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Hi! I’m Nate Murphy

I've lived out of a van for five years, and now, after renovating a house, I use a van for short to medium trips. I've been building products, vans, and houses for 18 years.

From designing and patenting my own medical products to completely renovating a house in Spain, my approach is one of endless possibilities for self-learning.

I run the popular 'Nate Murphy' YouTube Channel, where I've been sharing van conversion content and advice with millions of people for the past six years. Here you will find everything you need to convert your van and start your Dream Life! I look forward to meeting you!

Nate Murphy

Buying a van can be an intimidating experience, and the last thing you want to do is to invest time and money in a van that needs a lot of money spent on repairs! This book might save you thousands!


Worried about getting your electrical system wrong? Or installing something dangerous? Help is at hand, our Electrical Design Service helps ensure that you build a safe system that does exactly what you want it to do.

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The Van Conversion Course

Do you want to live in a van and it cost you absolutely nothing (or even be profitable?

I have spent some years perfecting the Profitable Van Conversion method to help other people toward living Zero-Cost Vanlife. This is exactly what I teach in the DIYhero course - which includes access to our exclusive community, hands-on help with your electrical system design and much more!

Build your own adventure

The guide anyone can use to convert a van into their dream camper!

   150+ pages of high quality information

   28 video mini-course included

   30 day money back guarantee



Electrical Dos and Don'ts

Buying a van is a bit scary - and if you get it wrong - you may end up investing thousands, and hundreds of hours of labour, in a vehicle that would be better off on a scrap heap.

This short book is to help you figure out what van is right for you and to avoid the main pit-falls of buying second-hand vehicles.


Join my free online training about Zero-cost vanlife!

In my free online training, I will teach you exactly how I managed to make tens of thousands of dollars in profit from the vans I lived in AND saved far more by avoiding rent and bills. All while living the dream!

You will learn:

   How the profitable van conversion method works

   How to buy a van with profit in mind

   The Golden Rule of budgeting

   Top trips for keeping costs down

    How to build with the market in mind

   Loads of things nobody talks about!