20 Best Campervan Accessories That EVERYONE Needs!

last updated: Mar 14, 2023

When living in a campervan, there are certain items such as beds, refrigerators, and toilets that are staples in most van conversions.

However, what will really bring your campervan conversion to the next level, is to deck it out with some awesome campervan accessories!

If you dream of getting off-grid in comfort and style, some of the items on this list are going to be key to making that dream a reality.

This list of the best campervan accessories covers recreational items, electronics, and even safety precautions you don’t even know your van conversion needs!

Now, let’s dive right into it, starting with….

Campervan accessories for the roof

1. Rooftop storage container

Rooftop storage container in a white camper van

One area of a campervan conversion that is often overlooked is the roof. 

This is unfortunate because the roof offers a TON of storage space. Purchasing a rooftop storage container for your campervan conversion can be one of the best investments you could make in your campervan’s storage capacity. 

A rooftop storage container can be the perfect home for van camping equipment, seasonal sporting equipment, and items that you just don’t use every day in your van!

If you’re wondering how to increase your van’s storage, or even just browsing for cool van life accessories, don’t look over a rooftop storage container. 

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2. Rooftop awning

Van conversion with rooftop  awning

Next up on this list of the best campervan accessories is another van roof accessory- a rooftop awning!

If you love being outside, this could be the perfect campervan accessory for you. 

With a rooftop awning, you can watch the sunrise/sunset, practice yoga, or even perform a concert atop your campervan!

A rooftop awning is one of the most sweet and unique camping van accessories that will bring your van conversion to the next level.

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3. Hammock or swing

A hammock is one of the cool campervan accessories you need to have

Who doesn’t love relaxing in a hammock?

A hammock or swing is a great addition to any camper conversion. Whether you prefer to hang up your hammock and chill in the van, or to take it out and relax in the trees, a hammock is still one of the best camper van accessories.

Plus, you can take it one step further and install a swing onto your campervan! Nothing beats taking in the view while unwinding on your van’s swing.

Plus, if you’re traveling with a group or with the family, a swing/hammock can provide some extra valuable seating space. 

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Campervan accessories for tech lovers

4. Mini projector screen

A Mini projector screen is an excellent camper van accessory

One of the most fun and entertaining campervan accessories you can invest in is a mini projector screen

The ability to have cozy movie nights in your campervan is a gamechanger. 

All you need is a projector,  electrical system and a blank wall and movie nights are on.

Also, you can move a mini projector screen around and put it anywhere, so if you want to watch movies from your bed some days, you’ll still have the option to take it out of the van at other times.

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5.  Sound system

Another great campervan accessory is a sound system

One of my favorite campervan fun accessories is a decent van sound system. The sound system can be as extravagant as you desire, but sometimes a simple bluetooth speaker will suffice!

With a van sound system, you can cook, clean, work, all while listening to your favorite music. 

Plus, if you pair it with your mini projector screens, you’ll basically have the ability to turn your campervan into a movie theatre.

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6. A 12v TV

A 12V TV as an accessory for a high tech camper van build

One of the most epic and luxurious conversion van accessories is a TV. 

It may not be for everyone, but if you have the space and the power setup, a television will make any van conversion truly awesome.

However, you shouldn’t just install any old television into your van conversion. 

A 12V television is made to run off your van’s leisure battery, as well as withstand the bumps and jolts of the road. 

With a TV in your van conversion, you’ll be able to binge your favorite Netflix show, or watch the game from the comfort of your campervan.

Full video High-Tech Adventure Van

7. GPS system

a GPS system is another example of a great campervan accessory

While “getting lost in nature” may be the goal in theory, sometimes we want to know exactly where we are, for safety reasons! 

Plus, driving a large campervan, or even a bus, is much more difficult than driving a standard car, and you don’t want to get your home on wheels stuck somewhere it’s tricky to drive or navigate out of.

That is why a GPS system is another example of a great campervan accessory. 

A GPS system can take the guesswork out of your travels, leaving you with more time to sit back and enjoy your road trip. 

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8. Mobile hotspot

 a mobile hotspot in a campervan qualifies as a cool campervan accessory

For some, a mobile hotspot in a campervan qualifies as a cool campervan accessory. 

However, for digital nomads and remote workers living on the road, a mobile hotspot is one of those must have camper van accessories.

A mobile hotspot will allow you to have wifi in your campervan, from anywhere. 

With a mobile hotspot, you can work from anywhere in your van, and experience total freedom of location.

If you need to be able to access the internet from anywhere in your van, it’s definitely a good idea to consider investing in a mobile hotspot for your campervan.

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Campervan accessories to keep your van clean

9. Handheld vacuum

One of the best camper van accessories you can invest in is a handheld vacuum

One of the less glamorous, less talked about aspects of vanlife is how messy a campervan can get. 

Also, in such a small space, a little bit of dirt, pet hair, and clutter can have a big impact. 

Plus, when you’re out exploring in nature, dirt, mud, and snow tend to get tracked inside. 

One of the best camper van accessories you can invest in to help keep your van clean is a mini handheld vacuum

A vacuum works better than a broom, and with different attachments you can use it to clean hard to reach places in your van.

Full video Smart MWB Van Conversion

10. Laundry storage bag

a laundry storage bag is a very handy campervan accessory

In a small space, everything is amplified, including odors. That’s why a laundry storage bag is a very handy campervan accessory. 

There are several different sizes of laundry bags out there, so depending on how minimal your van wardrobe is, you can find one that will perfectly fit the van space. 

If you’re not sure where to put the laundry storage bag, consider building a garage laundry shoot like in this van conversion!

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Campervan accessories for off-grid comfort

11. Portable shower

one of the coolest campervan accessories is a portable shower

Without a doubt, one of the coolest campervan accessories is a portable shower. While having a campervan with a bathroom + shower can be totally awesome, it isn’t in the cards for every vanlifer. 

However, having a way to rinse off after a day of hiking and exploring can be a gamechanger while living in a van.

That’s why we love portable showers so much!

a portable shower is a practical campervan accessory

They’re easy to use, small, affordable, and they even make it possible to have a hot shower with some of the heated solar portable showers that are out there. 

There are portable showers you can hang, and even portable showers that have a pump to pressurize.

Without a doubt, a portable shower is one awesome van accessory.

Full video Ultra-Practical Van Conversion

12. Water filter

A Water filter is one of the best accessories for lighter camper van conversion

When living in a van, having access to fresh water is the key to staying off-grid for longer. 

However, water is heavy, and the more you keep in your campervan water system, the heavier your overall van conversion will be. 

A water filter is key to keeping a lighter conversion, while having the capacity for a longer time off-grid, making it one of the best campervan accessories!

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13.  Maxxair fan

Install Maxxair fan so you can have a constant airflow running through your campervan

One of the most important aspects of comfort in a campervan is having proper ventilation.

That’s why a Maxxair fan is one of the most valuable pieces of campervan equipment.

A Maxxair fan will not only keep your camper well ventilated, but certain models will also keep your van cool, by opening up when they detect the van’s temperature go above a set number. 

By installing two Maxxair fans, or even by combining a few open windows with a fan, you can have a constant airflow running through your campervan. 

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14.  Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

A Nature’s Head Composting Toilet is a great campervan interior accessories

Another of the less glamorous aspects of vanlife is where to go when you’re on the road. 

While some vanlifers are content doing their business out in nature, for many others, that is simply not an option.

If you fall into the latter category, you should consider installing a Nature’s Head Composting Toilet into your campervan. 

Having a toilet in your campervan is very convenient, and a quality composting toilet like Nature’s Head is better for the environment than alternative options, and keeps odors away. 

If you’re looking for campervan interior accessories, you really can’t go wrong with a Nature’s Head Composting Toilet. 

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Campervan accessories to enjoy the outdoors

15. Table and chairs for outdoors

Foldable table and chairs for van life

While many campers today are equipped with tables and seating areas on the van’s interior, it can still be lovely to have the option to set up outside and enjoy the nice weather. 

Having an extra set of chairs and a table makes this possible! 

Whether you bring along a white folding table, or build a table off the garage of your van, that plus some camping chairs is an awesome addition to any campervan. 

Full video Luxury Van Conversion

16. Bike racks

bike racks for your van are one of the best campervan accessories

In addition to rock climbing, hiking, and surfing, mountain biking is also a very popular pastime of vanlifers. 

That’s why bike racks for your van are one of the best campervan accessories!

Bringing your bikes along on the road will be a breeze with some attachable bike racks. 

Bike racks are a particularly useful campervan accessory for campervan bed ideas that don’t provide a garage space where bikes can fit soundly inside the van.

There are many different types of bike racks, from super secure lockable racks, to heavy duty racks that can support bikes for the whole family. 

Whatever your needs are, you’ll surely be able to find the perfect bike rack for your campervan.

Full video →  Epic Van Conversion

17. Bug screens

Keep the bugs out in your RV with bug screens for you campervan windows

One of the major benefits of living in a van is being able to pull up and camp wherever you want, open your van doors and windows, and take in the view and open air. 

However, the last thing you want to happen when soaking up the beautiful view is to let annoying bugs like mosquitoes into your van!

The best way to keep the pests out and the fresh air in, is to hang bug screens. They’re easy to use, and will allow you to take in the fresh air without also taking in insects.  

Full video Off-Grid Fedex Van Conversion

Campervan accessories to keep your van safe

18. Camera security system

Install Camera security system for your RV

While a lot of the campervan accessories on this list are fun and recreational, unfortunately safety and security are still things we have to consider while living in a van.

When your precious campervan is loaded with thousands of dollars of gear and tech, the last thing you ever want to worry about is a break-in.

By installing a camera security system in your campervan, you can worry a little less and enjoy your travels a little more. 

There are a lot of different camera security systems on the market. Whether you need a simple monitoring system, or an extra high-tech security system, it’s all out there.

My personal favorites are the ones that connect to your phones through an app, so you can check on your van from anywhere, as long as you have your phone!

Even if you’re not worried about theft, if you have any pets in your van, you can also use your campervan security system to check up on them.

Full video Modern Van Conversion

19. Fire extinguisher

Make your campervan fire-safe with a fire extinguisher as a campervan accessory

While nobody wants to imagine the worst, it’s always good to be prepared for it. That’s why a fire extinguisher can be an important piece of camper equipment. 

A fire extinguisher can keep small fires from growing out of control, and help keep yourself, your van, and your loved ones safe. 

Full video Wood Heated Van Conversion

20. Lockbox

A lockbox is one of the awesome accessories for your campervan security

Like fires, theft is something you never want to worry about in your campervan. 

However, it is still good to prepare for the worst, and a lockbox is a good way to keep your keepsakes safe! 

A lockbox is a good place to store important documents like passports, identification cards, laptops, and other tech items. 

While a lockbox can’t offer perfect protection from theft, it is still a great deterrent.

Full video 10 Vanlife Security Systems

Final Thoughts

That wraps up our list of the 20 best campervan accessories!

Whether you’re a total minimalist, or prefer to live in a luxurious campervan conversion, I hope you found some inspiration from this list.

Which of these awesome campervan accessories do you want for your campervan conversion?

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