How to Buy & Renovate a House in Spain


This is the book that I wish I could have read before I started my house build.

This guide shows you how I renovated an old house in Spain and summarises the key things I learned while stripping an old house back to just walls and floors and turning it into a high-quality eco-friendly home.

It provides details for a wide array of things from purchasing a house to electrical installation and final touches. The guide is generously illustrated with pictures and diagrams for all the main systems and equipment. It also contains a cost breakdown, a prioritised list of tools and details for all the main suppliers of specific parts and appliances. I have included lots of helpful tips that would have saved me a lot of time (or money) in the process of building a house.

I hope that the book helps to motivate, manage expectations and help you make a success of any project you take on.

The ‘systems’ detailed in the guide include; heat recovery, solar installation, wood fire stove with a back-boiler heating system, mains electrics and plumbing. There are a lot of resources on the internet for a lot of the common items like how to tile or how to paint a wall but it is hard to find good information that covers the specifics of more ambitious construction projects for a DIYer.

If you are considering buying and/or renovating a house (especially if in Spain or similar Southern European regions) this generously diagramed and illustrated book will be well worth the money.