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I have lived vanlife for years, travelling the world, rock climbing, surfing, and living in mountains, forests and beaches and van ownership has not cost me a dime. In fact, I have made over sixty thousand dollars in profit despite using the vans full-time for years. This is not even to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars I saved by not paying city rent or expensive city living costs.

In this free training, I will teach you how I manage to live vanlife at zero cost by using the Profitable Van Conversion method - a method I have perfected over several years. I will teach you how to choose a van, how to budget your conversion, and what features to install (and what not to) to enable you to live Zero Cost vanlife. I will also help you avoid the big mistakes that most people make.

After this training, you will have a great understanding of the Profitable Van Conversion Method - and will be able to see if it is the right approach for you.

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The training includes:

   How the profitable van conversion method works

   How to buy a van with profit in mind

   The Golden Rule of budgeting

   Top trips for keeping costs down

   How to build with the market in mind

   Loads of things nobody talks about!

Join my free online training
about Zero-cost vanlife!

In my free online training, I will teach you exactly how I managed to make tens of thousands of dollars in profit from the vans I lived in AND saved far more by avoiding rent and bills. All while living the dream!

What do you have to lose?


We are running the training almost every day. When you register you will be able to see when the next training is going live.