10 Best Ram ProMaster Van Conversions [Design Guide!]

last updated: Feb 18, 2022

Ram Promasters are by far one of the most popular vans for camper conversions.

With a solid, square, boxy frame, creating walls and interior space is relatively straightforward.

It also means you have maximum interior space in which to decide your layout and other features.

Below I’m going to give you a rundown of the best Ram Promaster van conversions we have ever come across.

As well as pointing out individual features that help make each one unique.

Get ready to be truly inspired!

Let’s get started …

1. A chef’s dream come true

Chef's dream come true van entrance

Let’s start with one of the best van tours we’ve ever filmed, the Van Damme campervan.

It’s perfect for those who enjoy whipping up delicious meals while being off the grid. It is, after all, designed by a professional chef!  The van is spacious, has two hot showers and ample storage. 

With its 21 inch Furion oven, 3 burner stove top and an eight square feet walnut bench top for slicing and dicing, I find the kitchen to be unique and impressive. The slide out pantries, which provide extra storage space are a brilliant feature.

I would like to highlight the porcelain splashback with a pretty blue pattern which adds a little bit of weight but looks beautiful nonetheless.

The bathroom has a subway tiled bathroom from ceiling to floor.  The Brazilian hardwood floor in the bathroom is slated and removable. 

Personal touches like the gorgeous hanging eucalyptus in the shower area keeps the space smelling fresh and fragrant.

The back of Chef's Ram Promaster van

Most vans barely have the room for one shower but Van Damme’s chosen campervan layout boasts two. There is one inside near the main area and another outside near the back.  

Coming to their bedroom space, the van has an interior table that can be used for enjoying a delicious meal or as a work table. 

The bedroom has a wardrobe, deep drawers and another bench with storage space for dry goods when you want to go off the grid. I love the fact that one can enjoy a lazy breakfast in bed.

I also find the meshed windows on all sides of the van to be a great feature. They have blinds for privacy, but are great for keeping out bugs and rain while driving or parked in campgrounds.

The Van Damme campervan can remain off-grid as long as there’s food and water and it’s perfect for those who like their solitude and peace. 

2. A luxurious campervan for those who love to Netflix and chill

Ram Promaster Netflix and chill van interior

With features like a showerhead that extends with a long hose,  air conditioning and hanging hammocks, James and Diana have created a perfect second home. The lighting fixtures especially the remote controlled dimmer lights make the space cozy. 

Storage spaces have been added throughout this space-efficient design which is meant to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing!

The upper storage of the van has been built to be long but it doesn’t look cramped. The benches can double up as dining tables or workstations when they’re not providing support for sleeping.

I would say that the key highlight of this van is their 52 inch projector screen in the upper cabinet that can be hidden when not in use. You can invite friends over or simply enjoy a movie night in the comfort of your campervan.

Their kitchen storage space is used for storing utensils as well as clothes that they would like to wear in the next few weeks.

Back of netflix and chill van with a cornhole board installed

Talking about their shower, James and Diana have installed a retractable shower door that helps save space when not in use. There are 2 doors on the side of the van that can be opened up to allow for extra light and fresh air flow into the van.

 The solar panels provide 350 watts of power which can run all appliances inside the van.The 12 volt air conditioning runs on battery and uses water to cool itself is a must for sultry days! 

They have also added a bendable sliding curtain track that gives you privacy when you need it. 

A cornhole board added to the back of this van adds the perfect touch of whimsy. It is perfect to enjoy fun games in the evenings. 

3. A fabulous van with wooden interiors for digital nomads

Wooden interior of a digital nomads van

Kimber’s campervan ‘Marvan’, has all of the amenities that any digital nomad would need to be comfortable on the road. She has, after all, ensured that there are no compromises when it comes to comfort or convenience! The choice of using wood throughout is what makes this one of the nicest campervan interiors around.

The campervan’s galley has a wooden counter that can be used for a camp stove or mini instant pots to cook the perfect meal for one on the go. 

Two benches fitted at the back are great for working or simply inviting a few friends over to chill. The benches, of course, have a lot of storage space. 

The back of the digital nomads van showing ample storage space

The pull-out work table, which is becoming common in vans today, helps create a cool home office vibe in her campervan.

Marvan has a bluetooth linked solar panel which I think is ingineous. It makes it so easy to keep a track of whether the panels are charging properly.

Clever design details are a hallmark of this van. Take the little platform installed towards the front of the van for example. It is a great way to segregate spaces,  raise the passenger and driver seats and is a nice place to store one’s shoes. 

Marvan was made for those who love to be just a tad more zen than the traditional RV. 

4. Functional and easy DIY campervan

Functional and easy diy campervan kitchen

Alex has designed his van using two principles; simplicity and functionality. He has creatively used affordable options instead of premium fixtures and yet has managed to create something wonderful. He has opted for LED light strips under the trim piece instead of dimmer lights.

He has made custom reflective panels on the back, has created a lovely DIY rope mat and has added rock rings to workout while on the road. For insulation, the van has a one inch foam board which I think is a great idea. 

The van’s kitchen has a butcher’s block countertop and a detachable camp stove. A 7 gallon water tank acts as the sink though he shares that he would love to get a sink for his van. 

Functional and easy diy campervan sleeping area

He uses a Goal Zero battery system which is a little expensive but easy to install making it an ideal choice for those who are not experienced with wiring. I would prefer to go for a big bank of fully sealed leisure batteries – but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a perfectly good way to go!

The campervan has a 5 inch thick memory foam mattress with decent storage underneath the bed. It also features a fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide alone. Safety is always the biggest priority when you are on the road. 

If you are looking for an affordable and easy to install design, his campervan is something you should definitely check out. 

5. A ‘Dream’ come true

Dream come true van kitchen with wooden countertop

Sierra and Snow’s campervan “Dream” is well set up and its plush interiors are a sight to behold. She has created the perfect space for a solo female traveller, adding in several security features like a safe which is bolted to the van. 

The safe is great to store all your important documents and maybe some money, too. I love the attention to detail like the cedar finish with continuous grain all over the knob. The build certainly must have been time consuming but the results are nothing short of spectacular. The world map detail on the door knobs take it to another level!

Let’s talk about the kitchen. It has all the modern conveniences like a deep sink with a cover, which can be flipped and used as a cutting board, magnetic knife holder, a 12 volt refrigerator and a sliding walnut countertop with a stove inside. 

Back part of the dream come true Promaster van

The back of the van has magnetic insulators with a pretty floral pattern to regulate temperature. Another cool feature of this van is the bookshelf on the door. It is the perfect little nook when you want to enjoy a quiet evening reading. 

The benches with tons of storage which always comes in handy. The expandable table doubles up as a workspace or new place for cooking if you feel like changing things up a little.  

The bike rack is a great way to save space and also carry your bike safely. Overall, Sierra and Snow’s campervan is well designed and has great aesthetics. 

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6. An ultra luxurious campervan with space for a piano!

Ram Promaster ultra luxurious campervan interior

Jessie & Chris’ 2019 Ram Pro Master conversion is a reflection of their individuality. I have to say that they have used the space in ingenious ways.

Multiple work areas, space for an 88 key piano, guitar or ukulele practice, improved Wi-Fi connection with boost support so they could continue working from the van when needed are a few of its key features. 

I loved their idea of buying things such as utensils in advance and then building the campervan so that everything has a designated place. We have to talk about the interiors; a cool mountain theme has been incorporated in different corners of the van. 

The handcrafted mountain resin splashback near the sink, the hand painted mountain design near the beds and also a hand carved mountain pattern that acts as vents for the refrigerator look stunning. 

The campervan has lots of cute elements like rope handles that add rustic touch to this otherwise luxurious campervan. 

Jessie and Chris’ van features two campervan bathrooms, one with a hot shower which is great. I love the wine rack they have built to make optimum use of the space.

ultra luxurious campervan kitchen

The kitchen has a full stove top, an oven, a deep sink with two faucets one for drinking water and other for washing utensils and a slide out food pantry. They both love cooking and the kitchen is a great reflection of their taste.  

The campervan has a well designed bathroom with the Nautilus retractable door with a squeegee to keep the water out. It also features hotel style soap and shampoo dispensers to save space. Yet another clever idea! 

Their bedroom has a great homey vibe. I love the reading nook, the essential oil shelf for Jessie and the scratch out map to showcase all their adventures. The boat hatch sunroof is a pretty neat feature, too. 

Coming to the rear of the van, they have exterior hammock chairs, swing chairs near the doorway and exterior flip down table which is great to enjoy a lovely dinner under the stars. 

Their garage has lots of storage, too, and they have created a unique slide out tray for two bikes. 

This build is bespoke and has all the creature comforts you would want to have in your own home!

7. An environmentally conscious campervan

Wooden interior of the environmentally conscious camper

Billy is a veteran when it comes to van conversions. He has, after all, converted 12 vans in a short span of 3 years through his company Vertical Vans. 

He, himself, enjoys minimalist van-life and the freedom it offers. Today we will be talking about his latest conversion, ‘Alpine’ where he has incorporated everything he has learnt from his 3 years of van conversions to create something efficient and stunning. 

One of Billy’s goals was to make the van as eco-friendly as possible. He switched to a 210ah Lithium LiFePO4 battery system which is considered to be safer and also good for the environment. 

The 570 watt solar panels have made the van self-sustaining and the energy consumption monitor helps you keep track in case you are running low on power. Alpine has 3 different zones for dimmer lighting which makes the space look bright.

Billy, environmentally conscious camper van owner

The campervan’s kitchen has some cool new features, too. The electric pump sink saves time and is more efficient than pumping by hand. The integrated soap dispenser is a nice add on. Going with the theme of being eco-friendly he has used repurposed wood to create hickory cabinets in the kitchen area. They look stylish and elegant. 

The floor is waterproof and the butcher block countertop is a very useful feature. Home chefs will love the 2 burner induction cooktop that cooks faster than the traditional stove tops available in the market. 

I love their chosen campervan bed idea. It has a full queen-size memory foam mattress to ensure they get a good night’s sleep. I also like the fact that the USB outlets are so conveniently placed next to the sleeping area. You can charge your gadgets and read before you turn the lights off. 

The rotating flip up table serves dual purposes i.e. a dining area and a workspace. There is space for two people to sit comfortably and work or simply enjoy each other’s company. 

Alpine is a great build for those who love a feature rich campervan with a touch of elegance.

8. A minimalist van with a hidden shower!

minimalist van interior

Rachel enjoys a full time van living in her Dodge ProMaster conversion which has some awesome features and a fully functional hidden shower. More on that later. The van has beautiful, clean lines and looks spacious. 

Her kitchen has a refrigerator with a freezer; great to store your groceries and even some ice cream for those hot days. Her portable butane stove top is perfect to cook simple homely meals. 

The campervan’s sink has a retractable water hose and interestingly, the clean water tank can be fitted with a water heater which can then be used for hot showers. 

What Rachel has cleverly done is that she has installed brackets on the ceiling that can hold up her shower curtain. 

the hidden shower in a minimalist RV

The van has a small outlet on the base of the van to allow the water to flow out. A collapsible holding tank and the retractable hose is all she needs whenever she wants a quick shower. 

The hose has steam and waterfall settings which is a great feature. I love it when both those options are available. Rachel highlights that she uses all natural products so that the grey water flowing out does not pollute the earth. 

I believe that it is very important to be mindful about not polluting the soil or water sources when living on the road. The campervan uses solar panels and alternators for power back up.

The queen size memory foam bed is ideal for a good night’s sleep. She uses a folding table to save space and has the option to create a workspace or dining area when required. 

Overall, I think this campervan has some nifty features and I am sure they will go a long way in making her van life comfortable. 

9. Affordable upgrades for a life on the road

Ram Promaster black and white interior

Abe lost his job, but he turned it around by buying and building an awesome home on wheels fitted with everything he and his wife Mel require. Now both of them are enjoying the wonderful life of living on the road together in their new home. 

Their hidden bathroom is so cool! I especially love how they managed to create space for both a hidden toilet and shower in this van. They have a circular curtain track, a clippable solar shower a small outlet at the base of the van to help the water flow out. 

Abe and Mel have used interesting ways that many cheap van conversions use to save costs and ensure that the van is fitted with some nice features. The van has cabinets from Habitat for Humanity along with a few other fixtures.

Affordable upgrades on Ram Promaster van kitchen

They have cleverly used baby locks to ensure that their cabinets don’t pop open while they are driving. Coming to their kitchen, they have a microwave, a 12 volt refrigerator along with a stove which is perfect for a life on the road.

I love that Abe could repurpose his splashback which was earlier installed at his home and could use it in his van in an innovative way. If you are someone who does not have space for a permanent bed and does not want to make your bed every time, then you must take inspiration from the way they have built their bed space. 

Their design is an excellent example of how one can use a Murphy bed in a home on wheels. It is both convenient and comfortable. The benches they have built have a lot of storage especially for their workout equipment and have been well designed.

10. A spacious, airy campervan with a military style shower

White Ram Promaster camper van conversion

On their road trip honeymoon all over the USA, Kara and Cole fell in love with vanlife. They decided they wanted to make a life around it by building their own campervan for themselves and eventually decided to launch their own company, Happy People Vans. 

Their self-built campervan is fabulous and uses some interesting conversion ideas that you can definitely take inspiration from. I love that they have two big windows in the van. It makes the space look bright and airy. 

It also allows you to enjoy some spectacular views when you are on the road. They have installed privacy curtains when you want to enjoy some alone time. 

The campervan kitchen features a Dometic two burner stove top, a stainless steel deep sink and a moveable faucet that can be turned around to enjoy a military shower in the open.

Convertible living space in a spacious, airy campervan

Their convertible  living space and bed area looks clean, simple and elegant. The swivel Lagun table has been well used in this space. 

With a 6 inch memory foam mattress you are ensured that you wake up refreshed every morning. Clean, functional and minimalist, Kara and Cole’s van is perfect for a life on the road. 

Wrapping up 

I am sure you must have taken a lot of notes and inspiration from these amazing van conversions. 

Some of them are luxurious, some minimalist and others have lots of creativity and clever designs ideas.

Each of them is perfect in their own unique way to enjoy a life on the road.

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