10 Best Camper Shower Systems

last updated: Mar 8, 2022

Are you converting a campervan and feeling stumped on your camper shower setup?

Worry not, because we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we cover the absolute best camper shower systems we’ve ever come across..

Including shower ideas for every budget and every vanlife style. 

Looking for a simple, outdoor shower? 


Looking for a luxurious, walk-in camper shower? 

No problem!

We have these and just about everything in between.

Now, let’s get stuck in!

1. The Nate Murphy Camper Shower

First up on this list of the best camper showers is my own shower creation!

I love this camper shower because it allows you to enjoy a hot shower outdoors, all while maintaining a little bit of privacy.

Not to mention the amount of space it saves in the campervan!

Camper van outdoor shower

For this camper shower setup, all that is used is an outdoor heated shower, hooks, and a shower curtain made from canvas and PVC pipes. 

If a heated tankless shower isn’t quite in your budget, fear not- you can still have heated outdoor showers! 

All you need is a solar shower bag. The sun will heat the water inside, and you can still treat yourself to heated outdoor showers- without breaking the bank!

Shower at the back of the van

With the PVC pipes keeping the shower curtain secure, you won’t have to worry about the wind blowing your shower curtain away.

This campervan shower system is just perfect for taking an outdoor heated shower, and really enjoying the outdoors in the meantime.

Just don’t forget to use biodegradable soap!

Full video 5 Great Vanlife Shower Systems

2. Luxury Camper Shower

Next up on this list of camper showers we’re taking a full 180 and showcasing the luxury campervan shower!

The luxury camper shower has it all. It features a full walk-in shower room, and is a completely separate room from the rest of the van.

Luxury camper shower head

There are a few different ways to design a luxury camper shower- the sky’s the limit!

This particular luxury camper shower features a heated shower, teak shower pan, and an elegant blue tile finish. 

When designing a luxury shower like this one, you can really have fun with the design, and customize it to your liking with different colored tiles!

Keep in mind, an indoor shower will need ventilation, and this shower nails it.

They’ve installed a sunroof in this camper shower to not only provide ventilation, but also the ability to shower under the sky!

Another option to provide ventilation for your camper shower is to install a Maxxair fan just outside the door!

Luxury shower lined with blue tiles

The cherry on top of this luxury camper shower is a sliding Nautilus shower door

This sliding door is not only a key component in keeping your campervan dry, but it also saves a ton of space compared to a standard swinging door.

3. Kitchen Camper Shower

This camper van shower is one of the most unique, space-saving, and ingenious camper showers we’ve ever seen!

The kitchen camper shower system is just as simple as it is unique. 

All that is needed for this setup is a shower pan, shower head, and a shower curtain! 

Hidden camper shower by the kitchen

This camper shower setup will take a little advanced planning, as there needs to be a shower pan built into the middle of the van’s kitchen floor. 

Above it, is a track for shower curtains to hang.

Retractable camper van faucet

There is a hook on the ceiling where the kitchen sink’s retractable faucet extends out and doubles as a showerhead. 

The curtains in this camper shower only extend halfway around the shower. 

This is because they built the part of the van with the sink to be okay to get wet- the kitchen side of the van is not meant to be wet, and the shower curtain keeps it dry!

Stealth camper shower system

This camper shower system is a great solution for any van lifers who want a shower in their campervan, but do not want to build a full separate washroom for it.

There are a lot of different variations that this shower setup can take, and this is just one example of how you can build an awesome kitchen camper shower!

4. Budget Solar Shower

For an even more simplistic variation of the Nate Murphy Camper Shower, we have the budget solar shower!

Setting up budget solar shower

This camper shower is super simple, yet will allow you to take warm showers outside of your van at a low cost.

Not only can you take showers with it, but you can also use it to wash your dishes, or really anything you may need hot water for!

Operating the pressurized solar shower

The way this pressurized solar shower works is you fill it with water, and then leave it in the sun for a few hours to heat up.

Then, you pump it up to pressurize the water inside. 

Once the water is pressurized, all you need to do is attach a hose with a showerhead and you can take a hot shower!

This camper shower solution is great for those on a budget, or who don’t have the space to implement a more luxurious shower setup within their campervan. 

Plus, the pressurized system is quite nice as you won’t have to hang your shower bag up high in order to use it!

5. Shower and Drying Room

This next van conversion shower is truly incredible.

Not only does it feature a full walk-in shower room, but also a drying room.

full walk-in shower and drying room in a camper

This camper shower is housed in its very own washroom, built into the back of the van conversion. 

It includes a full-size stand-up shower, complete with hot water, a toilet, and even a skylight.

However, what really makes this camper shower unique, is the inclusion of a drying room!

Chrome Shower head

When living in a van, chances are you’ll be washing your clothes by hand at least some of the time. 

Your wet clean clothes will need a place to dry, and what better place than the shower?

This camper shower has a clothesline built inside it, with pins to hold up the clothes.

For extra ventilation and quick-drying, there is a fan built into the bathroom, right above the clothesline! 

This is a really great conversion van shower for those looking to live full-time out of their vans, as you have your own separate wash and drying room.

6. The Infinity Shower

This recirculating shower is one of the most unique and environmentally conscious van shower ideas featured on this list.

The shower runs on only a 3.5-gallon water tank. 

Once the water leaves the showerhead and hits the drain, it begins cycling through a 5-part filtration process before it comes back through the showerhead.

Infinity shower system in a RV

Due to this awesome technology, the same 3.5-gallons of water can provide numerous showers before needing to be changed out.

Not only is this shower for camper a plus for the environment, but it is also a great idea for anyone trying to cut weight in their campervan! 

Water is very heavy, and having to carry less water in the van for showers will save fuel costs, and allow more time in between refills- meaning even more time off-grid! 

7. The Hidden Cabinet Camper Shower

This DIY van shower is clever, ingenious, and a major space-saving hack! 

At first glance, it doesn’t appear this camper van conversion has a shower at all. 

Folding kitchen countertop

That’s because it’s niftily tucked away underneath one of the van’s countertops! 

One section of this van’s countertop houses their toilet. The toilet slides out, and underneath, there is a shower pan.

Hidden Cabinet Camper Shower

In the overhead storage cabinet above the shower pan, there is a hanging shower curtain, and a showerhead.

To take a shower in this van, all you need to do is open up the countertop, slide out the toilet, and then pop down the curtains for a cozy shower inside the van.

Full hidden cabinet shower in a camper

This camper shower idea is particularly great because when not in use as a shower, you have a ton of extra counter space.

Many van lifers report that they don’t always utilize their full shower, and wish they had more storage space instead. This could be a great solution for anyone who finds themselves in that situation!

Having spaces in a van conversion be multi-purpose is incredibly important, and this van life shower really nails that element. 

8. Clever Hidden Camper Shower

This clever shower for van is a unique yet simple design that you might just want to steal right now!

This camper shower is similar to the kitchen shower system, yet needs a slightly less sophisticated plumbing system, and is even more budget-friendly.

Clever hidden camper shower system

To set up this camper shower, the extra-long retractable sink faucet doubles as a showerhead. 

There are hooks installed on the ceiling of the van to hang up the shower curtains to avoid splashing water all over the van.

Hidden shower drain in a camper van floor

The drain for this shower system is simply a hole that screws out of the van so the water can drain into the earth.

Collapsible shower pan

To ensure water only drains through the hole onto the ground, there is a collapsible shower pan that fits directly above the drain, and stashes away when the shower is not in use.

This shower is ingenious because it takes up so little space in the campervan, yet allows you to have a proper, heated shower in your van.

It is also quite cost-effective.

Rather than needing to install a shower pan and plumbing, this simple camper shower solution will do just the trick! 

9. Outdoor Tankless Heated Shower

If you’re looking for a heated yet simple camper shower solution, look no further than the outdoor tankless heater shower!

If you’re traveling in a colder, less sunny environment, then the solar shower setup might not cut it if you want to take a hot shower outside.

 tankless outdoor heated camper shower

However, with a tankless outdoor heated camper shower, you’re all set to take hot showers outside of your van.

Plus, this shower is quite small and won’t take up too much room in the garage of your van.

Since you’ll be showering outside, you won’t need to set up any drainage in your plumbing system either. 

This camper shower is also great for washing off gear like surfboards, or even to rinse off your feet before coming back into your campervan!

10. Luxurious Soaking Tub

While we’ve already covered quite a few showers for campervans, this one is new-the luxurious soaking tub!

Camper van Luxurious Soaking Tub

After a long day of exploring and adventuring off in your campervan, there’s nothing quite like a nice hot soak in the tub 

A tub like this is the ultimate luxury in a campervan.

This tub is also portable, meaning you can take it out of the van, and sit for a soak outside if it meets your fancy. 

If you’re traveling with pets, this is a particularly useful van addition as it makes giving your pets baths incredibly easy.

I also love how this tub is beautiful yet simple- all it is is a sawed in half wine barrel!

Final Thoughts

I hope that this list of the best showers for camper vans has left you feeling inspired and ready to take on your own van conversion’s shower! 

While you don’t even necessarily need a shower in your campervan conversion, for many it is a necessity- especially for those living full-time in their van

There really are so many different camper shower options out there that are suitable to anyone’s budget and campervan needs. 

After reading through this list, all that’s left to decide is which van shower you will opt for …

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