15 Best Campervans with Bathrooms [2022 Inspiration Guide!]

last updated: Mar 14, 2023

Looking for inspiration to design your own campervan?

One of the less talked about aspects of van life is where to “go” when you’re living on the road. After all, having a camper van with a bathroom can be very convenient!

It can allow you to fully get off-grid, and not be at the mercy of gas stations and campsites.

For this reason, I’ve compiled a list of the 15 absolute best camper bathroom ideas I’ve ever come across.

Each and every one has a unique and creative design.

So you’ll no doubts find something to suit your own needs/space perfectly.

Let’s get stuck in …

1. Spacious Walk-In Bathroom- MWB Edition

The Sprinter van is definitely one of the best vans for camper conversions, and this first pick shows exactly why.

This very special Sprinter van is truly stunning, and has an extra large, walk-in bathroom. It’s particularly unique because not many MWB vans have a bathroom at all, let alone a bathroom this size.

Extra large walk-in bathroom in MWB van

The walk-in bathroom has a composting toilet, sleek black basin sink, instant hot water shower, and plenty of hangers.

Sleek black sink in an bathroom for MWB van

Because this bathroom is so large, there is ample space to hang clothes and towels inside rather than outside the bathroom. 

This is so nice because then they’re readily accessible after a shower, rather than having to reach outside the bathroom to grab them. It’s the little things!

The walk-in bathroom beside a fixed double bed in MWB van

The utilization of space in relatively small camper vans like this one is very impressive. Despite having a large bathroom, it still has a double fixed campervan bed and functional lounging space!

The slideout seat underneath the fixed bed functions as a chair, small guest bed, and even slides all the way out into a lounger!

Having such a spacious bathroom is a rarity, especially in a MWB van conversion. However, this crafty conversion shows that you don’t always have to sacrifice space and functionality to have a small campervan with toilet.

2. State of the Art Bathroom- Ram Promaster Edition

This state-of-the-art Ram Promaster conversion is not only styled to the nines, but has a cleanly and unique toilet system. 

The toilet in this van is a cartridge toilet, also known as a cassette toilet. This system uses a portable, removable black water tank that can be separated from the toilet itself. 

A system like this is particularly great for anyone wanting to rent out their van, or anyone who simply likes to keep things extra hygienic!

Ram Promaster campervan interior with a cassette toilet set up

One key component of this van’s bathroom is that it uses a sliding Nautilus retractable shower door, which is a major space saver. The bathroom also has a recessed shelf which keeps the bathroom feeling more spacious.

The living room that in a Ram Promaster van

The living room is large and luxurious in this van, and folds down into a queen size bed. 

For privacy, a curtain slides the length of the van to cover the windows when necessary. 

It also separates the cab, which is great for keeping things separate, but still being able to access the cab when necessary. 

For a little extra fun on the road, cornhole can even be played off the back of this van! 

3. Luxury Bathroom- Ram Promaster Edition

Luxury Promaster van interior with an open luxury bathroom

This Luxury Promaster van conversion is so impressive, and just perfect for anyone wanting to get off the grid and embrace the remote, nomadic lifestyle.

I’m so impressed by all of the features in this van. It has not just one but two workspaces, a full bathroom with a shower and composting toilet, full kitchen, loads of storage and a fixed queen bed!

The bathroom has hotel style soap dispensers, and an on/off switch on the faucet to save water while showering. It also utilizes a Nautical sliding door for a little extra privacy that also saves space. 

The bathroom is also located towards the back of the van, rather than directly behind the cab. It’s great to see these different floor plans!

This van has a massive water tank, which is just perfect for going off grid for extended periods of time.

A nice campervan kitchen with a live oak counter top

The clean, white finish on this van gives it a nice, homey feel. The roped drawer handles and ladder to the bed serve as an accent with function.

The kitchen in this van is amazing. It’s quite large, has a live oak countertop, and all of the drawers and cabinets were designed to perfectly fit every last cooking utensil. As a bonus, there’s even a vertical wine rack built into this kitchen!

4. Jazzy Shower Room-Ram Promaster Edition

Ram Promaster campe interior with a jazzy shower right by the entrance

This stealthy van conversion is the perfect campervan with shower and toilet for professionals on the road.

Natural lighting and stealthiness are always important to think about when designing a campervan. This van is super stealthy in that it only utilizes a skylight. Meanwhile, the beautiful interior of this campervan is as white as possible, making the best of limited lighting.

This is easily one of the best campervans with bathrooms. It’s quite spacious, yet fits perfectly within the van. The Nautical sliding door allows for a little extra privacy, and the vent is conveniently located right next to the shower. 

The showerhead also has a conservational function that controls the amount of water that flows out. This awesome feature allows you to shower in peace knowing you’re not completely draining your water supply.

The hotel style soap dispensers are a great addition and very secure while driving.

Airy living spaceof a ram promaster van

This van has a very spacious kitchen as well, with plenty of counter space- just perfect for utilizing its fully electric stovetop!

It’s also pristinely decorated, making it feel even more like a home.

Spacious Ram Promaster campervan kitchen with plenty of counter space

In this van, the living room space is a large dinette with storage underneath. It easily contracts into a queen bed, which allows for this van to have such an open and airy living space!

5. Classy Acrylic Shower- Ford Transit Edition

Simplicity and elegance come together to create the ultimate family adventure vehicle with this awesome Ford Transit Van conversion

This conversion has everything you need for an off-grid adventure. It’s got a nice big fridge and freezer, plenty of storage space, and a beautiful full bathroom with a shower and cassette toilet. 

Classy acrylic shower in a ford transit RV

I particularly like the use of white quartz inside this shower- it’s not only completely waterproof, but it also has such a unique and elegant appearance. 

Having a full shower and toilet in this van is great for rinsing off after hiking and biking, and the toilet is especially nice to have if taking smaller children on trips!

I also love this barnwood shiplap style ceiling. It gives the van such a nice, cozy feel and is a great contrast against the white shower.

Ford Transit van interior with classy acrylic shower and a big counter top

With plenty of storage both in cabinets, and underneath the massive queen sized fixed bed, this van conversion has all the necessities.

While there is not a stove in this kitchen, there is plenty of counter space to prepare meals using the camping stove stored underneath the van. 

This kitchen set-up is a great example for anyone wanting a full kitchen but doesn’t want to install a stove.

6. White Tile Bathroom- Ford Transit edition

Next up is this absolutely magnificent Ford Transit conversion van with bathroom.

This van was built and designed with care, and it has all of the essentials to get off-grid.

Not only does it have a full, walk-in shower with a toilet, it also has plenty of storage, a fridge and freezer, an induction stove and a hardwood countertop.

The queen size bed breaks down into four pieces to create a full, comfortable dinette style living room setup. 

Plus, the warm tones of the ceiling and countertop make it feel extra homey inside this van.

Queen-sized bed in a ford transit van

The bathroom in this van is a sight to behold. 

It’s designed with gorgeous white tile, and has a sleek black shower faucet with hot water. It also has a built-in recessed shelf to add space, and a built-in rack to keep soaps and shampoos secure.

Ford transit campervan toilet design with white tile and with a sleek black shower

Next to the wet bath is a full length coat closet! It’s such a great usage of that narrow space next to the bathroom, and the extra storage is great to have while living on the road.

Closeable toilet paper holder with a roll of tissue in it

Inside the bathroom, there is even a closable toilet paper holder to use when the shower is running. 

7. Nautical Style Washroom- VW Crafter Edition

This VW Crafter van conversion is quite remarkable- it was modeled after a boat, and has a unique nautical appearance! 

It’s also fully equipped-in addition to the large walk-in washroom, this van conversion has a full kitchen, double bed, and heating system.

Wooden interior of the VW Crafter van

The all wooden interior on this van is a mix of pine, birch, and ashwood. Ashwood is commonly used on boats due to its durability, and works equally well in this van design!

The open overhead cabinets are inspired directly from watercraft and are not only super handy, but further contribute to this van’s nautical appearance. 

Large Nautical Style Washroom in a VW Crafter camper

In the back of this van is the massive washroom. It’s separated from the rest of the van by a proper door, and has a toilet and a shower. 

The living room in this bed converts to a double bed in seconds, due to a really nice slat design. 

I love the clean, modern look of this van and it’s nautical influences. It truly is one of the best campervans with bathrooms.

8. Elegant Bathroom Design- Ram Promaster Edition

This van conversion was designed by a professional chef, so naturally the kitchen is spectacular. With that said, the bathroom in this van is also incredible, making this a great example of a camper van with bathroom and kitchen.

Ram promaster van kitchen with a 3-burner stove, refrigerator and deep sink

The kitchen in this van has many epic features, from it’s 21 inch Furrion oven, massive refrigerator, three-burner stove, to its deep sink with a beautiful deep blue porcelain backsplash.

Beautiful ram promaster van bathroom lined with white subway tile

I’m equally impressed by this beautiful van bathroom.

The ceiling and walls are lined with a gorgeous white subway tile.

The floor is a removable Brazilian hardwood.

It has an odorless Nature’s Head Composting Toilet, and sleek black showerhead connected to a tankless water heater. 

With all these sweet features, this van easily earns a spot on this best campervans with bathrooms list.

Queen sized fixed bed with a beautiful wooden headboard

In addition to a dinette space, there is a queen sized fixed bed with a beautiful wooden headboard 

The doors to the back of the van open completely, perfect for morning surf checks from bed, or catching the sunrise!

This van is well equipped to go off-grid, with a 30 gallon water tank, and three different ways to charge the battery.

9. Family Friendly Bathroom- Citroen Relay Edition

This is the ultimate family adventure van! Its name is Everest, and in addition to a full bathroom, it’s chock full of creative additions that make it such a great family adventure van. It also has a full kitchen and six seatbelted seats! 

Not to mention, it can sleep an entire family of five.

Citroen Relay campervan interior with a full kitchen and seatbelted seats

The seats and table here fold down into a double bed to sleep two adults. The living space is a good size, extra safe due to the seatbelts, and even has its own controllable speaker system.

The kitchen is totally stocked with a fridge, oven, and stove to prepare meals for the entire family while on the road!

Citroen Relay camper with a bunk bed setup sleeping area

This triple bunk bed setup in the sleeping area of this van is pure genius. Each bunk has its own reading light, little storage pocket sliding curtain so the adults can keep the lights on in the van while the kids can sleep peacefully.

A comfortable toilet with the leafy green backsplash behind it

The bathroom in this van is convenient, well decorated, and great for traveling with younger kids as they won’t have to go outside! 

It’s also a comfortable toilet, and the leafy green backsplash spruces it up.

10. Lovely Stone Wall Bathroom- Citroen Relay Edition

This 2015 Citroen Relay conversion is absolutely breathtaking. 

It has a lovely kitchen, full walk in bathroom, permanent living space, and a fixed double bed. 

This is also one of the nicest decorated van interiors I have ever seen.

Citroen relay van interior with walls decorated with beautiful photographs

What really makes this van special is its details and decor. All of the cabinet handles and the shower door are fashioned from little balls of rope. The same rope lines the edges of all of the walls.

The van walls are decorated with beautiful photographs and the kitchen has a stunning hexagonal backsplash.

With multiple kitchen drawers, wicker overhead baskets, and a garage that fits several surfboards, this van also has plenty of storage. 

For even more storage, this van has a vessel inspired raised floor that creates a whopping 15cm of storage underneath the entire floor of the van.

Sleek black shower head in a citroen relay van toilet

While the entirety of this van conversion is amazing, the bathroom just might be its very best feature. 

This bathroom is complete with a toilet, and not one, but two showerheads.

The stone-like finish on the walls is beautiful and creative. 

Bathroom lights beside an oval-shaped window

Despite the dark finish on the walls, the lightning in this bathroom is incredible. In addition to an installed light in the bathroom, it also has a window with a spectacular, hand shaped oval frame.

11. Boutique Hotel Bathroom- Sprinter Van Edition

This Sprinter Van conversion is fantastic. It comes fully equipped with a full bathroom,  kitchen with loads of counter space and a porcelain, baby Belfast Sink. The living space is large and comfortable, and converts to a double bed. 

The double bed isn’t the only bed in this camper- this van conversion features a spare bedroom! 

Not to mention, the entire van is styled with the beautiful, boutique decor.

The living space in a boutique hotel inspired sprinter van

The full kitchen in this van is complete with a sink, stove, fridge, and plenty of counter space.

Across from the kitchen, there is even more counter space- but with a twist. Underneath the counter space is a 32inch flat screen TV!

With the touch of a remote control, the TV reveals itself from under the counter.

The screen is even on a fully adjustable swivel, so you can watch from anywhere inside the van.

Large and airy and modern bathroom in a boutique sprinter van

The walk-in bathroom in this van conversion is large, airy, and modern. There’s a cassette toilet, and shower with hot water!

There is also plenty of great lighting.

Fixed single bed in a boutique hotel style camper

One particularly unique feature in this Sprinter Van conversion is that it has a spare bedroom! 

That’s right, just behind the kitchen is an additional, fixed single bed. It even has its own skylight.

Having the spare bedroom makes this van great for a group or family adventure due to all the sleeping space. It could also be great for a solo adventurer, who could sleep in the spare bedroom and leave the living room as is. The possibilities are endless!

12. Chic Teal Bathroom- Sprinter Van Edition

This chic Sprinter Van conversion includes everything needed for a life on the road- including a full kitchen, bathroom, large working space and a convertible double bed. 

Its bathroom has a very unique design that perfectly matches the rest of the van.

Chic sprinter van interior

The kitchen in this van is fully equipped with a large sink, Dometic stovetop, oven and refrigerator. The blue tile backsplash gives it a lovely, artistic touch so it’s not just functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Sprinter van’s bathroom lined with blue tiles

I can’t stop admiring this van’s bathroom. The beautiful blue tiles perfectly match the ones in the kitchen. It also has a teak bath mat, which is not only super functional, but the perfect color contrast against the blue wall tiles!

Sprinter van's showerhead with an overhead light

In addition to an installed overhead light, this bathroom also has its very own skylight. This is just perfect for some additional sunlight during the day, and under the stars at night.

13. Complete Bathroom- Ex Ambulance Edition

Here we have an ex ambulance converted into a sick campervan.

Not only does it have a full bathroom but it has a full setup- complete with kitchen, diesel heater and log burner, double bed and flatscreen TV.

A converted ambulance campervan interior

This Ambulance Van conversion has a sweet living room.

The couch is comfy and spacious, and being right next to the log burner, things stay extra warm and cozy.

At night, the couch flips into a double bed.

A fully equiped bathroom in a converted ambulance campervan.

The bathroom in this van has all of the essentials. Showerhead, hangers, and a toilet. It’s really all you need to hit the road full time! As a bonus, there is even a mirror in the bathroom.

14. Beachy Bathroom- Sprinter Van Edition

This Sprinter Van conversion features a beachy design with modern components. It has a full toilet and shower, kitchen, has two fixed beds, wine rack and television!

The bathroom sink in a beachy sprinter camper van

The bathroom in this van is beautiful. It’s pristinely decorated, has a toilet, shower, and sink! 

The white panels in the bathroom make it feel light and airy, and the recessed shelf makes it feel even more spacious.

Toilet built into the tile of a sprinter camper van bathroom

The toilet in this van conversion is something special. The bottom of the shower has beautiful tile, and the toilet is built into the tile itself! This setup is very unique and has a very classy appearance.

Beautiful minimalistic kitchen in a sprinter van

The kitchen in this van is beautifully minimalistic. The live edgewood countertop pops against the bright white interior of the van, and the porthole window adds a little extra natural lighting in a very stylish manner.

Overall, this conversion van with toilet doesn’t spare a single detail!

15. Space Saving Bathroom- Sprinter Van Edition

This stealthy Sprinter Van conversion has a full bathroom with toilet and shower, spacious living room, convertible bed, and full kitchen with microwave!

In order to remain stealthy while camping and traveling, this van doesn’t have any windows. However, its bright white walls and many light fixtures keep it from feeling dark.

living room in a stealthy sprinter campe van

The living room space is huge, and the table is cleverly offset on a pole, so the table will slide off to one side while not in use. This makes it super easy to walk all the way through the van, and helps it feel extra spacious inside.

The table flips down with ease to transform into a bed.

One cool feature in this van is a MAXXAIR fan, which is an awesome substitute for an air conditioner unit.

This fan provides plenty of airflow, and can even detect rain and close itself while running at night!

This van conversion layout is so creative in how it manages to include so many features without feeling cramped!

Large kitchen in the stealthy sprinter camper

At first glance, this kitchen seems more like it’s out of a large home than a van! The combination of the brick wall and blue tile backsplash is very chic and adds a nice contrast to the rest of the van. 

The kitchen even has a microwave, which makes preparing quick meals on the road super convenient.

sleek black shower in a stealthy ford sprinter van

The entrance to the bathroom in this van is in the corner behind the cab, and having it offset like that saves so much space.

A beautiful barn style door separates the bathroom from the rest of the van- yet another beautiful and decorative touch in this awesome campervan with a bathroom. 

Wrapping up the 15 Best Campervans with Bathrooms

There you have it, the 15 best campervans with bathrooms! There are so many different bathroom solutions on this list, from full walk-in washrooms with sinks, to space saving minimal bathroom solutions.

Having a bathroom in your campervan or trailer is such a game changer, and it’s awesome to know that there are so many creative ways to design a campervan with bathroom!

After reviewing this list, which one of these best camper vans with bathrooms would you choose?

If you’re looking for more of a budget bathroom design, check out our guide on the best cheap van conversions.

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