10 Best Van Tours We’ve EVER Filmed!

last updated: Feb 24, 2022

In the last few years we have filmed a LOT of van tours.

Each one offering unique design choices that have helped other van converters feel inspired for their own builds.

But with so many videos on offer, knowing where to start can feel daunting.

That’s why we decided it was time to put together this ultimate list of the best van tours we have so far come across.

There should be something for eveyone below, featuring ideal vans for families, couples, adventure travelers, surfers, bikers …

Absolutely everything!

So let’s get started with our first pick …

1. The Ultimate Family Van Tour

Kicking off this list of the 10 best van tours we have ever filmed is this ultra family-friendly van conversion named “Everest”. 

Everest truly is a van conversion that has family adventure written all over it.

Seating area in a family van

Not only does it have the capacity to safely seat six people with seatbelts, but it also has the capacity to sleep them! 

In this van conversion, there are 4 seatbelted seats across from the door to the van, directly behind the two front seats. 

These seats have a fold-down table in between them, so this seating area doubles as a workspace, living room, or area to simply gather together and enjoy some family time.

As a unique bonus, from this seated area, there is even access to a stereo system to control music from the back of the van!

Triple bunk bed for Citroen Relay campervan

When it’s time for bed, these four seats and table transform into a double bed to sleep on. 

Behind the seats is the highlight of this van tour- a set of three platform bunk beds built into the van! 

Each bunk bed is private and cozy, with its own reading light, privacy curtain, and storage pouch. There is also a ladder built into the bunks for easy access to the top bunk.

Across from the beds is this van’s kitchen.

Seating area in a family van

The kitchen is simple yet incredibly functional.

It is equipped with a sink, stove, fridge, and plenty of storage and counter space. 

Next to the sink and across from the bunk beds is this van conversion’s private bathroom. The bathroom is equipped with a toilet, and having it inside the van makes traveling in a van with kids that much more simple! 

2. The Best Self-Build Van Conversion

This elegant yet functional van is easily one of the best van tours we’ve ever filmed. 

The floorplan of this design is also one of our 10 best campervan floor plans for you to steal!

living and sleeping area in a self-build van

It was designed and built in just six months by a particularly talented solo female artist. 

The design of the van has a few nautical elements to it, including a raised floor running throughout the entirety of the van for extra storage. 

Having a raised floor was made possible due to the van’s extra high roof. With the extra-high roof, there is still plenty of headspace in the van, even with the raised floor.

Additionally, this van is complete with a kitchen, as well as a walk-in shower with a toilet. 

Black shower head

The shower is quite lovely, with a black paint that makes the walls look as if they were made of stone.

One of the most incredible features in the shower is a hand shaped oval window.

The oval window is a seemingly simple detail, which in reality, took lots of work, skill, and precision to get just right.

Oval Window in a camper van

Beautiful artwork throughout the van is what really makes this conversion special. 

Not only are the walls covered in beautiful prints, but also more unique pieces of artwork- from a hexagonal tile backsplash to the rope lining the walls and serving as handles for all of the doors and cabinets. 

This van also has a large garage under its fixed double bed, with plenty of room to house the water tanks, as well as full-length surfboards! 

3. Solo Female Van Life

This vanlife tour features a lovely and functional van conversion, designed for a solo female living and traveling on the road!

Fully equipped van kitchen

The van has a fully equipped kitchen with a farmhouse-style sink, 2 burner stovetop, and refrigerator. 

There is plenty of counter space and room for food storage- there is even a Berkey water filter on the counter!

The numerous windows and lights in this van give it a light and airy feel- which is amplified by the white paint of the interior.

There is a sliding door with a full-length mirror on it that provides access to the cab of the van- a great feature for convenience, comfort, and safety.

Across from the kitchen is a large storage cabinet, with large sliding drawers that houses a composting toilet underneath it.

Solo Female Campervan fixed double bed

Across from the cabinet is a bench seat. 

Directly in front of the bench seat, there is a sliding table that slides out from under the bed to serve as a workspace/ living room area in the van.

The van has a fixed double bed that runs widthwise in the van- which allows for the van to feel even more spacious.

4. Van Conversion with Home Cinema

This LWB Sprinter van conversion is utterly incredible.

One of the highlights of this van conversion is its large, L-shaped kitchen. With ample counter space, it also has a beautiful mini Belfast sink, along with an impressively large four burner stove top.

Beautiful Mini Belfast Sink

The kitchen also is equipped with loads of overhead storage cabinets, and chic little shelves for spices, coffee, and even cookbooks!

Plus, a beautiful green tile backsplash gives this van’s kitchen an extra unique look.

Another of this van’s incredible and unique features is its in-home cinema! A projector screen rolls down from above the kitchen for awesome movie viewing from the bed or this van’s seating area. 

The projector screen they use for this is a Viewsonic Mini Travel Projector.

Home cinema in a Camervan

This van’s living room area consists of two bench seats at the foot of the bed, with a slide-out table between them.

This area contains sufficient seating space for three people to sit around the table.

The bed in this van is a fixed double raised platform bed. 

There is more overhead storage above the bed, as well as a full bookshelf and plenty of plants. 

Having a fixed platform bed like this allows this van conversion to have a large garage underneath for storage, and to hold their unique shower system- a Camplux instant hot water tankless shower

Fixed platform bed in a Sprinter van conversion

5. Incredible Bohemian Van Tour

This camper van conversion is one of the most beautiful vans I’ve ever toured! In fact, it’s also on our list of the best campervan interiors.

Bohemian camper van kitchen

This campervan conversion features another large and beautiful L-shaped kitchen. 

It has plenty of counter space, in addition to a 2 burner stovetop, sink, green waste compartment, fridge, and even an oven! 

Having a proper oven in a campervan is quite the luxury. It makes it incredibly easy to warm up meals, and in the winter time, using the oven will also warm up your entire campervan’s interior!

What really makes this kitchen unique is the decor. 

The kitchen is beautifully decorated, complete with a brass kitchen backsplash, plants, and lovely pieces of artwork. 

Above the kitchen is an access hatch to the cab.

While closing off the cab of a campervan often provides more space for the van conversion, having access to the cab is an important safety feature, as well as a comfort feature in poor weather. 

Closing off the cab but leaving a door for access like she did in this van conversion is a great way to have the best of both worlds! 

Another incredible feature in this van tour is the home office setup. 

Utilizing two bench seats and a Lagun swivel table, this van conversion is fully equipped to work remotely on the road.

When not in use as a workspace, the table flips down and combines with the bench seat to form a large bed in the back of the van.

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Bohemian van workspace

This van tour really demonstrates how decorative touches can make a van conversion truly incredible- and needless to say, we are thoroughly impressed. 

6. The Luxury Van Tour

Vanlife meets luxury with this next van on the list. Which once again opted for the Sprinter as the base vehicle, probably the most common van used for a conversion.

This beautiful Sprinter Van conversion is chock full of lovely details and features that make this van conversion unique.

Vanity style sink in Luxury RV

Walking into this van conversion, the first thing you see is a vanity-style sink against the cab, directly adjacent to the shower.

The vanity area is quite beautiful, and features a sink with brass taps, and a faux marble countertop.

There is also a lovely print above the vanity. Hidden behind the print is a stealthy access point between the cab and the back of the van! 

This van also has a large bathroom accompanied with a shower and portapotty. To match the theme of the rest of the van, the shower has a brass faucet.

For an extra unique look, the shower is painted to look as if it were made of concrete!

I particularly like how they incorporated a window into the shower to provide more natural lighting inside the shower.

2 burner stove in a luxury camper van

This van conversion’s kitchen is incredible. The kitchen also has a faux marble countertop to match the vanity, as well as a pink tile backsplash for a pop of color. 

In addition to a stove, oven, and fridge/freezer combo, this van’s kitchen is also equipped with an actual espresso machine and blender! How’s that for breakfast on the road?

Living room area of a luxury van conversion

The living room area in this van conversion fits snugly against the fixed double bed. 

It consists of a table and two bench seats conveniently located right in front of a window. To take advantage of the space, there is additional storage available underneath the bench seats. 

The fixed double bed is a raised platform style bed, which also happens to be one of our favorite campervan bed ideas

With this setup, there is room for a large garage underneath with plenty of room to house their entire electrical unit and more!

7. The Extra-Spacious Van Tour

This van conversion features a Mercedes Vario that has been transformed into an incredible home on wheels.

Large windows in a Mercedes Vario camper

They have adopted some really unique conversion ideas into their build. I love how open, light, and airy this van feels- they really make the most of the space in this van. The hanging surfboard storage is also a nice touch!

The back of the van has a fixed king bed. Above it is a projector for cozy van movie nights!

The bed is also surrounded by windows, so you can enjoy beautiful views from the bed of the surrounding environment.

There are also curtains and blackout screens for when you want the van to be dark and private.

Spacious camper van kitchen

There is a very large seating area at the foot of the bed. It consists of two bench seats and a slideout table.

One of the bench seats is quite large, and flattens into a guest bed!

The kitchen in this van is very big, and has all of the amenities.

I particularly like how they left one of the kitchen cabinets open to display all of their different spices and cooking supplies!

The use of a gray tile backsplash is also a nice decorative touch in this van conversion.

Next to the kitchen, is a large walk-in bathroom, complete with a toilet, shower, and ample shelf space for soaps and other shower necessities.

The cab of the van is open to the back, and includes a handy built-in shelf for storing drinks and other items while on the road.

8. High Comfort Van Tour

This van conversion allows for scenic drives all while in an incredibly comfortable van. 

This van is packed with great features, as well as a clean and classy look.

High comfort van kitchen and sleeping area

With a large sink, induction cooktop, and massive chest-style refrigerator/freezer combo, this van conversion’s kitchen is fully loaded. 

Above the kitchen counter is a long window, complete with a blackout screen, and three locks for safety. 

There is also plenty of overhead storage located in the cabinets above the kitchen, and the drawers underneath!

Hidden shower by the kitchen in a high comfort van

One of the most unique features in this campervan conversion is its shower setup. 

In order to maintain a completely open camper layout, the shower in this van is hidden in plain sight.

To access the shower, a section of the kitchen counter folds up to reveal a shower pan, and the cabinets above the countertop open to reveal shower curtains and a showerhead. 

When building this van conversion, they were looking for a way that allowed privacy when in the shower, without the loss of space that usually comes from building in a separate shower room. 

Living and sleeping space in a high comfort camper van

The living room area of the van rests at the foot of the bed with two adjacent bench seats. In between the bench seats is a table that slides out from under the bed. 

Having a separate living room space and a fixed bed is quite nice in a shared campervan, as it allows for one person to be using the living room space while the other is in bed- something that is not a possibility with other bed setups. 

The bed itself is a fixed platform bed, with his and hers overhead storage cabinets. 

I particularly like the use of netting under the storage cabinets for a little extra storage. 

There is a large garage underneath the van with ample space for the van’s electric system, water tanks, and more. 

Everything in this van can be powered off of the van’s whopping 720 watts of solar- that’s right, this van can even get off-grid.

9. Off-Grid Van Tour

This adventure van is rearing and ready to go on a national parks road trip. 

It’s a Ford Transit 148 Wheelbase, and the van’s outer features are just as cool as its interior conversion. 

This van is equipped with a massive awning to relax under, as well as intensely bright LEDs that are just perfect for rolling up to campsites late at night.

Black off-grid Ford Transit van

The interior of the van is impressively well-equipped for a 148 wheelbase- this van also happens to be one of the best Ford Transit van conversions!

Not only does it have two working spaces, but also a fixed double bed, 8-foot long countertop, and full shower! 

The cab of the van is left open in this conversion, and the two front seats are on swivels that turn around and meet with swivel tables to serve as a place to eat, or a workspace. 

There is also an additional bench seat that folds flat up against the van when not in use.

Workspace in an off-grid van

Across from this van’s kitchen is more storage, and a separate shower complete with a Nature’s Head Composting Toilet.

The fixed platform bed fits widthwise in this van, and even has a little bookshelf and even a shoot for dirty laundry underneath the bed! 

Having the fixed bed fit widthwise saves a ton of space in the van, and is one of the reasons why this campervan conversion is able to have so many awesome features.

There is even a TV above the bed that can rotate to be watched from both in bed, and from the front seating area of the van.

Rotating tv in an off-grid Ford Transit camper

It’s incredible how this campervan has so many impressive features jammed into its 148 wheelbase, and yet still doesn’t feel cramped! 

10. The Insane Off-Road Van Conversion

Here we have another one of the best off-road Sprinter van tours – a LWB Sprinter Van named Bruce Banner.

Green off-road Sprinter van

Bruce Banner started off as a white, 2wd Cargo van- and has since been transformed into a green machine, and the ultimate off-roading vehicle.

On the exterior, this van has a Linex coat of green and black paint that protects it from scratches.

The van is equipped with very powerful LEDs, as well as a snorkel and upgraded tires for off-roading.

The roof of the van houses a huge solar panel with 375 watts of power, as well as extra gear storage.

The kitchen of Bruce Banner van

The interior of this van is equally packed with incredible features.

The kitchen is complete with a stainless steel sink, extra large fridge, induction cooktop, and separate freezer! 

The shower is also stainless steel, and is complete with a Dometic Toilet.

Long overhead storage cabinets run lengthwise down the van, lined with LEDs for lighting.

Off-road sprinter van workspace

In the front of the van, the seats are on swivels to create a workstation/ living room area to use along with a Lagun swivel table, and custom upholstered bench seat.

With so many incredible features packed both inside this van conversion and on its exterior, this is without a doubt one of the best van tours we have ever filmed!

Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen, each of these vans is unique and special, and suits a different type of van lifer.

From the incredible family adventure van Everest, to the Bruce Banner adventure van- these van conversions are seriously awesome.

I hope you walk away from this list feeling impressed, inspired, and perhaps even ready to embark on your own campervan conversion journey – I know I sure did!

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