Slider panel & image

The slider is part of my ‘new’ bulkhead.

The slider serves three purposes:

  1. Makes the van look more like a builder’s van from looking into the cab

  2. It isolates the heat (or cold) of the cab from the living space

  3. It enables you to access the cab without going outside – open it up for ventilation, natural light in bad weather or, if in winter to capitalise on the warmth the front of the cab generates in the sun

The slider was made with the following layers;

  1. 9mm hardwood ply

  2. Foil insulation

  3. Auto carpet

  4. Big canvas image

I spray glued and staple gunned the insulation to the wooden panel. It is 1.5cm narrower than the slider area to make it easier to use.

Then I applied the canvas image – this is a photo of Yosemite – where some of my longer term climbing goals are. Using a liberal amount of spray-glue on the wood and carefully, from one side smoothing and rolling the image on to the wood.

The canvas photo was purchased online and it was bought (without a frame) for about £50.

I then put on the auto carpet – also stapled on the sides and glued.

Adding the handle was pretty easy (the holes in the wood were pre drilled). I used a scalpel to cut the hole in the canvas for the bolts to go through.

Fixing the slider up

The slider is fairly heavy and I originally added two push-fit clips to the top of it. These mostly holds it up, but not with vibration of driving. So I just have a bolt that I slide in – behind the recliner seat which locks the panel in place.

I leave a neo-dynium magnet on the back of the bolt so I can just attach it to a screw when it is not in use.

Bolt that stops the slider moving, and right – a magnet holding it to a bolt so it does not get lost.

I was really happy with the slider aspect of the design. It has worked really well and being able to have an isolated place to dry towels or put a solar shower to warm up has been useful.

I broke my leg and the plastic boot I had to walk in got fairly smelly – it was nice to be able to get it out of the living space at night! Same goes for climbing shoes sometimes.

Slider handle – just bought from a DIY store. Screws in from the back.

The slider when down.


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