15 Best Small Camper Conversions [+ Best Small Vans To Buy!]

last updated: Mar 8, 2022

Are you sold on the idea of vanlife, but a little intimidated about the idea of driving around a massive van? 

Or do you simply prefer to downsize your lifestyle into an even smaller van?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve prepared a list just for you of the absolute best small campervan conversions.

These small van conversions range from a simple, $100 car camper setup, to a small campervan conversion where you can live and work full time. 

Plus, we’ve even included specs, prices, and more on the 5 best vans to buy for a small van conversion. 

Just in case you’re feeling so inspired by this list, you’re ready to buy your own small van to convert…

Let’s jump right in!

1. 7 Day Small Van Conversion

Sleeping area of a Ford Transit Connect Van

This first small campervan conversion is totally genius, and makes full use of the limited living space in this Ford Transit Connect.

Plus, this van conversion was completed in only 7 days! 

For anyone out there who wants to try van life but doesn’t want to or isn’t able to dedicate several months to convert a van, this one is for you.

The bed from the back of a ford transit connect van

To separate the cab from the rest of the van, they used a curtain that matches the ombre spray of the rest of the van.

There is plenty of storage space above the bed, as well as underneath the bed.

The bed is a fixed platform bed, so there is plenty of space underneath it. 

The kitchen in this van consists of a simple camping stove that slides out from under the bed, so you can prepare your meals outside!

Ford transit connect camper van kitchen

For anyone looking for a small, simple, and quick campervan conversion, this is a wonderful idea.

2. Compact Van Conversion that Sleeps Four

Ford transit van kitchen and dining area

This next small campervan conversion has such impressive use of space that it has a kitchen, living room, sleeps four people, and has created room to stand up in the van!

This Ford Transit Custom conversion created extra sleeping space, as well as headroom, by including a rooftop pop tent in the conversion.

Investing in a rooftop pop tent is a great way to make a small campervan space feel infinitely larger.

This small van conversion also has two seats built into it so four people can safely travel in the van. 

It also has a lovely detachable table that tucks away next to the kitchen when not in use!

The belted seats in the van fold flat at the flip of a lever to form a double bed- the second bed in the van, after the pop tent.

Ford transit camper van with pop-up then on the roof

This creative small campervan conversion is a great idea for anyone who wants a tiny van conversion that can still sleep more than 1-2 people!

3. Lovely Small Campervan Conversion

Convertible couch bed for Peugeot Expert van

This tiny van conversion of a Peugeot Expert is truly impressive. 

The couch runs lengthwise down the van, and utilizes a slat system with the cushions to convert to a cozy double bed.

Geniusly, this bed is built of 3 separate pieces, which makes it infinitely easier to take in and out of the van to get work done!

Additionally, the bulk of the storage is located underneath the couch bed. 

One compartment has all of the food, one has all of the clothes, and the other has tools and necessities!

Peugeot Expert van kitchen

Across from the couch bed, is a lovely kitchen.

The kitchen consists of a two ring gas stove, and the sink is a beautiful bowl. 

All of the spices live on a built-in shelf above the stove, and there are drawers under the counter that house dishes, the water tank, and gas system. 

This tiny van conversion is just perfect for solo travelers, or even couples who want to go on short getaways!

4. Compact Van Built for Full Time Vanlife

Seating space in Crafter MWB van

This VW Crafter MWB conversion makes the most of a small living space, and not only is liveable for full time van life, but also has off-grid capabilities!

With the living space open to the cab, this campervan has a very open feel and layout. 

The van has a full kitchen, with sink, two burner stovetop, and refrigerator! 

I also love how he used magnets to attach spices to the fridge as well, it’s a very unique touch and great use of space. 

Despite only being a MWB, this clever van conversion manages to fit a fixed bed, couch, and enough sitting space for 4 people to sit around a detachable table!

Garage underneath a fixed bed of VW Crafter

This van conversion also has an impressive solar power hookup that allows the van to stay off-grid for weeks at a time.

Not only is there a ton of overhead storage in the van, but the fixed platform bed also allows for a massive garage underneath to house climbing supplies, gear, and anything else you could need to stay off-grid and adventure around in your campervan!

Not to mention, the outdoor solar shower on the back doors can even let you take warm showers on a sunny day.

5. Nautical Style Tiny Campervan Conversion

Nautical style camper van interior

This VW Caddy Maxi campervan conversion is one of our all time favorite micro camper vans. 

The build is sleek, clean, and meticulously organized.

Not only is there a place to sleep, but also a kitchen, two tables, a couch, and tons of storage space!

The kitchen in this small van conversion has plenty of counter space, as well as a sink and stove top. It also has a Dometic coolbox to keep food cool.

VW Caddy Maxi campervan bed

Easily, one of the best features in this small van camper is the bed. It’s built using a slat system, and functions as a bed, couch, and chair!

Workspace in a VW Caddy Maxi camper van

When tucked away and not in use as a bed, you can pull out the living room table and enjoy a nice place to eat or work.

There is even another small and casual workspace that you can use by sliding out a small table from the wooden cabinet if you don’t want to use the full table! 

With a kitchen, heating, and ample space to sleep, this is a wonderful mini camper van for a solo traveler looking to get away, and even work remotely from their van.

6. VW Small Campervan Conversion

1975 VW Kombi van

This incredible small campervan conversion features a 1975 VW Kombi fully remodeled into a beautiful campervan for full time digital nomads!

Bohemian-inspired van interior

This mini conversion van was designed with the beach in mind, and has a lovely bohemian decorated living space that is just perfect for pulling up to the beach and relaxing in.

The two bench seats offer ample seating space to entertain friends.

The couch in the back even folds down flat to create a queen sized bed. 

The couch in a VW Kombi van

For working on the road, this campervan conversion has a nice slide-out table.

Another genius addition to this campervan is their pop up roof tent. This makes it possible to stand up in the van, which for many, is a necessity for full time van life.

7. The Original Small Campervan Conversion

VW T4 van conversion interior

This conversion of a VW T4 is one of the original converted vans of the van life movement, and easily one of the best small camper vans!

Porthole and large rectagular windows of a VW T4 RV

The interior of this campervan conversion is warm, cozy, and inviting. 

It has a combination of lovely porthole and large rectangular windows for awesome natural lighting.

This campervan conversion also has ample seating with its L shaped couches that convert into a large bed. 

Plus, the living space is configured to where you can set up a detachable table, so it’s out of the way when not in use.

VW T4 camper kitchen

This campervan conversion also has a full kitchen with sink, stovetop, and fridge, as well as solar panels to provide plenty of power to maintain living full time in the van!

8. Off-Grid Small Campervan Conversion- Ram Promaster Edition

Ram promaster van kitchen

Simplicity meets functionality with this camper van conversion. 

The van has full insulation, a fixed platform bed, kitchen, and a high enough roof to stand up!

Due to the simplicity of this design as well as opting for less expensive items when it comes to materials like the battery, or the light fixtures, this is also a budget-friendly campervan conversion.

The kitchen in this van features a set of wooden shelves, and a camping stove to cook with. Under the countertop is plenty of storage space for food and cooking materials.

Sleeping area of a Ram Promaster van conversion

The fixed platform bed in this campervan conversion provides plenty of garage storage space, just perfect for storing gear!

Ram Promaster van garage

This clean and simple small campervan conversion is sufficient for full time van life and road trips around the world, and proof that a campervan conversion doesn’t need to be crazy complicated (or big!) to be lived in full time.

9. Fully Electric Small Campervan Conversion

This Nissan NV fully electric small campervan conversion adds yet another of the best mini camper vans to this list!

Nissan NV van conversion

The interior of this campervan is so impressive.

The bed is a rock and roll system, where during the day it has two chairs, and at night it transforms flat into a bed. This is also one of our favorite campervan bed ideas!

The driver’s seat swivels around and connects with a Lagun swivel table to form a living room table/workspace.

Nissan NV camper van kitchen

Running parallel in the van to the bed is this campervan’s kitchen! 

It features an induction cooktop, as well as a sink with running water. 

Right above the sink is the van’s power control switch, which is all powered by a tiny battery.

The Sleeping area in a Nissan NV camper

Many believe that electric vehicles may well be the future, and it’s incredible to see one even as small as this fully converted into a campervan!

10. Budget Friendly Small Campervan Conversion

Fiat Ducato van conversion

This incredible small camping van features a Fiat Ducato that is not only a small campervan, but was also one of our favorite cheap campervan conversions.

It was converted in under 6 weeks for less than $1400!

Sleeping area in a Fiat Ducato van conversion

The beautiful wood paneling in this van gives it a cozy and rustic feel. Plus, all of those beautiful overhead wooden cabinets provide more than enough storage space.

They chose to keep the living space open to the cab, which makes the space feel a little bigger than it is. However, if they want more privacy they can always close it off with curtains.

Fiat Ducato camper van interior

In addition to a fixed double bed, this campervan conversion has a full kitchen with a sink, stove, fridge, and beautiful oak counter. 

The addition of a roof pop top makes it possible to stand up in this van, which makes the idea of living in a small campervan conversion that much more tempting!

11. Beautiful Small Campervan Conversion

Ford Econoline camper conversion

This small campervan conversion features a beautiful converted Ford Econoline cargo van.

The van is not only pristinely decorated, but also fully insulated, and has a queen bed and kitchen.

Ford Econoline camper bedroom

The interior of this campervan conversion is quite beautiful, and has some nice wood tongue and groove cladding as well as a cedar countertop.

As a cargo van, the roof is not quite high enough to stand up in, however, this is still a great layout idea for anyone working to convert a shorter campervan.

Countertop with sink in a Ford Econoline RV conversion

The inside of this van has nice counter space and a sink with running water. It also has a beautiful wooden spice rack right above the sink.

The kitchen itself is outside, and consists of a simple camping stove.

To access the kitchen, it’s as easy as sliding a drawer out from under the bed, and you’re all set to cook meals outside.

12. Small Campervan Conversion for Remote Work

Fixed platform bed in Ram Promaster van conversion

This small van for camper conversion features a Ram Promaster that is fully converted for full time remote work!

The van has a large fixed platform bed that houses plenty of storage underneath in its large garage.

There is also a full kitchen in this van conversion, complete with an induction cooktop, deep recessed sink, and refrigerator.

This also might be the smallest campervan with bathroom we’ve seen- a Nature’s Head composting toilet is stored under the bed!

Built with remote work in mind, this campervan conversion also has a table that slides out from under the bed to function as not only a dining table, but also the perfect remote work station.

White Ram Promaster RV

13. Highly Practical Small Campervan Conversion

Small kitchen in a camper van

This campervan conversion was built by an engineer in only one week on a $1000 budget! 

Not only was it built quickly and on a budget, but it’s also one of the best small van conversion ideas.

This van has plenty of storage, a kitchen, and a bed. 

The structure of the kitchen and storage unit was built from plywood, and features more than enough compartments to store food, clothes, and other essentials.

Storage units in a small camper van

The bed in the van functions as a bench seat when not in use, and turns into a bed at the touch of a lever. 

This is a great small campervan conversion for anyone working with limited time and money who wants to convert a campervan!

14. My $100 Small Campervan Conversion

Estate car turned to mini van

For anyone still looking for small van conversions on a budget, look no further because I have the van for you here!

I personally converted this estate car into a mini van conversion for climbing trips all over Europe.

The best part? This whole build cost under $100!

Storage unit in a converted estate car

Half of this van conversion features a simple sleeping pad for my bed.

The other half has a plywood structure that stores my clothes and climbing equipment.

There is also a small fold-down shelf so I can easily use my laptop while in bed.

Foldable shelf as kitchen for a estate car camper conversion

For the kitchen, I have a simple shelf that folds out the back with a simple camping stove. 

Plus, this still functions perfectly well as a regular car, because the entire wooden structure is easily removable.

15. Student’s Small Campervan Conversion

Backside of the weekend adventure van

Concluding this list of the best small camping vans is this beautiful bohemian van conversion.

This van conversion has a double bed, ample storage space, and a kitchen.

I also love how they used the wooden tongue and groove to amplify the light and airy feel of the van.

The Sleeping area in a VW transporter camper van

To access the kitchen in this campervan conversion, a table slides out from the back from under the bed. This is highly convenient because then you can stand up outside while cooking.

While this van isn’t tall enough to stand up in, with all of its awesome features it is a wonderful van conversion that’s just perfect for taking on weekend adventures. 

The 5 Best Small Vans to Buy for conversions

Now that you’ve seen our 15 favorite small campervan conversions, let’s go ahead and take a look at the best vans to buy to convert your own small campervan!

Ford Econoline

Ford Econoline Camper Van
  • Roof Height: 136cm
  • Wheelbase Dimensions: Length – 350cm | Width – 133cm
  • Off-Road Capability: Yes! The Ford Econoline is one of the best vans on the market for off-roading.
  • Prices: $8,000 Used/ $15,000-$20,000 New

Why the Ford Econoline is One of the Best Small Campervan Conversions

With its affordable price point and cargo van like appearance, the Ford Econoline is easily a contender for the best small van for camper conversion.

Factor in its durable frame and the fact that it’s the van that is most available with a 4×4 option, and it’s definitely one of the best small vans for camper conversion.

VW Caddy

Grey VW Caddy
  • Roof Height: 124cm
  • Wheelbase Dimensions: Length – 268cm | Width – 117cm
  • Off-Road Capability: Yes. Newer versions of the VW Caddy that have Volkswagen 4motion 4wd can handle off-roading in mild conditions.
  • Prices: $9000 Used/ $25,000-$40,000 New

Why the VW Caddy is One of the Best Small Campervan Conversions

The VW Caddy is not only an easy van to drive, but it is also highly reliable, making it a great van for a small van conversion.

While the living space of the van may be small, with a creative layout, you can absolutely turn a VW Caddy into an epic small van conversion to take on all of your adventures. 

Ford Transit Connect

Ford transit camper van with pop-up then on the roof
  • Roof Height: 107cm
  • Wheelbase Dimensions: Length – 260cm | Width – 122cm
  • Off-Road Capability: No. While the van has AWD, it does not have great off-roading capabilities.
  • Prices: $7,000 Used/ $25,000 New

Why the Ford Transit Connect is One of the Best Small Campervan Conversions

We love the Ford Transit Connect as a van for camper conversions for a number of reasons. First, it is a highly reliable van, and not likely to have many mechanical issues.

Second, being a Ford van, it is extremely easy to find mechanics that can work on it if it ever needs it.

Finally, its great gas mileage and maneuverability make it a great small van for camper conversions.

Peugeot Expert

Back of a Pugeot Expert Van
  • Roof Height: 140cm
  • Wheelbase Dimensions: Length – 292cm | Width – 124cm
  • Off-Road Capability: No
  • Prices: $5,000 Used/ $25,000-$40,000 New

Why the Peugeot Expert is One of the Best Small Campervan Conversions

The Peugeot Expert is great for a small car camper conversion. It’s not only one of the most affordable small vans, but it is also one of the easiest vans to drive.

For anyone wanting an affordable small van to convert, this is a great option.

Nissan NV

Nissan NV Camper Van
  • Roof Height: 135cm low roof, 195 cm high roof
  • Wheelbase Dimensions: Length – 273cm | Width – 122 cm
  • Off-Road Capability: Yes. 4×4 is available on all Nissan NV 2500 and 3500 models.
  • Price: $8,000 Used / $30,000-$45,000 New

Why the Nissan NV is One of the Best Small Campervan Conversions

The Nissan NV is easy to drive, fuel efficient, and even has an all-electric model! Plus, it is one of the only vans on this list that has an extra high roof option, so you can stand up in your small campervan conversion.

Plus, because Nissan NVs aren’t commonly converted to campervans, and have a cargo van like appearance, stealth camping is a breeze in these vehicles.

Final Thoughts

While massive rigs converted to campervans are a dream for many, for others, a small campervan conversion is much more convenient, and that’s okay!

It’s possible to have a small campervan conversion that includes all the amenities for full time van life.

Plus, small campervans can be more affordable and realistic for campervan conversions.

I hope that this list has inspired anyone thinking about converting a small campervan!

After seeing all of these incredible small campervan conversions, which one is your favorite?

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