5. Professional Kitchen Van

Professional kitchen in a pro chef's van

This might be the first camper van I’ve ever seen that’s designed by a professional chef! 

This kitchen not only features a massive refrigerator, slide out pantry shelves, and large chopping block, but also a 21 inch Furrion oven. 

With a gorgeous blue porcelain splashback lining this kitchen wall, no detail was spared.

The shower in pro chef's rv

The kitchen isn’t the only luxury in this van. 

The full sized shower is lined with subway tiles from ceiling to floor. 

The floor is a beautiful Brazilian hardwood that is conveniently fully removable. This is only one of two showers in this van- there’s also a second gas powered shower in the back. With this van, you’ve got options! 

6. Dog Friendly Gaming Van

the kitchen in a dog-friendly camper

This van conversion has the best of both worlds- it’s dog and gamer-friendly. It’s not a combination I’ve seen until now, and I’m thoroughly impressed. 

There’s a built-in shelf above the campervan bed to support a gaming setup, and the entire system is solar powered. How cool is that? 

Underneath the full size fold-out bed, there is also a large bed where your furry friend can sleep-equipped with a light to boot! There is also a detachable ramp at the door, so dogs can exit/enter with ease. 

Dog-friendly camper van's kettle

This conversion is also quite stylish. Multiple porthole windows give it a nautical feel, while special touches like a chain-hanging shelf secured by copper pipe really complete the interior. 

There’s also a full shower, and the walls are entirely handmade with blue glass tiles.

Little details like the copper pipe, and blue tiles in the shower really turn this van into a home.

7. All Inclusive Van

Sink in the all inclusive van

This van conversion has a bunch of unique ideas that help emulate all the comforts of a modern and chic home. 

The very first thing you see when walking into this van is a full length shower- complete with a skylight! 

I love how the skylight not only provides ventilation, but also allows you to shower under the stars, or in the sunshine. The shower is also complete with blue tile that matches the kitchen walls, and a teak bath mat. 

The kitchen in this van is chic, large, and has everything you could need to cook meals on the road. A large fridge, oven, and triple burner Dometic stove make meal options absolutely limitless.

All inclusive van's seating area

A large lounge area is the highlight of this van. Comfortable, stylish benches combined with a Lagun swivel table stand create the perfect work, dining, and relaxation space.

Conveniently, the lounge also converts into a queen size bed. 

You won’t be lacking comfort with this van interior.

8. Nature Van

The double-bed in the nature van

This van conversion was built and designed with love. Little hearts are etched in the cabinets and drawers, and the color scheme is airy and pleasant. 

The interior has a very natural theme, from the plants, to the flowers on the mugs. Even the curtains have a flowery, natural print. 

The cabinets and ladder are made from recycled whiskey barrels, giving the van a vintage look and quaint feel.

A fixed double bed with a single bunk makes this van perfect for relaxing after a long day of hiking and exploring. 

Natural light flows in through its many windows, and if that’s not enough, worry not, because there are seven total light fixtures in this van.

the kettle on a stovetop in the nature van

The walls are elegantly decorated with recycled coasters and tile samples that pair together quite nicely and add a decorative touch to the wood interior. 

Everything about this van’s interior evokes feelings of peace and serenity. 

9. Ski Chalet Van

Ski chalet van wooden interior

This van truly is a Ski Chalet on wheels. It was designed to spend several months at a time up in the mountains, and it is perfect for exactly that. 

The entire interior of this van is fitted with wooden cladding, making you forget you’re even in a van at all and not in a Chalet in the Alps. 

Comfort is king in this van. A fixed, king sized bed rests in the back, offering the perfect place to rest after a day on the slopes. 

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The kitchen in a ski chalet van

Bed space is prioritized in this van’s interior, and the result is a very functional and creative kitchen. 

The need for kitchen counter space is creatively reduced here, with a cutting board that screws on over the sink. 

A large table slides out from under the bed, and the surrounding benches comfortably seat three. 

The benches themselves are handmade, and have a red plaid upholstery that fits perfectly along with the cozy, Ski Chalet theme of this van.

10. Bohemian Van

The kitchen in a Bohemian van

Rustic, bohemian, and functional are all words that come to my mind regarding this van. 

The interior is meticulously decorated. The van is filled with stylish accents: the brass kitchen backsplash, yellow embroidered tea towels, as well as a Moroccan accent pillow that doubles as bedding storage.

A very important feature of this van’s interior is a small rectangle grate in the kitchen. This small grate serves as an access point between the back of the van and the cab, which is an incredibly important safety feature, particularly for solo female travelers.

The green waste compartment in the Bohemian-inspired van

The countertop is made of reclaimed wood, and has a built in green waste compartment, perfect for the eco-friendly traveler who loves to cook! 

This van is not only beautifully decorated, but also has a large workspace, double bed, small toilet and outdoor heated shower. Every component needed for vanlife is here, and the style is an added bonus.

11. Luxury Box Van

Luxury box van's living area

This luxury box van conversion is incredibly spacious and has a nice, homey feel.

The interior has an oak theme, contributing to the warm and cozy feel. Additionally, this interior is very outdoorsy, with a garden-style sink faucet.

Two large sofas provide plenty of space for lounging, and comfortably convert to a single bed. The pink flamingo print on the sofas is quite pleasant and cheery! 

I particularly like that this conversion is accessible from the cab. Access from the cab is always convenient, particularly when it is stormy, and you can leave your muddy shoes and clothes in the cab rather than inside the van.

Cast iron wood-burning heater in a luxury box van

The coziest feature of this interior is it’s heater: a cast iron wood burner. This isn’t something you see in every van, and it adds a nice homey touch.

12. Artist Van 

This artist’s van conversion is chic, spacious, and clever. The color combination of blues and browns gives it a very warm feel, while two aptly placed skylights provide just the right amount of natural lighting to work with.

Artist van interior with a handmade wooden blinds

I love the handmade window blinds in this van. They’re far more cost-effective than alternatives, and the shades are lovely, and pair well with the blues in the van.

The Murphy bed in the artists van

A custom made Murphy bed is a major space saver in this van’s interior. Tucked perfectly out of the way during the day, it easily folds down from the wall to have a fully fixed bed in seconds. 

The Murphy bed is a great middleground for those wanting a fixed bed, but still wanting to save space in the van. It really is the best of both worlds.

Next to the bed, is a large workspace, complete with an adjustable Lagun table. The fold-down Murphy bed leaves this area very spacious during the day-the perfect artist’s workspace!

P.S Still trying to choose your van? Check out our guide to be best vans for camper conversions!

13. Natural Family Camper Van 

Get ready to fully immerse yourself in nature with this family camper van. 

The interior of this van is carefully handcrafted with all natural materials! No plastics or glues here. 

The beds, interior cladding, and cabinets were all lovingly made from different types of wood. I particularly love the use of Western Redwood Cedar- it has a gorgeous look and is a light material.

A nature-inspired interior of a family camper

This van is perfect for family van life, as it has three beds! 

A double bed on the bottom for the adults, and two bunks on the sides for children. 

The bunks even have a clever fabric constraint for safety. 

The window of the natural family van

The lighting in this van is a wonderful combination of fixtures and windows. 

The kitchen window particularly has a very cheerful, rustic feel. The large kitchen is great for preparing family meals.

With an abundance of places to sleep, eat, and be merry, I just love this natural family camper van.

14. Home-Cinema Van

The bed of home-cinema van during the day

This is one of my favourite van tours, as the decor and style of this van is breathtaking. I love the soft cream color scheme, with a touch of green to make it feel natural. 

Not only is it beautiful, but it is also complete with a full  hot water shower, porta potty, and kitchen.

Surfboards themselves are a work of art, and I like how this interior has a hanging contraption to store, and showcase the surfboard. 

This is a nice storage solution for surfboards, especially for longboards.

The bed in the home-cinema van during the night

At night, this van transforms into an in-van movie theatre. 

The curtains close, Magnasonic mini projector turns on, and cozy movie nights are on! You can enjoy watching movies from the double fixed bed, and also the large lounging area at the foot of the bed.

Not only is this van beautiful and fully-equipped, it is also very safe and secure due to its security cameras. The wi-fi security system is a great touch to any van, and it makes this van just that much safer.

15. Modern Minimalist Van 

This van conversion has a very unique and clever table set up. The driver and passenger seats in this van  turn around to face the rear seats, with two adjustable tables in the middle. 

This set-up is not only a space saver, but also very nice for meal times, and serves as a great work space. 

The tables even swivel all the way outside the van, so if the sun is shining, you can use them outside, which I think is a very nice feature.

Modern minimalist van kitchen

The kitchen in this van is minimalistic, but beautiful. The countertop is a piece of live edgewood, a nice rustic feature that contrasts with the rest of the interior’s modern look.

Modern minimalist van toilet sink

The shower in this van is modern and luxurious. It is full-sized, and even has its own sink! 

Opening porthole windows are scattered throughout this van, which conveniently offer both light and ventilation. They are also very sleek, and stylish. 

The heater of this van is a gorgeous wood burner, which also adds a nice rustic contrast to the otherwise shiny, white modern interior of this van.

16. High-Tech Adventure Van

High-tech adventure van interior

This sweet, sleek, high-tech adventure van is fully equipped and ready to go. One of our top picks as the best Ford Transit van conversions out there!

It has a full shower and toilet behind a mirrored wall, and a curtain in the shower allows you to keep towels and clothes dry and hanging while you shower. 

The beautiful handmade ambrosia maple countertop is a whopping eight feet long, thanks to a crafty extension. I like how all of the cabinets have a nice matte-black finish, it really gives this van a sleek feel.

There’s a 28 inch television in this van, which swivels out so you can watch either from the large, fixed bed, or from the sweet workspace in the front of the van.

Comfy work area in the high-tech adventure camper

This comfy chair serves as a great workspace, complete with a Lagun swivel table for extra convenience. 

The chair even folds completely flat up against the wall, giving you full access through this van’s sliding doors.

17. Dream Van 

This dreamy van has a mostly wooden interior, with some artistic touches that make it very special.

Dream van's stone sink with black faucet

One truly admirable feature of this van is a stone sink. 

The sink’s black faucet is intricately wrapped in tree roots that match the wooden interior of the rest of the van. 

The cab and kitchen are partially separated by more stone slabs, a nice and unique touch.

I appreciate that a great deal of wood in this van is repurposed- the cabinets are all made from old wine boxes.

The wooden table with emerald resin inlay in the dream van

This van comfortably seats 4 people inside its lounge area. 

Underneath the bed, a beautiful, wooden table slides out, with an emerald green epoxy resin inlay. The table even comes completely out of the van and can be set up outside!

Plants throughout the interior provide a nice touch of greenery, and between the plants and the wood, this van has a very nice rustic look.

18. Surfer’s Van 

I’m absolutely delighted by all the fabrics and colors of this surf van’s interior. 

The cab is completely open to the van, and the front seats swivel around and meet a table to form a nice seating area. 

The cab has been painted, and seats have been stapled with beautiful fabrics that perfectly match the rest of the van.

Surfer's van kitchen and seating area

The kitchen is also bright and cheery, and the centerpiece is a blue basin-style sink, with a garden hose faucet. 

Behind the sink is a tile backsplash, consisting of all hand-painted tiles.

The back of the van has a very large lounge area, which seats 4 people, and transforms into a large bed. Exquisite, colorful fabrics make this space very pleasant to relax in. 

Surfer's van kitchen and seating area

Two surfboards can be strapped to the roof, functioning  great as both storage and a display for the boards. 

A peacock shaped headboard is the highlight of the lounge area. It is of course made of more beautiful fabrics, and is a piece of art in itself. 

19. Photographer’s Van 

I’m a big fan of the design of this van’s interior. 

It’s got a nice boho look, with some real statement features, including a large golden mirror, with a sun spiraling around its perimeter.

The gorgeous kitchen of the photographer's van

The kitchen in this van is gorgeous. 

A large backsplash of sliced pieces of wood gives it a very earthy feel, while the white tiles and large, bartender’s sink keeps it modern. A large window filters in ample light.

Mason jars filled with spices line the underside of the kitchen cabinets, a clever, and aesthetically pleasing storage solution. 

Utilization of space is huge in this van. Underneath a fixed queen bed, slides out a nature’s head toilet.

Additionally, a large, wooden table slides out from under the bed. It’s accompanied by a bench seat for two, creating a great space to work, eat, or just hang out and enjoy yourself!

20. Budget Van 

Budget van's kitchen and bedroom

I’m happy to show you a van that proves that van life doesn’t need to be terribly expensive. There are tonnes of cheap van conversions out there that are unique, cozy, and highly desirable to live in. This funky, eclectic van was purchased and converted for a grand total of only £2,000! 

The interior is cladded with pallet wood, which I think is a great budget option for those wanting to design their van with a wooden interior! The cabinets are also made from pallet wood, and are sturdy and look great. 

The kitchen has a vintage tile backsplash that adds the perfect pop of color to this wooden van interior.

Log burner for heating the budget van

For heating, this van has a massive log burner. It keeps the van’s interior very warm, and also doubles as an awesome piece of vintage decor. 

Which Camper Interior Will You Choose?

I hope you’re feeling inspired after seeing all these fantastic interior designs. 

There are a plethora of options when it comes to designing your van’s interior, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either. 

It’s absolutely possible to have an interior that not only has all of the essentials, but is also great to look at and spend time in! 

Now that you’ve seen all these radical van interiors, which one will you base your van’s design on?

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