15 Best Ford Transit Van Conversions [2022 Inspiration Guide!]

last updated: Feb 18, 2022

One of the best vans for converting to a camper is the Ford Transit.

It has a very square shape which makes it great for conversions, and it also is one of the most reasonably priced vans on the market.

Not to mention, pretty much any mechanic anywhere can work on a Ford Transit, so any repairs needed will be a breeze.

If you’re thinking about doing your own Ford Transit campervan conversion, you’re in for a treat!

I’ve carefully curated a list of the best Transit conversions I’ve ever come across.

This list has everything from vans with a musical stage, to high-tech adventure conversions that can take you off-grid for weeks.

And of course, let’s start off with …

1. My First Van Conversion

Kicking off this list of the best ford transit conversions is my very first van conversion!

This Ford Transit van conversion is minimalistic and functional, and just great to live in.

It features a full fixed bed, plenty of storage, sink and stove, heater, sweet outdoor shower setup, and a comfy window lounge.

First Van Conversion

I designed this conversion to have stealthy access to the cab through an insulated sliding screen. From the outside, the van just looks like a cargo van, and having access to the cab is a great safety measure, especially in more urban settings.

The kitchen is in front of the screen, which has a smith sink and cooker combo with two hobs.

best ford transit van conversion

This van conversion has a nifty window seat that turns into a workspace when paired with a nifty white folding table!

Installing magnetic curtain for Ford Transit campervan solar shower

For a shower, this van has a magnetic shower curtain equipped with a solar shower. The solar shower gets very warm, and holds enough water for two people to take a shower!

With a 300 watt solar panel feeding two 140 amp batteries, this van has plenty of power to run its electricity, and recharge daily!

2. Gamer Friendly Van Conversion

This Ford Transit Conversion has a sweet pub/nautical style to it, full kitchen, shower, large living space, and enough solar to power a gaming system when off-grid!

A nice and long campervan galley and kitchen

The galley in this van conversion is nice and long, and the long kitchen runs perfectly parallel to the galley. There is plenty of counter space, and some nice fans for ventilation!

The living room in this van is nice and spacious. It consists of comfortable couches that easily fold down and convert into a full-sized bed.

One of the coolest things about this van is its gaming setup. Right in front of the bed is a fold-down shelf that supports a computer that can run entirely off the van’s solar!

Underneath the full-size bed is a nook complete with a dog bed, and its own light! This Ford Transit conversion is so dog friendly it even has a dog ramp for entrance into the van!

A gamer friendly van interior

To make this Ford Transit Conversion feel even more like a home, it has a full-sized shower. The entire interior of the shower is handcrafted with individual pieces of blue mosaic tiles- a very special touch. Plus, the shower has hot water. 

3. Budget Ford Transit Conversion

This Ford Transit camper van conversion was designed by a university student using only a student loan! The total cost was less than $5000, and the van includes a kitchen, pantry, desk space, fixed double bed and a massive under-bed closet for storage! 

Making this one of our top picks for the best cheap van conversions EVER!

The van is also complete with 50 watts of solar for when it’s not connected to mains hookup.

budget Ford Transit van conversion

The pantry in this van is made from a repurposed dresser that also functions as  a work desk! 

There is also a running sink and a camping stove in the kitchen. 

budget bed in Ford conversion

The large fixed double bed in this van is nice and spacious. Underneath it is a huge closet, with plenty of cubbies for clothes, shoes and more! 

The pine tongue and groove in this van make it feel airy and natural. 

This Ford Transit Van conversion is proof that buying and designing a campervan doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and can be a great solution for other university students trying to save money.

4. Ford Transit Artist’s Conversion

This custom Ford Transit Conversion was created by an artist who utilized my van conversion guide from start to finish, and the guide combined with her artistic touch came together to create this sweet conversion! 

It’s got a kitchen, large fixed bed, huge under-bed storage space and a nice door to the cab. 

The use of reclaimed pallet wood, and tiles gives it a chic look.

A white ford transit campervan for an artist

The kitchen in this van is simple but functional. It features a stove, decent amount of counter space and a pull-out water tank with a spigot, in lieu of a sink. 

Reclaimed pallet wood creates an awesome statement in this van. Not only does it line the walls in the kitchen, but pallet wood was also used to create some sweet overhead cabinets for storage. 

Overhead cabinets made from wood pallets

The dark wood used on the ceiling and floor is a nice contrast with the light white walls and contributes to this van’s chic appearance.

A large fixed bed in a ford transit artist's van

I’m a huge fan of the bed setup in this Ford Transit van conversion. While it’s a large fixed bed, it can still partially break down in order to have more storage space for transporting stock. 

The under-bed storage space is very large and has plenty of room for clothes, shoes, and even a pantry!

5. High-Tech Adventure Van

Black high-tech adventure van

This next Ford Transit Conversion is a sick, high-tech adventure van. 

On the exterior, it’s got extra storage, an awning, LED’s, and nylites for late night campsite arrivals.

The garage has tons of storage for bikes, snowboards, and any other adventure sports you can think of.

A comfy yet functional workspace in a high-tech ford transit van

To work on the road with ease, this conversion is equipped with a comfortable yet functional workspace. The Lagun swivel table makes it extra convenient, and the bench seat even folds up flat against the wall.

High-tech fort transit van interior

The interior of this Ford Transit Conversion is equally awesome. It’s fully equipped with a kitchen, large fixed bed, bathroom, and even a custom made laundry shoot!

The kitchen counter in this van is huge- 8 total feet of handmade ambrosia maple. 

This van conversion even has a full-size shower complete with a Nature’s Head Composting Toilet. The shower door is a mirror which gives the illusion of extra space in this van.

Finally, there is even a 28 inch flatscreen TV in this van! It’s on a swivel so it can be watched from multiple locations within the vehicle.

6. Cabin Style Ford Transit Van Conversion

This cabin style converted Transit van features beautiful woodwork, a full kitchen, sweet desk set-up, and an easy to use convertible bed.

A cabin-style ford transit camper van interior

Thanks to a crafty convertible bed, the living room in this van is very open. The couch is large and comfortable and has plenty of storage space underneath.

To transform into a massive bed, the base simply slides out from the wall and the cushions easily go flat. 

This is one of the most simple and creative convertible bed solutions I’ve seen, and is a great idea for anyone not wanting to spend a ton of time fixing their bed!

Different types of wood used to style the ford transit van interior

The campervan’s interior uses three different types of wood. The roof is ¼ inch cedar wood planks, which are perfect for use in a Ford Transit Conversion because they can match the curvature of the van build.

There is also a sweet desk set-up in this van using old reclaimed barn wood! I also love the use of a barrel as a desk seat that also serves as the trash bin.

Hand-crafted ashwood counter top

This van conversion’s kitchen is a masterpiece. The countertop was meticulously handcrafted from ashwood. The window fits the space perfectly, and between that and the MAXXAIR fan, this van has plenty of ventilation.

Another feature I love in this van conversion is the two hooks that are installed on the walls to support a hammock! 

7. Modern Ford Transit Van Conversion

This van conversion with bathroom is modern and luxurious. It’s loaded up with awesome features including an oven, stove, 85 Liter Isotherm fridge, Nature’s Head Composting Toilet and large workspace!

Modern ford transit campervan interior

The refrigerator is large, and conveniently placed close to eye level, so it’s so easy to pull food from. 

For a unique toilet solution, a nature’s head composting toilet slides out underneath the refrigerator.

Dining room and double bed in ford

When you want a workspace, or to use the dining room table, all you have to do is swing up the table from against the bed and it props right up for a nice, large workspace. 

The fixed double bed is complete with its own projector screen, and the bed is raised high off the ground to create a massive garage underneath! The garage is big enough to store multiple bikes and a secure propane tank. 

With multiple windows, a MAXXAIR fan, and sunroof, this van gets more airflow and natural lighting than you could ever ask for.

For extra safety, there’s a video camera installed that has super cool speaker features that you can communicate to directly through your phone. This is a great option for van lifers that travel with a dog so you can check up on them!

8. Professional Musician’s Van Conversion

Here we have a Ford Transit camper conversion that is home to two professional touring musicians!

Black ford transit camper with rooftop stage

One incredibly unique feature of this van conversion is a custom built rooftop stage. It’s built from aluminum with a carbon fiber base that can withstand a hefty 600-800 pounds! That’s more than enough weight to support two people and their music equipment. It also has a pop-up guard rail for extra safety while performing.

This van conversion also has a very large garage that has enough space for recording equipment and more! 

To keep all of the expensive equipment safe, it even has a padlock. 

Above the garage is an outdoor, heated shower.

Solar panels installed on the roof of ford transit camper

The interior of this van has a cozy, log cabin look. The walls and ceiling are lined with cedar which not only look great, but smell amazing too!

This van has a full kitchen complete with a fridge and freezer, beautiful white sink, and butcher block countertop and cutting board.

A fixed queen bed with a pooch upon it

The bed in this van conversion is a fixed queen, and it has outlets to charge your phones, and extra storage on the side. 

For dining, working, and recording music, this van conversion has a four foot long workbench and pull-out table. 

Equipped with two windows and two MAXXAIR fans, this awesome van conversion also gets plenty of fresh air circulation.

9. Digital Nomad Ford Transit Van Conversion

This Ford Transit conversion van is a lovely design complete with a hidden shower, toilet, fixed queen bed, open kitchen, and its own personal coffee bar!

The kitchen right in front of the sliding door in a digital nomad's van

I really like how this van’s kitchen is set up. It’s right in front of the sliding door, so meals can be prepared with open air, and a view of the surroundings. 

The kitchen has a nice propane cooktop, deep sink, and a Vitamix! A particularly nice touch is a beautiful, handcrafted backsplash made from white honeycomb tile and wood panels.

Kitchen counter top extension that works as a second workstation

Perfect for digital nomads, this van has a massive workspace made from a large bench and a beautiful large table that pops out.

The extension of the kitchen countertop also dually functions as a second workspace in the van. 

One super awesome and unique feature is this van’s hidden shower system! This van has a slideout composting toilet, and the toilet can be removed so there’s a showerpan underneath. Then, you can hang up a shower curtain in the galley by attaching it to a few hooks that are installed in the ceiling. 

Then, voila! You have a full-sized shower. 

Fixed bed with full-length windows on each side

The fixed bed in this van conversion is lovely. It has full length windows on each side that let in tons of light! It also has a skylight above it for some extra ventilation, and to sleep underneath the stars. 

10. Simple and Functional Ford Transit Conversion

This Ford Transit Conversion has a clean, simple, and functional design. It’s equipped with a fixed double campervan bed, bench, sink, table, and a HUGE amount of storage for sports equipment!

Clean and simple interior for a ford transit camper

I’m impressed by how much sporting equipment fits in this van- and there’s plenty of storage space to spare! 

The clever use of wall hooks, a bench seat, and overhead storage leaves this van with more than enough storage space.

Another clever utilization space is storing the dining table flat up in its own storage pocket above the bed!

Simple and functional ford transit with plenty of storage

This van conversion’s garage also has plenty of storage. The back doors of the van have been fitted with storage pockets made from old bouldering crash pads for a nice additional organizational touch.

Finally, this van has a cord that runs along the edge of the door which is just perfect for drying clothes, and sporting equipment like wetsuits.

This is yet another great example of a simple van conversion that has all you need. As an added bonus, this van conversion is extra light and fuel efficient!

11. Photographer’s Self-Build Ford Transit Van Conversion

This gorgeous self-build van conversion has all the features you could ask for: full kitchen with threeway fridge, fixed queen bed, off-grid solar system, hidden toilet, and outdoor shower!

The kitchen area of a self-built van with a bartender's sink

The kitchen in this Ford Transit van conversion is awesome! It has a huge fridge, 18×18 inch bartender’s sink, oven, and stove. 

The deep sink is very nice to have as it keeps water splashing to a minimum, and if you have a small dog it’s the perfect place to give them a bath!

The wooden backsplash made from sliced sticks is a unique and simple design that looks fantastic. It’s little, handmade touches like this one that create such a beautiful van interior.

I especially like the way they secured the mason jars for easy access and organization. It not only looks cool but stays secure on the road!

Photographer’s Self-Build Ford Transit Van interior

Between the overhead cabinets and large garage, this van is equipped with plenty of storage. Having the fixed bed raised high creates a big garage space underneath!

The utilization of space in this van is very creative- a full length table slides out from under the bed to create a large dining/work table.

Additionally, a nature’s head composting toilet slides out from under the bed for convenient use.

One particularly nice feature in this van conversion is the sliding door that connects the cab to the back. It’s really nice for the cab space to feel separate from the back, and having a door to connect them gives that sense of separation, but also a little extra access and safety.

12. Historical Ford Transit Van Conversion

This Ford Transit Van Conversion has everything you could need, including a huge work table, composting toilet, hot water shower head, full kitchen, and king size bed. 

It is also equipped with a beefy 800 watts of solar power that keep everything running!

A massive table in a ford transit campervan

When living and working on the road, and especially when co-living in a van, having a proper workspace is huge. 

For this reason, this campervan conversion has a massive table- it seats eight people!

When the space isn’t being used for work, it converts to a king sized bed.

Gorgeous kitchen in a historical ford transit van conversion

The kitchen in this van has everything- sink stovetop, knife rack and slide-out pantry!

For drinking water, this van utilizes a Berkey Water Filter. This is a nice solution for anyone wanting a simple water system, and has a little extra counter space to spare!

Vertical sliding cabinet in a historical ford transit van conversion

A very special component of this van is its lumber. All of the lumber in the kitchen and overhead cabinets is restored from a 200 year old ship captain’s house in cape cod!

It’s not every day you see Ford Transit camper conversions with 200 year old lumber.

13. Open Layout Ford Transit Van Conversion

Here we have a super functional and stylish conversion with an incredibly simple, yet effective camper layout.

This van conversion has a full kitchen, bathroom, fixed bed and plenty of storage. This is a great van conversion for anyone wanting a simple layout that they can take off-grid!

Full kitchen and bathroom in an open layout ford transit RV

The kitchen has a sink and a huge fridge with a freezer. There is enough counter space to easily prepare meals with a camping stove! The counter is made from white quartz, giving the whole kitchen a nice, bright look.

With a diesel heater, deluxe MAXXAIR fan and air conditioning from the cab, this van conversion can withstand a wide array of temperatures, making it the perfect adventure-mobile.

The water-saving toilet with RV shower

The bathroom in this van has a water saving RV shower head and cassette toilet. The entire shower is made from acrylic and is completely waterproof. It even has a light inside!

the blue damask-patterned floor of the open layout ford transit camper

This van has great style. The barn wood shiplap ceiling looks great, and the floor is incredible!

It’s made from concrete with a beautiful blue damask pattern. While a concrete floor sounds heavy, in this van it works because it only covers a small amount of floor space.

Additionally, this van used to be a passenger van, and it has four seats that fold up from under this flooring!

14. Rock Climbing Adventure Van Conversion

This Ford Transit van conversion is minimalist, meticulously crafted, and has everything one could need for full time vanlife. 

Not only is the design beautiful, but the total cost of the van conversion was under $14,000, which is less than a year of rent in many places! 

Ford van conversions definitely do not have to break the bank.

large workspace with a large table in a ford transit camper  van

The interior of this van is entirely made with tongue and groove wooden cladding, giving the van a nice log cabin feel.

This van was designed for working remotely, and it has a nice large workspace. This workspace is also perfect for entertaining guests, and hosting the wonderful people you meet while living on the road!

In only a couple of seconds, the living room space converts to a large bed.

Beastmaker 1000 over the doorway of the rock climbing adventure van conversion

Equipped with the Beastmaker 1000 over the doorway, this van conversion even has a climber friendly workout space. Additionally, there is a built-in compartment underneath the floor that stores a bouldering crash pad. 

To keep the cab and living space separate, there is a wall built between them, and a clever sliding door for access. 

Red rock climbing adventure ford transit van and its owners

This van has a minimal kitchen with a sink and double burner stovetop which takes up very little space in the van.

This van is great for off-grid traveling and climbing adventures, as it has a gas heater, solar shower with curtain set-up, and three different ways to charge the batteries!

15. Self-Built Adventure Van Conversion

This self-built campervan conversion is loaded up with sweet features: walk-in bathroom, two showers, two refrigerators, freezer, full kitchen, and a roof rack that carries two boats!

Self-built adventure van interior with nice and modern amenities

The kitchen in this van is nice and modern. It has an induction cooktop, fridge and freezer, and sink with a butcher’s block to extend the counter space. The kitchen is adjacent to the doorway so the space can feel nice and airy with the door open.

The raised double bed allows for plenty of storage underneath, including a huge garage that stores the second refrigerator and outdoor shower.

Hand-made bathroom with white tile and cassette toilet

The bathroom in this van is beautiful. It’s handmade with white tile, and has a cassette toilet, hot water, a handmade shampoo rack, and even a waterproof container for the toilet paper!

Next to the bathroom is a full length coat closet that also stores shoes and the propane tank.

Access to the lights and power is also in the coat closet, which is nice because it keeps the LEDs from the switches out of sight so the van can stay nice and dark at night.

Final Thoughts on the best Ford Transit Van Conversions

We’ve now been through some seriously sweet customized Ford Transit campervan conversions. 

There really is a Ford conversion van you can design for every budget, and every need, whether you’re a university student, or a family of five hitting the road!

After reviewing this list, which of these is your favorite?

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