Van conversion colour scheme

Having a background in design makes you go a little over-the-top in the planning stage. I had to wait a few days for my van to be ready to pick up and I spent a lot of this time playing with ideas.

As the primary colour in the van essentially the pine – I looked for inspiration from ski chalet designs to find what sort of colours worked well.

I noticed the use of neutral colours with a tendency to have a warm, but slightly muted, colour as an accent.

This is my mood-board with various chalet interiors and the basic colour schemes.

I liked the warm lighting effects – so when it came to my design I went for a yellow accent and a grey neutral colour system.

I played with lots of colours in the design file – it seemed right. The hard bit was finding reasonably priced and suitable upholstery fabrics to fit my design ideas. I could not quite get it right, but it was close enough and I am happy with the finished effect.

Hopefully some of the above colour schemes might be useful for thinking about colours!


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