Insulation & panelling block-work

Block-work preparation

If you are going to attach paneling to the van you will need to have a way to attach it to the van. You can go directly in to the metal work – but in some places there are holes and it is not really possible to screw it in anywhere.

I also planned on using cladding clips – these mean you can avoid having screws all over your nice panel work, these are nailed in, so cannot go into the metal work. To enable this I decided to set-up a set of wooden blocks at each rib in the van.

The ribs however are not square and have tapered sides. To manage this I drilled holes in each side of the rib, then bolted the block work to that. This made the block-work square to the outside of the van and very well attached.

Side pieces of block work – annoying to make as they are all different sizes.

Note, I put block work at each end of the van, and one each of the three ductings/ribs.

To keep to the curve of the van’s roof I cut some slots along the wood to allow it to flex a little.

Now this is complete, when it comes to attaching the cladding, we are prepared!


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