The ultimate guide to converting your van

The guide anyone can use to convert a van into a camper! This best-selling guide, now in its 14th Edition, has been used by thousands of people to transform a van into a camper.

The 150+ page ebook includes:

  • Detailed instructions and diagrams to help you convert any kind of van
  • Detailed schematics, for gas, electrical and water systems (updated for 2023)
  • PLUS: Mini-course with 28 detailed video tutorials
  • Free updates for life


   Now with 25 additional video guides included

   30 day money back guarantee


Why should you read this guide?

It will save you money

If I could have read this book before I started, I would have saved about $390. If you are going to spend thousands on your van, a few dollars to reduce risk is worth it

It will save you time

Just finding the components that were the best fit for my build took days-worth of time.. and the thinking process took even longer.. this book is essentially a major short-cut

Mini-course included

The guide comes with a mini-course with 28 detailed videos that show you how to do the key practical parts of a van conversion.

It will give you ideas

I am a designer by background and I think I have created a few innovative ideas that you could use in your build!

It will reduce stress

By having everything explained and laid out in an order that will support you throughout your build, you will have a valuable reference point every time you get stuck or unsure.

It will help you manage budgets

By seeing the costs (and the add-on costs) of the components and materials used in the build it will help you to work out what you need to spend for your conversion

Build your own adventure

The guide anyone can use to convert a van into their dream camper!

   190 pages of time and cost saving quality

   28 detailed video tutorials

   30 day money back guarantee



What’s inside

Design & Layout

Go through the process of working out what you need (and don't need) and how to lay it out

Insulation & Build

Learn rock-solid, tried and tested techniques for insulating your van - and installing a vapour barrier.

Solar & Electrics

Learn electrical theory and practice and access wiring diagrams - helping you build a safe, functional, system.

Shower & Toilet

See the options for van toilets and shower and get the details, and system diagrams, for how to install them.

Heating & Cooking

Understand the options for how to heat your van and how to install gas systems - with a breakdown of best practice.


Learn how to design and install different lighting systems that make your van beautiful and well lit!


See the key options for van appliances, from fridges to fans, and when and where they are most suitable


Learn techniques, from trim to curtains, that help you do the finishing touches that make your van a home.

Rent free travel

Rent free trips

Rent free life


Take the full course

This in-depth online course, with hands-on support and exclusive community access, will open to a limited number of students, in December 2022.


Need a hand with electrics?

Campervan electrical systems can be confusing. There are so many options that it’s easy to spend days researching and still not feel confident. Our service makes off-grid energy simple.


How do I buy the eBook?

You can pay via PayPal or Card (processed securely by Stripe).
If you have any problems, please contact me on the contact page.

Is the payment secure?

In addition, your payment details never get stored anywhere when you buy - they don't see your credit card information, they just see a token that represents your credit card. The same goes for your PayPal details.

Simply, your card details are never stored by us & Stripe & PayPal have many layers of security and buyer protection.

Do I need an eReader to read the book?

How do I get the new ebook versions as you update it?

Just so you know, I tend to update the book every 6 months so it won't be too spammy!

If I am unhappy with the eBook can I get a refund?

I am confident that the ebook will be useful - but if it isn't you have up to 30 days to ask for a refund.
Just let me know via the contact page.

Can I get a printed version?

However, you can print the PDF file if you need to - or take it to a print shop if you do not have a printer.
We prefer you learn from the screen though - nicer for the environment that way

I am from Australia - will it be good for me?

Although the guide is focused on UK and US van conversion, the vast majority of the kit is widely available in Australia.

Because of this, the book will serve you well. If you get it, and find it is not useful, then get in touch and we will refund you.

I am from the USA - will it be good for me?

The guide is focused on US and UK-based van conversion and includes both metric and imperial measurements.

The van and components used are available in both the US and the U (and many more) - but in general the guide can be used for any type of van.

Can I use it to build a different van?

The guide has examples of both Ford Transit and Dodge Promaster/Citreon Relay vans - however, the aim of the van is to teach you how to build out ANY van.

It does not matter what you are building, the systems, techniques and equipment will largely be the same.

Can I get the book as a 'real' book not ebook?

The ebook is available a download only however you are welcome to print a copy for your personal use. You can download it as a PDF which means you have a lot of options for viewing it or printing it.

We looked at having it printed but with the size of the book, combined with the images and diagrams (which must be in colour in order to make the book useful - wire colours etc) resulted in a really expensive book.

Not only that but links to other content - video guides and tutorials give a much worse experience compared to an electronic version.