20 Incredible Campervan Decoration Ideas

last updated: Apr 7, 2022

Are you currently converting a campervan, or looking to redecorate your current van conversion?

Or are you simply daydreaming about your future van conversion?

Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, we cover the 20 best ways you can decorate your campervan!

Whether you’re on a tight budget and designing a small campervan, or decking out your off-road Sprinter Van, we have some decoration ideas that will allow you to totally personalize and customize your van! 

Let’s get to it, starting with…

1. A beautiful kitchen tile backsplash

beautiful camper van honeycomb kitchen tile backsplash

Kicking off this list of the 20 best campervan decoration ideas, is personalizing your campervan’s kitchen with a beautiful tile backsplash.

Creating a tile backsplash is a simple and elegant way to bring your campervan’s interior design to the next level.

Plus, it doesn’t have to break the bank either. 

You can either build a partial tile backsplash like they did, or cover the entire wall- whatever you prefer!

A kitchen tile backsplash serves not only as a great accent piece, but also makes the cleanup job after preparing meals in the van that much easier.

Full video → Self-build Van Conversion

2. Live plants

Live plants in a camper van as decorations

What better way to spruce up your home on wheels than with live plants?

Not only will plants add a pop of life and color into your campervan, but they will also actively enrich the air in your campervan with oxygen!

Without proper ventilation, campervans have the potential for getting pretty stuffy. Houseplants are a great way to combat that stuffiness.

Some of the best types of plants to have in your campervan include low maintenance, sturdy plants like succulents, pothos, and peace lilies!

To protect your plants in the van, be sure to properly secure them so they stay stable while driving.

Also, to keep your overall campervan conversion weight down, try to find lightweight pots to house your plants in.

Full video → Epic Van Conversion

3. Hang some string lights

String light decorations in a camper van

Are you looking for more campervan decoration ideas that not only will make your campervan look great, but also serve a functional purpose?

If so, then it may be time to install some string or fairy lights into your van!

String lights will not only light up a small space like a campervan, but they also look amazing. 

Putting string lights on the ceiling can create a sort of “starry night” effect in your campervan, and what’s better than that?

Some awesome places to hang string lights in a campervan include over the bed, over the cab, and all around the perimeter of your van. 

Full video → Ingenious Van Conversion

4. Mirrors

Campervan interior accented with a mirror

If you find yourself with an empty wall space in your campervan, consider hanging a mirror!

Not only do mirrors serve a functional purpose, but they also make for a great accent piece that can go on your campervan’s wall.

Plus, the reflective aspect of mirrors creates the illusion that a space is larger than it actually is. 

In a small space like a campervan, this is incredibly useful.

Hanging a mirror in your campervan will make it feel even more like a home on wheels. 

Full video → Dream Campervan Conversion

5. Hang your favorite artwork

Framed artwork in a camper van

Another great way to up your campervan decoration game is to hang up your favorite artwork!

This can include prints, paintings, collages, sketches, and really anything else you consider art.

While traveling on the road in the van, it is not uncommon to come across artists of all sorts. Vanlife does tend to call to creative folks after all!

What better way to remember friends met on the road by hanging up pieces of their artwork?

Full video → Luxury Van Conversion

6. A bookshelf

A small bookshelf as a RV decoration

Building a bookshelf into your campervan is a great way to store your books while on the road- and it also doubles as an awesome piece of campervan decor! 

There are a few different prime locations for bookshelves in campervans. 

One, as featured above, is to build it into your overhead storage setup. This keeps your books easily accessible, while simultaneously on display in your van.

Another great option is to build a separate wall shelf just for books. 

I’ve also seen people build bookshelves on the inside of their van’s backdoors. 

Taking your favorite books on the road with you is a great way to stay entertained, and building a bookshelf in your van will help keep your van organized, as well as make your van super homey and cozy.

Full video → Modern Self-Build Sprinter Van

7. A map

World map artwork decoration in a van

Incorporating a map into a campervan is one very cool camper van wall idea. 

After all, campervans are the perfect vessel to explore the world from, so what better way to demonstrate that than by having a map in your van?

A map could also be used in a campervan to document where you’ve traveled to in the van. 

You could use paint, pushpins, or another medium to mark where in the world you’ve been in your van. 

This is a fun way to document your travels, and even spark up interesting conversations with people you might meet on the road!

Full video → Surfer’s Double-Galley Van Conversion

8. Decorative pillows and blankets

Decorative pillows in a camper van seating area

A great way to decorate your campervan is to purchase (or make!) some decorative pillows and blankets. 

Since you need pillows and blankets in a van conversion anyway, this is a fun and easy way to up your van’s decoration game. 

Something as simple as even a couple colorful pillows could go a long way in making your campervan stylish and homey.

Plus, who doesn’t love to cozy up with a nice warm blanket in their van?

Full video → Spacious Surf-Van Conversion

9. Curtains

Curtains by the camper van sink

While everyone loves windows and the ventilation and natural lighting they provide in a campervan, there has to be a way to block them off from time to time. 

Windows can be blocked off in a variety of ways, but one fun and decorative way to do so is with curtains!

Whether you’re trying to stealth camp in your van, or you need to keep the sun out of your van to cool it down, curtains can be very useful.

Curtains aren’t very expensive to buy or make, and will make your campervan look that much better.

If you really need to insulate your van, you can use a combination of reflectix and curtains, to really double down on style and functionality.

Full video → Spacious Van Conversion Layout

10. Photos from your travels

Camper van sleeping area decorated with string lights and photos

If you’re looking for another way to document your travels while simultaneously decorating your van, feel free to hang up a few photos! 

RV interior decorated with photos

Hanging photos will add a personal touch to your van conversion, while also making your interior nice and homey.

Whether you build a full photo collar into your van, or hang up a few polaroids from some fairy lights, photos are truly a great campervan decoration idea.

Full video → Tiny Self-Build Van Conversion

11. The name of your van

Wooden camper van interior

Many vanlifers give their beloved campervans names. 

If your campervan has a name, then one fun way you can decorate your campervan is to hang the name of your van on the wall.

You can do this with a painting, a sign, or get creative and do it with pieces of driftwood like they did!

Full video → Off-Grid Family Van

12. Hanging surfboards

Hanging surfboards as camper van decoration

If you’re a surfer traveling around with surfboards in a van, one great campervan decoration idea is to hang your surfboards up inside the van!

Not only will this keep your precious boards safe from weather and potential theft, they are also lovely to look at, and will give your campervan a fun and beachy look.

Full video → High-Spec Van Conversion

13. Live-edge tables

Live-edge table as a campervan decoration idea

If you’re planning on adding a table in your campervan conversion, or are even thinking about upgrading your current campervan table, consider using a live-edge wooden table. 

Live-edge wood is quite beautiful, and using one for your table will  give your campervan a rustic and earthy feel.

Full video → Designer and Carpenter Build a Campervan

14. Unique door knobs and handles

Unique door knobs and handles as camper van decoration

One particular campervan decoration idea that I particularly love, is to decorate your campervan with unique door handles!

This beautiful van uses balls of rope on all of her van’s drawers and door handles. 

This is such a simple touch, yet will also really set your campervan’s interior design style aside from the rest!

Full video → Solo Female Stealth Camper

15. Hanging coffee mugs

Hanging coffee mugs campervan decoration ideas

Need a place to store your coffee mugs? Looking for an awesome campervan decoration idea?

Feel free to hang those coffee mugs right up!

Hanging your favorite coffee mugs up in your kitchen will undoubtedly add a lovely, decorative touch to any campervan. 

Full video → Family Van Tour

16. Chalkboard wall

Chalkboard wall decoration idea for camper van

One awesome campervan decoration idea is to utilize chalkboard (or blackboard) paint on your campervan’s walls. 

By using chalkboard paint in your campervan, you have a world of opportunity when it comes to how to decorate! 

You can use that wall to draw out a beautiful chalk drawing, or you can leave it open as a sort of signature wall for all of your friends and family.

A chalk wall can also help digital nomads and remote workers stay organized while on the road. 

Full video → Ezra’s Van Conversion

17. Hang some macrame

Macrame artwork as decorations for camper van

If you’re trying to embrace the boho vibe in your campervan conversion, consider hanging up some pieces of macrame artwork. 

Macrame is beautiful, lightweight, and serves as a great piece of campervan decor. 

If you’re feeling creative, you can even make your own campervan macrame artwork using pieces of driftwood and a little bit of yarn!

Full video → Classic VW Kombi for full-time Vanlife

18. Spruce up the cab

Decorated camper van cab

One of the lesser spoken-of elements of campervans is the cab. However, this area doesn’t have to be drab.

Feel free to dress up your campervan’s cab by hanging up some string lights, adding a couple accent pillows, and hanging up some curtains. 

If you’re feeling really creative, you can even totally reupholster the seats with funky patterns like in this beautiful campervan conversion!

Full video → Spacious Surf-Van Conversion

19. Wallpaper

Wallpaper decor ideas for camper van

The walls in your campervan offer a world of possibility when it comes to campervan decor. 

One great way to customize your van’s interior is to add some wallpaper to your van’s walls! 

Wallpaper is great because it’s easy to apply and remove, and won’t damage your van’s walls in case you decide to change it down the line. 

Plus, there are about a million different options when it comes to wallpaper. Whether you’re looking for a funky pattern like in this van, or more neutral tones, there are endless options.

One of the most fun parts of converting a campervan is making it your own through decor, and wallpaper is a great way to do just that!

Full video → Unbelievable Ambulance Conversion

20. Don’t forget the floors!

blue damask tiles camper van flooring ideas

Just like the walls, your campervan’s floor presents a blank canvas that you can use to have a well decorated campervan. 

This particular campervan decorated their flooring with this beautiful blue damask concrete flooring pictured above. 

While concrete flooring may not be many vanlifer’s first choice for flooring due to the weight, this particular van conversion is very light in all other aspects of their van, so it just works. 

A few great campervan floor decoration ideas include using some lovely wood, throwing some rugs on the floor, or even creating a floor similar to this one!

Full video → Self-Build Family Camper

Wrapping up 20 Campervan Decoration Ideas

That concludes our list of 20 campervan decoration ideas! 

Whether you’re trying to design a cheap van conversion, or styling your van to the nines, there are van decorating ideas on this list for everybody.

After browsing this list, how do you want to decorate your campervan conversion?

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