The useable flooring was pretty small for my van design. I bought some Oak laminate flooring and some Gorilla (strong) glue in a tube.

This stuff is really easy to lay, you just measure the length, cut it, lay it down and use the offcut as the start of the next section.

I needed just under 2 meter square for my build, including the draw fronts! It cost about £35/$50 for the laminate flooring. Well it would have if I did not order twice as much as I needed!

The depth of the oak flooring acts as a stop for my food drawers.

Notice the wear on the laminate flooring, this was because the edges of the bottom of the crates were quite rough – I have now rounded them off and they do not seem to mark the laminate too much.

Aluminum Edging

I bought this aluminum edging and cutting it to size created a protective edging. I glued and screwed this down to the flooring (and into the original block work I put down when I insulated the floor).

The edging. I also put some wood at the back of the step – it just hides some of the white metal work.

Door matt

I got a simple design door matt from Ikea and cut it down to size. This I glued down with ample amounts of Skilaflex to the metal step.

The doormat (one cut in to strips) looks great and fits nicely with the colours and design of the van.


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