Robbie’s Ultimate Climbing Citroen L3H2 Van Conversion

last updated: Dec 15, 2021

Most professional climbers can only dream of having the freedom to embark on long-term excursions whenever they fancy. But for Robbie, this is an everyday reality. No cramped tents or expensive hotel rooms necessary.

Robbie's Ultimate Climbing Citroen L3H2 Van Conversion

About Robbie

Robbie is a professional climber based in Edinburgh, Scotland. From a young age Robbie knew he wanted to travel, see the world and not be bound by the ordinary constraints of everyday life. This led him to climbing.

Over the years Robbie has established himself as an award-winning climber, having climbed some of the world’s most iconic hard rocks. But, as I’m sure any climber will tell you, the constant need for accommodation begins to hold you back.

Robbie has been living out of vans for several years. Prior to the Citroen L3H2, he owned a Ford Transit. The Ford served him well, but Robbie eventually decided it was time to move onto something more ergonomically friendly.

Robbie’s van was converted by Roam, a Scottish van conversion company specialising in bespoke builds designed to withstand life off the beaten track. Together they produced ‘Rose’, a 2018 Citroen L3H2 van fit for professional climbers.


  • 1.9L diesel engine

Kitchen and Appliances

  • Domestic 3-burner hob
  • Elephant hose tap
  • 80L fridge – Ideal for stocking up on food before you embark on off-grid expeditions where there is limited access to supermarkets.


  • Standard size, side-oriented double bed.
  • Pull-up single bed – the table top can be taken off and slid onto wooden slats at the side of each seat to create a bed base. Adjusting the cushions transforms this space into a single bed or sofa.


  • 2 x 120 amp batteries
  • 12 x USB ports

Heating and Cooling

  • 2 roof vents – one above the bed and one above the kitchen. These create a nice ventilation in the van, and allow Robbie to stargaze at night time.
  • Double windows at the back – great for appreciating a nice view in the morning.
  • 3kW diesel combo water/air heater.
  • Premium wall insulation.

Cabinetry and Finishes

  • Light coloured wood cladding – keeps the van feeling light and airy.

Water System

  • 90 litre tank
  • Shower hose attachment.
  • Hidden control panel in the kitchen area to turn hot water on/off.


  • Seating for 3 people.
  • Small table doubles as an eating space or office desk.


  • Overhead lockers
  • Twist lock system helps to keep everything in place whilst driving.

Exterior Accessories

  • Having a raised bed means there’s a huge garage space for Robbie’s climbing gear and bouldering pads.

Special Features

  • Heated drying cupboard – Complete with waterproof walls, the diesel heating system has an exit pouring directly into this cupboard. No need to worry about soggy clothes and boots.
  • Swivelling passenger seat – With enough seating for 3 people, Robbie can choose between several spaces when he wants to sit and work.
  • Archway between the cabin and the back of the van – This really opens the area up and allows easy access between the front and back of the van. A blackout curtain over the archway helps to maintain privacy.
  • Beastmaker 2000 series fingerboard – ideal for climbers who are conscious about maintaining finger strength.

Check out the full tour of Robbie’s van on YouTube:

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