Learn the Profitable Van Conversion Method

The DIYhero is an in-depth online course, that teaches both the theory and the practice for every single phase of a van conversion.

From how to buy a van, to budgeting your conversion, and what features to install - through to every aspect of the build - it will help you build the van of your dreams!

To find out more - join my free online webinar about zero-cost vanlife.

The fact is, I have lived vanlife for years, travelling the world, rock climbing, surfing, living in mountains, forests and beaches and, throughout this time, van ownership has not cost me a dime. In fact, I have made tens of thousands in profit despite using the vans for years. On top of this, I have literally saved massive amounts by not paying rent, bills, and all the normal living costs.

In my free online training (running today) I will teach you exactly how I approach zero-cost vanlife. It will show you the main things to do - and avoid - and also a bunch of things that most people do not talk about.

It will also show you the big advantages of joining the course - and why it will be one of the best investments you will ever make.

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The course includes:

   150+ detailed tutorial videos

   Teaches every aspect of a van conversion

   Full of useful resources & schematics

   The Profitable Van Conversion Method

   Electrical Design Service included

   Best selling ebooks included

   3 years community support access

Why take this course?

150+ detailed tutorials

Professionally filmed and edited tutorials that teach you how to do every aspect of a van conversion.

The main part of the course comprises bite-size videos, between 1 and 20 minutes long that make it easy to digest information - or follow along as you build.

Expert support for designing your electrical system

A qualified and experienced off-grid electrical engineer will help you develop an electrical system that fits your needs. This service (normally costs $120) is included in the course price.

You will receive a one-hour consultation and, within one week, we will send you complete documentation, detailing your recommended system components.

Community and support with like-minded van builders

Access to our exclusive course community where you can ask questions, access support, and get feedback, guidance, and advice - throughout the process of your build.

You will also get to know people with similar goals, be able to support each other, and eventually, meet up on-the-road for adventures!

All stages, theory and practice

From insulation to electrics, we teach you the theory and show you how.

This combination between easy-to-understand theory and hands-on tutorials makes building a van easier than ever.

Diagrams & schematics

If I could have read this book before I started, I would have saved about $390. If you are going to spend thousands on your van, a few dollars to reduce risk is worth it

Three years access

You have access to the course for three years, easily enough for the even the most relaxed van builders.

If you need access to the video content for longer, we can sort you out - or provide a low-cost monthly fee to continue full access.

What customers are saying...



“I always wanted to build my own off-grid camper van but lacked knowledge and experience. With Nate’s course, I was able to follow a step-by-step process that has enabled me to start a build with confidence and have everything I need to help me in the palm of my hand.

The network that is provided takes away any worry about getting stuck as Nate is always on hand to offer advice and experience in overcoming any issues.

The electrical consultation gives direct access to a fully qualified electrician who had taken away any concerns over what I need to do to get an off-grid van wired up from start to finish. They have delivered every component I need to make it a safe and easy-to-do installation.

Nate’s in-depth knowledge is invaluable and his tutorials and videos make it an easy-to-follow guide in building my own haven away from home.”



I just wanted to drop you a quick message to say, THANK YOU so much for putting together this course. I just spent the whole month watching all the videos (just got the electrics stuff to watch now).

Having watched most of the content, I really do feel more confident with my build. I got to a point where I was frozen with fear as I was struggling to learn how to use the tools for the first time and how to problem-solve. But your videos have really helped me so much. I am now looking forward to my build weekends rather than dreading them! 😁 Also, you are saving me so much time as now I don't feel I have to watch 5hrs of youtube videos before tackling a new task. YAY!

Thank you for creating this amazing space to learn and connect with others on the journey. 

Join my free online training
about Zero-cost vanlife!

In my free online training, I will teach you exactly how I managed to make tens of thousands of dollars in profit from the vans I lived in AND saved far more by avoiding rent and bills. All while living the dream!

I will teach you..

   How to choose a van 

   The golden rule for budgeting

   Exactly how I lived Zero-Cost vanlife

   How to choose features with profit in mind

   How to choose features with profit in mind

   The best and quickets ways to convert a van

What do you have to lose?


You get access to all course lessons from the moment you complete your order. The course layout is easy to use and you’ll be learning effortlessly in just a few minutes after logging in.

You will have access to 150+ specially made tutorial videos, support from an off-grid electrical engineer and access to our exclusive community.