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This in-depth online course, with hands-on support and exclusive community access, will open to a limited number of students, in December 2022.

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   Now with 25 additional video guides included

   30 day money back guarantee

Why take this course?

150+ detailed tutorials

Professionally filmed and edited tutorials that teach you how to do every aspect of a van conversion.

The main part of the course comprises bite-size videos, between 1 and 20 minutes long that make it easy to digest information - or follow along as you build.

Expert support for designing your electrical system

A qualified and experienced off-grid electrical engineer will help you develop an electrical system that fits your needs. This service (normally costs $120) is included in the course price.

You will receive a one-hour consultation and, within one week, we will send you complete documentation, detailing your recommended system components.

Community and support with like-minded van builders

Access to our exclusive course community where you can ask questions, access support, and get feedback, guidance, and advice - throughout the process of your build.

You will also get to know people with similar goals, be able to support each other, and eventually, meet up on-the-road for adventures!

All stages, theory and practice

From insulation to electrics, we teach you the theory and show you how.

This combination between easy-to-understand theory and hands-on tutorials makes building a van easier than ever.

Diagrams & schematics

If I could have read this book before I started, I would have saved about $390. If you are going to spend thousands on your van, a few dollars to reduce risk is worth it

Three years access

You have access to the course for three years, easily enough for the even the most relaxed van builders.

If you need access to the video content for longer, we can sort you out - or provide a low-cost monthly fee to continue full access.

The ultimate van conversion course

The guide anyone can use to convert a van into their dream camper!

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   190 pages of time and cost saving quality

   25 additional video guides

   30 day money back guarantee




Build your own adventure

The Van Conversion Guide, the 14th Edition and updated for 2023 is now available. This best selling book gives you all the information you need to build a van from scratch.


Need a hand with electrics?

Campervan electrical systems can be confusing. There are so many options that it’s easy to spend days researching and still not feel confident. Our service makes off-grid energy simple.


What do I get when I join the DiyHero Course?

You get access to all course lessons from the moment you complete your order. The course layout is easy to use and you’ll be learning effortlessly in just a few minutes after logging in.

You will have access to 150+ specially made tutorial videos, support from an off-grid electrical engineer and access to our exclusive community.

At what point should I get the course?

Ideally, before you buy a van! (We advise on what to buy and how to avoid buying a junk vehicle) but the course is most suitable for anyone who is in the early stages of planning or building a van.

If you are part way through, perhaps you feel like you have bitten off more than you can chew, then the course is likely to be a big help in getting you to the end of your build.

How long do I have access for?

I am from.. [America] [Europe] or [Australia].. is this course going to be good for me?

In short, yes.

Throughout the course we give dimensions in both metric (mm/cm) and imperial (ft/inches). We have purposely installed kit that is commonly used, and available, all over the world. 

Please note, however, that the course is English language only.

If you have any questions about this, just get in touch via our contact form.

When does the course start?

The van conversion course is a self-directed online course, so you can go at your own pace. You can also choose when you want to engage with services (like electrical system design support).

You decide when you start and when you finish - as it suits you, and your project. If you want to dive into everything immediately, you can.

What if I don't like the course?

Every purchase of this course is protected with a money-back guarantee* This makes it a risk-free investment!

Please note, if you buy the course before the 1st of Jan 2023 your 30 money-back guarantee will start on the date of launch.

*If you have completed the electrical consultation, the money-back guarantee be less the cost of this service ($120 USD).

I still have questions. How do I contact you?

No problem. You are very welcome to email me (Nate) direct via our contact form.