What worked really well

So many things work really well – here are my top 10..

Off-grid solar system

If you cannot tell I really love this aspect of the build. All the electricity I need for free forever… so cool!

Just as an example; on a sunny day in Span – early November (when I wrote this comment) it was bringing in 32.5v and 5.3Amps.

Bed-side leaning cupboards

It is so nice to be able to just lean up against it. They work so well and make a nice social environment.

Full size permanent bed

People who hang out are always like ‘oh this mattress is nice!’ and it is. Sleeping two people does not feel cramped and the large under-bed storage is great.

Cutting off the cab

This is totally going to be a matter of personal choice, but that the van stays cooler and is easy to black out is really worth it. Having the cab as another ‘hot’ storage area is useful too. The slider image is cool and keeps me motivated toward my Yosemite goals!

Side lights

These are so damn cool. They make this lovely cozy warm light and when you are in the van at night it feels like you are in some cool boutique hotel room. It is very easy to totally forget that you are in a van. I love this part of the build.

Kitchen unit

It was expensive but it is such a focal point – and that you can fold the lid down is nice. Two burners has been useful, three I do not think would have given any benefit.

Simple water system

For sure, with a 20 liter water tank, you have to fill it up every few days (3 days with 2 people, 5 for one). But having a removable tank means that filling it up is easy from almost any tap. For me it was the right decision. And simple is always good!

The green one is not gasoline – it is the waste water 🙂

Bathroom Cabinet

The easiest way to make a really nice cabinet is not to make one at all. This was a total success and a great build hack!

Recliner seat by the window

Its just a nice place to sit – the foam is thick enough it has a sofa sort of feel. The view out of the window can be really nice!

Slider food trays These simple trays from Ikea work really well for food. It is cool down there and not being closed they do not make food sweaty.

The edge of these catch under the edge of the flooring – which does not extend under the drawers – this means they do not slide out by themselves.

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