30 Incredible Campervan Conversion Ideas

last updated: Feb 24, 2022

Are you planning to convert a van to a camper van and need inspiration?

Look no further, because we’ve gone through all of our amazing van tours and brought together the best campervan conversion ideas we have ever seen.

Whether you’re looking for campervan decoration ideas, ways to create more storage in your campervan, or a little something to make your campervan unique – we’ve got you covered. 

Let’s get right into it …

Campervan Conversion Ideas for Everyone

These first 12 converting a van to camper ideas work for anyone, and serve as wonderful inspiration you can apply towards your own van conversion!

1. Wooden Access Door

Camper van wooden access door to the cab

In a campervan conversion, access to the cab of the van can be of the utmost importance.

If there is ever anything unsafe happening outside the van, it is good to be able to spring out of the back and drive away, without having to physically exit the van get to the cab.

Additionally, when stealth camping, having access to the cab allows you to go unseen. 

Also, if there is bad stormy weather, it is nice to not have to walk outside the van to access the cab.

For all of these reasons and more, we love this special wooden access door built into this campervan conversion. 

Having the cab closed off with a door like this helps a campervan simply look like a cargo van, which is great for stealth and safety purposes. 

2. Simplify your Water System

RV kitchen sink with a simple water filtration system

The process of installing a water system into a campervan can be daunting. However, there is a way to simplify the process! 

With a Berkey Water Filter, the process of having drinking water in the van is super simple, and you don’t have to worry about installing any other sort of purification system.

This water filter also lasts a very long time, and it is portable if you want to move it to a different van, or loan it out to friends. 

3. Porthole Windows Anyone?

Van galley with a porthole window at the back

Porthole windows are one of our favorite quirky and practical, yet unique campervan conversion ideas!

Having natural light in the van is a necessity. However, sometimes you might not want to cut huge windows into your van.

The solution? Porthole windows!

These sweet windows can fit in the van super easily, so you can have a little more freedom designing your campervan layout with these bad boys.

Plus, they look great in the van and will bring your campervan conversion to a whole extra level.

4. Add some Homely Touches to the Cab

Camper seating area

One of the elements in the campervans that we spend the most time in, is also one of the parts of the van we think about the least! 

All of those hours spent driving in the cab can be made more pleasant by sprucing up your cab with a little color or decor.

I love how they have immediately spruced up this campervans interior, just by decorating the cab with these quirky fabrics.

And, the string lights give a sort of “starry night” effect in the cab, which is just beautiful. 

All of the fabrics make this cab equally lovely to the remainder of the campervan conversion. 

Plus, this wouldn’t be too difficult to add to any campervan at a low cost! 

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5. Upgrade Your Van’s Tech

Security camera installed in a camper van

Another one of our favorite van life ideas is to upgrade your van’s technology system! 

This van is set up with a full security system with cameras and speakers.

Plus, one of the security cameras is located in the van, and you can even talk through it!

This is so useful for anyone traveling with pets in their van, as you can easily check up on your pet through the camera, and if they’re upset or barking, can talk to them through the camera to calm them down.

Cameras also can be so helpful when it comes to reversing. Campervans of any sort, especially LWB vans can be difficult to reverse.

A backup camera makes this so much easier, and will help to protect your precious campervan, as well as keep yourself and others safe in the meantime!

These security systems and cameras can all be interconnected through the van’s main ECU.

6. Choose Lithium over AGM

Installing a lithium ion battery in a campervan

Another way to improve your campervan conversion is to utilize a Lithium Battery rather than an AGU.

Today, most campervan conversions are utilizing AGM batteries. However, as technology has improved, Lithium Batteries have quickly turned into the superior option.

Lithium Batteries are a more expensive upfront investment, but they last much longer and have way more power usable than AGM batteries.

They also take up far less space, and weigh only 10% as much as AGM batteries!

Plus, the new technology behind Lithium Batteries that go into campervan conversions is incredibly safe.

7. Pop-out Television

Hidden pop-out tv in a camper van wall

This self-hiding TV is absolutely ingenious! 

When not in use, it remains hidden underneath a countertop. Then, at the touch of a remote control button, it slides up from underneath the countertop!

Pop-out tv mounted on a camper van wall

Having a TV inside your campervan conversion will bring movie nights to the next level. However, it can be a bit of a security concern having a flatscreen TV so obviously located inside the van. 

This system hides the TV.

It is also great because when not in use, the countertop can be used for other purposes!

8. Bed Laundry Shoot

Camper bed with built-in laundry shoot

When living in a small space such as a campervan conversion, it is more important than ever to try to live as clutter-free as possible and stay organized. 

Also, in such a small enclosed space it is important to keep everything as clean and fresh as possible- you probably don’t want to be constantly smelling dirty clothes. 

But where to put them in between washes?

One of our favorite van life tips on dealing with dirty laundry is to install a built-in laundry shoot! 

In this campervan conversion, the laundry shoot is underneath the mattress and dumps down into the garage of the van. 

This is genius, because at night, or when it’s cold out, you won’t have to step outside the van to access the garage to put your dirty clothes in the hamper. 

9. A Log Burner … in a Van!

A log burner in a RV

There are many different camping van designs when it comes to heating your campervan. However, nothing quite beats having your own log-burning heater in a campervan conversion!

Not only are they cozy and warm, but they are also quite beautiful, and can be a great vintage or rustic touch to any campervan conversion.

They are also quite safe! 

As long as they are installed properly, and there are no flammable materials in their direct vicinity, a campervan log-burner is one toasty warm and lovely addition to any campervan.

10. Cornhole in the Van

Cornhole by the living area of a camper van

On warm summer days, sometimes there’s nothing better than just being outside and playing some cornhole! 

This is a great game to play with others and is a fun addition to any campervan conversion.

It’s super easy to make as well, all you need is a bit of wood and some beanbags!

You can also customize it however you’d like, which adds a fun personal touch to the campervan. 

11. Extendable Rear Terrace

An extendable rear terrace in a RV

For outdoor lovers, here’s another of our favorite camper ideas- the extendable rear terrace!

This campervan conversion idea is great for anyone who loves relaxing outside their campervan. 

When you want to use the terrace, all you have to do is slide it out and it’s ready to go. 

This is a great area to sit and drink coffee in the morning or to sit and watch the sunset in the evenings. 

If anyone finds themselves with a little extra space in their campervan conversion’s garage, this is a great use of that space. 

12. Built-in Hangboard or Pull-up Bar

Built-in pull up bar in a camper van

We know exactly how much climbers love campervan conversions. By adding a hangboard like the Beastmaker 1000 into a campervan conversion, you can get a nice workout in between climbs!

Additionally, you could add a pull-up bar over the door for workouts in the campervan. 

Adding workout equipment like a hangboard, pull-up bar, or other pieces of equipment is a great way to train on the road, and it can also serve as decor within the campervan.

Unique Shower and Bathroom Campervan Conversion Ideas

These next 7 ideas are just great for anyone who wants a shower, toilet, or both in their campervan! These converting a van to camper ideas are not only unique, but also practical and eco-friendly!

P.s.: be sure to check out our list of the best campervan bathrooms if you’re looking for more shower/toilet campervan conversion ideas!

13. Build in a Collapsible Shower

Full video →Cabin Style Van Conversion

Camper van collapsible shower

Having a built-in shower in your campervan conversion can be wonderful. However, it can be difficult to sacrifice precious storage space for a built-in shower that may be sparingly used.

The solution? A collapsible shower!

This shower solution is the best of both worlds, especially if you’re opting for a cheaper van conversion. You get a shower in your campervan, and it doesn’t take up any extra space in the van.

The design for this shower is simple. All you need are some hooks on the ceiling for a shower curtain, a shower pan on the floor, and an extendable faucet for water.

Then, when you want to take a shower, all you have to do is hang up the curtain and you’re ready to go!

While not in use, the shower is totally out of sight and that van space remains useable. 

14. Or, Go for the Full Bath!

Wooden bath tub

Imagine after a long day of skiing, biking, or working from your campervan getting to take a nice soak in this beautiful tub. 

This bathtub is made from a wine barrel sawed in half and has a hole cut in the middle to drain through the shower pan. 

This system means that the tub is portable, and can be taken outside the van in remote locations for an outdoor soak!

15. Infinity Shower System

Black shower head spraying water

This next camper van idea is utterly incredible. By utilizing a 5 part filtration system, this campervan’s shower can run multiple showers on the same 3.5 gallons of water! 

That’s right- the entire shower only uses 3.5 gallons of water, and it simply gets recirculated through the filtration system, and then back through the faucet. 

What this means is that you can take slightly longer showers in the van without being concerned about draining the water supply. 

You can also take multiple showers on the same 3.5 gallons of water! 

This filtration system is truly a game-changer when it comes to showering in the campervan. 

16. Hidden Toilet

Hidden camper van toilet

Having a toilet inside a campervan can be extremely convenient. However, having a built-in separate bathroom takes up a lot of space in a campervan, and isn’t always a feasible campervan layout. 

An alternative to a full bathroom is a hidden toilet like this one! 

This campervan conversion has two seats, and one of them has a removable seat that reveals the toilet underneath. 

Not only is this a great place to hide a campervan toilet, but it is also a comfortable toilet option.

17. Embrace Showering Outside

Outdoor shower in a camper

For many van lifers, the ultimate luxury may be a shower inside the van. However, others really just love an outdoor shower. 

One of my personal favorite living in a van ideas, that I’ve even implemented in a campervan I’ve built, is a simple yet effective outdoor shower setup.

It works by attaching a shower curtain to the back doors of the van, and hanging up a solar shower to rinse off with. 

The solar shower contains more than enough water for a shower, and on sunny days the water will be hot! 

While this may not be the best van shower setup for anyone traveling by van in a city or stealth camping, this is a wonderful option for anyone who is traveling off-grid!

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18. Sneaky Bathroom Setup

Camper van counter top with a stow-away toilet underneath

A camper van is like a tiny house, and every bit of space is precious. That’s why it is so useful to combine different spaces and areas to serve multiple purposes. 

Rather than dedicating an entire separate space for a bathroom, you can also stow it away under a useable countertop like this one!

A stow-away toilet in a camper van

While not being used as a bathroom, this counter space is completely useable. 

To access the toilet, simply flip up the counter and open the cupboard. This is a great campervan conversion ideas for anyone who wants a bathroom in their van and also wants to utilize as much space in the van as possible!

19. Opt for an Eco-Friendly Compostable Toilet

Eco-friendly compostable toilet for camper van living

While some van lifers opt for a more simple bathroom solution (think, shovel in the woods), for others, that simply isn’t an option. 

It can be quite nice to have a toilet inside the campervan, and if you do, we highly recommend an eco-friendly composting toilet!

We love the Nature’s Head Composting Toilet when it comes to an eco-friendly campervan toilet. 

It eliminates the need for a black water tank, has ZERO bad smells, and is great for the planet to boot!

Plus, even if you don’t have a full bathroom built into your campervan you can still tuck it away and only bring it out when needed, like they did!

Campervan Conversion Ideas- Sleeping Arrangements

These next 4 campervan conversion ideas are all creative and useful ideas for how to make the best of the sleeping space in any campervan! 

20. A Bed that Folds Out of the Wall

Murphy bed for van life

The age-old campervan conversion ideas debate…. To have a fixed bed or not to have a fixed bed? 

Well, with this incredible Murphy campervan bed idea, you can have both!

While not in use, this campervan bed folds up flat against the wall, totally out of sight!

Then, when it’s time to use the bed, it folds down from the wall, and it’s already made up and ready to go!

This is one of our favorite campervan bed ideas, as it saves valuable floor space in a campervan, but is also a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to have to make up their bed every night, and put it away every morning. 

21. Counter Cots

RV counter cots

Are you trying to maximize sleeping space in your campervan conversion but aren’t quite sold on the ideas of bunk beds?

Look no further, because we have an ingenious solution for you- counter cots!

For extra sleeping space in this van to camper conversion, they’ve utilized the counter space as extra beds!

To set up the counter cots, simply lay down a sleeping mat on the counter, along with some blankets. Then, you can easily attach some sort of safety net to the ceiling to keep it secure.

When not in use, simply stash the blankets and sleeping pad away, and detach the safety net. 

This is one of the best van camper conversion ideas for families with long counters in their van. 

22. Add a Spare Bedroom to the Campervan

extra camper sleeping space beside the bathroom

When traveling in a campervan in a group, sometimes a little extra sleeping space can be quite the luxury. 

To give everyone a little more space, this campervan conversion has an entire spare bedroom!

The main bed in this van is part of a fold-out couch bed. However, in the back of the van, there is a fixed single bed.

This is a great campervan conversion idea for not only groups traveling together, but also for pairs if one person wants to use the living space, while the other wants to sleep. 

It’s also nice to have the option of a little extra privacy for groups traveling together. 

23. Double Bunk Beds

Wooden Double bunk beds

When traveling with the family, sleeping spaces in the van are of the utmost importance. That’s why this double bunk bed is such a great campervan conversion idea. 

The way it works is the table flips down to form a double bed. Then, a plank of wood connects the two upper platforms to form a bunk bed suitable for two small children!

This bed system is great because when not in use, it isn’t taking up any extra space in the van.

It is also very easy to assemble, and a great campervan bed idea for anyone traveling with family.

Campervan Conversion Ideas that Increase Storage Space

We know exactly how important storage space is in a campervan, and these next 3 campervan conversion ideas will help you to expand your campervan’s storage opportunities!

24. Raised Floor for Extra Storage

Raised floor idea for camper van conversion

For anyone struggling to fit enough storage into their campervan- this is one of the best diy campervan ideas for you!

Modeled after a boat, this beautiful campervan conversion has a raised floor for extra storage. That’s right- the entire floor of this campervan has 15 cm of storage running throughout it! 

This is a great storage idea for items like climbing gear, extra blankets, wetsuits, and more!

It is all accessible through built-in hatches for easy access. Plus, this storage system is rather stealthy, and could be a great place to store valuables for some extra safety and security.

25. Surfboard Hanging Storage

Camper van conversion idea with hanging surfboard storage

Van life and surf trips go hand in hand. 

Surfboards are also very expensive and fragile, and most surfers probably wouldn’t want to leave them atop the van, where they are exposed to the elements and potential thieves. 

One great way to store them is to hang them up inside the campervan!

Surfboards are quite beautiful, and having them inside the campervan not only will keep them safe, but also serve as pieces of art inside any campervan conversion. 

To hang them, it can be as simple as using a bit of rope, or a plank and chain system like they did!

26. Large Garage for Storage

Large camper van garage

For many, one of the most important elements of a van conversion is having enough storage space. One way to achieve this is to have a large garage!

With a large garage, your campervan conversion will have plenty of room for sports equipment, a water tank, battery, and more.

The best way to implement a garage into a van conversion is to utilize a fixed platform bed in the back of the van, and have the garage be simple underneath the bed.

Garages in campervans can be impressively large- this one even fits three bicycles!

Campervan Conversion Ideas to Work from your Van!

Whether you’re a musician or a digital nomad, these next 4 campervan conversion ideas will help you transition into easily working from your van!

27. Full Recording Studio

Soundproof room for camper van

This epic campervan conversion was designed for musicians, and has a full recording studio with a full sound room! 

The sound room is completely insulated, and just perfect for recording music. 

While not in use as a recording studio, this room also serves as a bathroom, as it has a toilet that slides into it from the garage. 

This is one of the best camping van ideas for musicians that we’ve seen, and is just great for taking your work on the road!

28. Van with Stage

Black camper van with stage on the roof

This is without a doubt one of the most unique campervan designs we’ve seen. These two traveling musicians wanted to (literally) take their show on the road, and had a custom stage built on top of their campervan!

This stage can support 600-800 lbs, and has built-in pop-up safety guard rails. There is more than enough room atop this stage for the performers, as well as all of their equipment. 

Plus, the van has built-in lights for a truly epic performance.

For any musicians traveling in a van, this roof-top stage could take your performances to the next level.

29. Swivel Seats Create a LOT of Room

Seating area with swivel seats

Another of our favorite van conversion ideas is utilizing swivel seats to optimize seating areas in the van!

By installing the front seats in the van to swivel around, the two front seats can also be used as a workspace or living room!

Our favorite combination is the Lagun swivel table with swivel seats. This combination creates a nifty workspace. 

This campervan conversion idea can save a ton of space in the van, and can also save money by utilizing the seats that are already in the van for dual purposes!

30. Massive remote working space

Massive workspace at the back of a van

Working remotely from a campervan can be the ultimate dream. However, to make this dream a reality, you’ll need a space to work at. 

One of the best ways to include a remote workspace in your campervan is to utilize the drop-down table bed system.

During the day, the large table can serve as a workspace to complete all your remote work! At night, the sleeping area will be all set. 

With multiple people traveling together in a van working remotely, you’ll likely need an even bigger workspace. 

This particular workspace is large enough for several people to work at, and the space is dually functional as a king bed!

Campervan Conversion Ideas – Final Thoughts

One of the many wonderful things about building a campervan is that you have the freedom to add anything to the van build you can dream of. 

This list has many awesome ideas, but the sky is the limit when it comes to campervan conversion ideas!

Think first of what it is you truly want from your van, and let your imagination go crazy!

Who knows what unique ideas of your own you might just dream up …

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