Feedback for The Van Conversion Guide

alan mesfin

"After having binge-watched every one of Nate’s conversion videos on YouTube, which have been an excellent source of information and inspiration, it became clear that once I had decided to build my own campervan there was one guide I definitely wanted to have in my arsenal.  

It was a no-brainer and it has been instrumental not only in given me the confidence to embark on my conversion, but it has enough quality detail that I can always rely on it.  It is my go-to reference when I want to check I’ve done something correctly, and my first port of call when I invariably haven’t."

mia hawk

"Nate’s van building guide is a great starting point and an invaluable resource for getting your head around how to build a van. It takes you though all the elements and steps you need for a build. I’ve now build two vans, much with the help of Nate’s guides.

There will always be things you need to research yourself, especially the more of a custom build you’re doing, but pretty much all of the basic and most important information is in here. If you want to build a camper van quick, this is definitely a guide you want to be buying!  

And if you’ve not got any experience of what you need for a van build, you’ll understand much, if not almost every aspect that goes into the bog standard camper van build. You’ll also get a really good idea of how to budget and what kind of shopping list you’re looking at.

I also love all the videos you get access to on the new guide, all which has really easy to understand instruction! Overall I highly recommend this van building guide!"

craig stickland

"The second I saw Nate Murphy's video about his killer van conversion, I knew I had to make a touring van of my own. I was delighted to see that he had made a walkthrough guide that explained each step in detail.

I had never done anything like it before, but his step by step explanations gave me the confidence I needed. He even answered my electrical questions when I reach out and was having some issues. 10/10 would recommend if you're planning on building your van, to buy his guide first."

theo baker

"There is no one size fits all when it comes to designing your campervan. Which is why Nate's book, for me, is perfect. There is a huge variety of design ideas, practical considerations and layout options for every stage of the build.

This coupled with clear concise language and succinct YouTube videos means that this book was my go to when things were going right and especially when things were going wrong. As a first time builder I couldn't have wished for a better resource!"

cazzy bradley

"When we first began our van conversion, we had absolutely zero experience doing DIY. We had no prior knowledge with power tools, electrics, gas, water systems, nothing. To be honest, after buying our van, we didn't really know where to even begin with the conversion.

We decided to pick up Nates guide, and in the end, it was an absolute God send! We used The Van Conversion Guide religiously throughout our ENTIRE build! But it was most useful at the start, when building out the structures of the van, and learning how to properly insulate.

The behind-the-scenes videos were also super useful. Where Nate shows exactly how to make those first few important cuts in the van, including installing a bonded window.

By the end of the build, we felt like semi-pros at converting a van! Which was a world away from how we started out. We absolutely love our van and are actually using it to drive around the world. We managed to create an entirely unique and custom design that fits our needs perfectly.

But without the foundational knowledge the guide gave us, I'm really not sure where we would have ended up. The best $20 we spent on the entire build! Thanks Nate."

Harry & Sinead 3

"Nate's guide was so helpful for my self-build campervan. I converted a commercial Vauxhall Vivaro into a campervan for my girlfriend, dog, and myself.

We have an oven, gas cooker, sink, and pull out bed. I had basically no experience of woodwork or electrics and Nate made the conversion process very simple and straightforward. I couldn't recommend his guide enough!"

Hannah Smith 3

“We bought Nate’s ebook after watching his videos on YouTube whilst researching how to do a van build. As we saw he was converting a Citroen Relay which is the same van as ours it seemed a no brainer to buy it! Although there are many thousands of videos on the internet we found Nate’s ebook an absolute life saver.

It’s really informative and breaks the build down into 3 phases and then small subsections. A van build can certainly feel very overwhelming especially for complete novices like ourselves, so this helped us to plan what we needed to do and when.

The ebook covers all aspects in great detail from installing a window, electrics, gas, water to final touches and everything in between. We found the diagrams and pictures super helpful and are a much appreciated added bonus! The 20 video guides which are only accessible if you have the ebook are really helpful and we watched them over and over before trying it out on our van.

We liked that there is a breakdown of all the tools and materials Nate used so you can get an idea of what to buy, where to buy it, quantity and cost. We had no idea how much insulation to buy for example but as our van was the same size as Nate’s we copied his quantity and it was the perfect amount.

What’s good about this ebook is that Nate has included how he did the build on his Transit and also his Relay. He has included things worked great and things that didn’t work as well. Nate also goes into detail about different options you could put into your van that he didn’t include in his own.

We are only at the beginning of our build but we now feel a lot more confident and ready to build our tiny home on wheels. I cannot believe what we have achieved already and we have been able to carry out all of the work ourselves thanks to Nate’s ebook and videos.

Nate has written this ebook to help others and the book is very objective and we love that he is very honest throughout. Thank you so much for this ebook Nate it’s been our van build bible!”

Samantha Crowston 3

Samantha Crowston   •   Follow

"As complete van conversion novices, Nate's ebook was literally our bible. The easy to read chapters on each element of the conversion, along with the short how-to videos were invaluable and guided us through our journey.

Nate's second van was exactly what we wanted for our van so we used the ebook not only as a guide to complete the conversion but also for inspiration for a great layout and interior design. The budget guide proved extremely useful and helped us create our own budget which we managed to stick to.

The book is an extremely useful tool for anyone starting a van conversion and can honestly say we wouldn't have the van we have today without it!"

I had no idea what I was getting into when building my van. First I wanted something small, simply for my work. Then everything escalated, and soon the design included a shower, solar power, scuba diving gear ... I was suddenly way out of y depth!

I was so happy to find inspiration and guidance with Nate's Van Conversion guide. In the end, I am very happy and proud of the result, and Nates book was the foundational knowledge needed to get the job done. Thanks so much for the guide and the channel for inspiration!

Shamus Smith 3

Shamus Smith   •   Follow

“I just wanted to say thank you for compiling such a thorough and educational ebook. I have never done any DIY before in my life and managed to convert a ford transit entirely by myself (I had someone install the gas) thanks to your ebook! Admittedly I did copy most of your designs except for the bed haha. Currently enjoying life in southern Spain doing some volunteering.”

Lucy Norton 3

"When we first looked at converting our van, we came across your YouTube videos and from there, purchased your conversion guide. The guide was super easy to follow and we especially appreciated the parts list, most of which we bought for our own van.

The sections we followed to a tee were the insulation and electrics. We hadn’t converted a van before and had no idea how important insulation is! But your method of using dodo sound deadening, fleece and liner was easy to do and very effective.

Likewise, neither of us are electricians but your electrics diagram was very easy to follow and made so much sense, we’d have been lost without it! We’re very happy we bought your guide and would definitely recommend it to everyone. Conversions feel a little overwhelming at first and your guide, with the exclusive videos, makes it a whole lot easier and less stressful.

We also appreciated how relaxed you were about your own conversion and how you showed us the basics but made it clear that each conversion and each van is different. I don’t think we’d have been so successful with our own conversion without your guide so thank you for that!"

Andrea Collings 2

"I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I did in my van, from scratch without Nates guide.

It had every step I needed which I followed with as much precision as possible. I even printed the entire thing to cross check each page!

This was my first van conversion and the feeling I felt when I finished it and it all came together was amazing."