15 Best Vans For A Camper Conversion [Fresh for 2022!]

last updated: Feb 24, 2022

Are you looking to start your van life adventure? 

Feeling overwhelmed trying to pick the best van for your camper? 

Don’t worry, it’s an important decision and one that stops a lot of people dead in their tracks.

To help make things easier, I’ve gone ahead and summarised the absolute best vans for camper conversions.

Including a healthy mix of large vans, medium vans, and small vans. So there should be something for everyone!

This list is based on plenty of experience converting my own vans, as well as the hundreds of van conversion tours featured on my channel over the years.

Let’s get started!

** Please only use prices given as a rough estimate only. They are accurate at the time of writing, but prices can vary greatly depending on things like where you are located and the condition/age of the van.

Best large vans for a camper conversion

1. Sprinter

Yellow Mercedes Sprinter Van
L1 H1L2 H2L3 H2L4 H3
Length2600mm / 102”3265mm / 128.5”4300mm / 169.3”4700mm / 185”
Width1780mm / 70”1780mm / 70”1780mm / 70”1780mm / 70”
Height1740mm / 68.5”2030mm / 79.9”2030mm / 79.9”2260mm / 88.9”

All of the LWB models have high roofs, while the SWB wheelbase models have the option of either a low roof or a high roof. 

Off-Road Capability: Yes!

Either rear 2wd or 4wd versions are available, making off-road 4×4 Sprinter vans increasingly popular.

Prices: $27,000 used/ $35,000 new SWB/ $50,000+ LWB with upgrades

The Sprinter Van is by far the most popular van for camper van conversions. Sprinter vans are durable, versatile, and most are built as cargo vans so their interiors are highly customizable.

It is important to note that when talking about Sprinter van conversions, the Mercedes Sprinter Van and the Dodge Sprinter Van are essentially the exact same van. 

The key difference is the Dodge Sprinter Vans were manufactured between 2002-2006, and Dodge or Mercedes, they are both phenomenal vehicles.

Pros of Sprinter for Van Conversions

  • Has a great reputation for campervan conversion and lives up to its name as an excellent van for camper conversion.
  • You have the choice of a gasoline or diesel engine.
  • Sprinter Vans run for a long time! It is not uncommon for Sprinter Vans to last well beyond 300,000+ miles.
  • Due to the Sprinter Van’s popularity, it is not difficult to find a quality used Sprinter Van on the market.
  • The Sprinter Van’s popularity means that there are many layout ideas and designs available for your DIY van conversion.

Cons of Sprinter for Van Conversions

  • One of the biggest cons of the Sprinter Van is its hefty price tag.
  • It can be difficult to have repairs done on a Sprinter Van. Very few mechanics will work on Sprinter Vans, most will refer to the dealer, which can be very costly.
  • Because the Sprinter Vans are so big, they can be difficult and awkward to drive.

Who is the Sprinter Van best for?

This van is best for anyone with a decent-sized budget who wants a quality van to convert themselves! 

Example Sprinter Camper Conversion

Full van tour video –> Incredible SELF BUILD with Full Bathroom and Spare Bedroom

This Sprinter Van conversion really showcases all the Sprinter Van has to offer. 

With a large van like the Sprinter Van, you have a ton of space available to work with while designing your dream camper van. 

As you can see with this Sprinter Van Conversion, there is enough space for a kitchen, walk-in bathroom, and multiple beds!

Living area in a self build sprinter camper van

This large living room space converts into a double bed!

The bathroom in a self build sprinter van

At first glance, I never would have guessed this bathroom is from a van! Sprinter Vans are big enough to incorporate an entire walk-in bathroom like this one.

the bed of a self build sprinter van

There is even an extra bedroom inside this Sprinter Van Conversion!

Sprinter Vans truly are one of the best vans to convert to campers.

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2. Ram Promaster

Black Ram Promaster Van

Roof Height:

165cm low roof, 190cm high roof

Wheelbase Dimensions:

Length: 345cm SWB, 403cm LWB

Width: 121cm SWB, 142cmLWB

Off-Road Capability: No

Ram Promaster van conversions do not have a 4×4 option, so it does not have off-roading capabilities. However, it does have front-wheel drive, making it a great campervan option for anyone who plans to do lots of driving in the snow.

Prices: $9,000used/$27,000 SWB/$45,000 LWB with upgrades

Next up on the list of best vans for camping conversion is the Dodge Ram Promaster. These bad boys have an extra-wide body, are extremely stealthy, and are a more affordable option than the Sprinter Van.

Pros of the Ram Promaster for Van Conversion

  • The body of this van is about 10cm wider than its main competitors, the Sprinter Van and the Ford Transit. This extra width is great for anyone who wants to have their bed fit width-wise in the van.
  • Due to its shorter size, the Ram Promaster is very maneuverable and easy to drive and park in cities.
  • Its exterior also most resembles a cargo van, so this is a great stealth van. 
  • This van is much less expensive than others on the market, and is very fuel efficient (on average, the Ram Promaster gets 20mpg)!

Cons of the Ram Promaster for Van Conversion

  • While this van has a low roof clearance, the drawback here is that it also has a low ground clearance. 
  • There is no 4WD option for the Ram Promaster so this is not a great van for off-roading adventures.
  • Its interior is also rounded, so DIY van conversions are slightly more tricky. 
  • Also, unlike other vans, the Ram Promaster is a relatively new van so it can be difficult to find quality used vans. 

Who is the Ram Promaster Best For?

This van is best for people who are not looking for overhead storage. It’s also great for van lifers primarily looking to live and drive in cities, and for people looking for an affordable van for camper conversion!

Example Ram Promaster Camper Conversion

Full van tour video –> Professional’s Incredible Full-time Self Build

Here we have the perfect example of a fully equipped Ram Promaster van conversion that is incredibly stealthy.

Ram Promaster camper interior with a jazzy shower right by the entrance

This Ram Promaster van conversion has it all, from a fixed bed, kitchen dining room/working space, to a full bathroom with shower.

Notice how wide the galley is in the van? That extra 10cm really goes a long way.

The working area by the bed in a Ram Promaster van

A key feature in this Ram Promaster van conversion is that there are no windows! The lack of windows allows this van to be completely stealthy, and parking and living in urban environments is a breeze with this van.

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3. Ford Transit

Black Ford Transit Van with an awning connected
L1 H1L2 H2L3 H3
Length3200mm / 126”3650mm / 143.7”4374mm / 172.2”
Width1786mm / 70.3”1786mm / 70.3”1786mm / 70.3”
Height1445mm / 56.9”1827mm / 71.9”2070mm / 81.5”

Off-Road Capability: Yes

Previously, the Ford Transit was not the go-to van for off-road adventures. However, in 2020 Ford introduced Transit Vans with AWD that can give even more power to the front wheels than the Sprinter Van.

For this reason, the Ford Transit Van can be an awesome van for off-roading as long as you snag one of the newer models.

Prices: $20,000 used/$25,000 SWB/$42,000 LWB with upgrades

The Ford Transit sits fairly high in the running for the best van for camper conversion. 

With many different options for size, a much smaller price tag than the Sprinter, and due to it now offering an AWD option, the popularity of Ford Transit van conversions has skyrocketed.

Pros of the Ford Transit for Van Conversion

  • The Ford Transit is a very affordable van.
  • The Ford Transit is one of the tallest vans on the market!
  • Since Ford is so widespread, particularly in North America, pretty much any repair shop can work on a Ford Transit and easily find replacement parts at a low cost.

Cons of the Ford Transit for Van Conversion

This is a fairly new van, so finding quality used Ford Transit Vans can prove difficult.

  • The AWD feature was only made available in 2020, so any vans older than 2020 will not have this feature.
  • The Ford Transit can be a bit of a gas guzzler. A fully converted Ford Transit Van Conversion averages 14-17 mpg.
  • These vans are not as mechanically reliable as other vans.

Who is the Ford Transit Best For?

The Ford Transit Van is the best van on the market for tall people due to its extra high roof. It is also a great van for anyone wanting to convert a van on a budget and still have a quality home on wheels that is easy to repair!

Example Ford Transit Camper Conversion

Full van tour video –> The Best High-Tech Modern Van Conversion

This beautiful Ford Transit van conversion really showcases all of the opportunities available when converting a Ford Transit van!

Kitchen with a wooden countertop in a Ford Transit RV

This van conversion has a full kitchen, fixed double bed, toilet, and workspace!

High-tech living area of a Ford Transit camper

There is even a large garage space underneath the van. 

In addition to there being plenty of room to stand up within this campervan, there is also plenty of overhead storage available in this Ford Transit Van Conversion- a real tribute to how tall this van truly is.

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4. Volkswagen Crafter

Volkswagen Crafter van

Roof Height:

167cm Low roof, 193cm high roof, 218cm extra high roof

Wheelbase Dimensions:

Length: 365cm medium wheelbase, 432cm long wheelbase

The VW Crafter also comes with an extended LWB model in which the total length of the interior of the van is a whopping 470 cm!

Width: 135cm

Off-Road Capability: Yes

Newer VW Crafter vans are now equipped with 4×4 capabilities to make off-roading a possibility. 

Prices:$25,000 used/$49,000SWB new/$85,000 extended LWB with upgrades new

The VW Crafter is one of the largest and one of the most expensive vans for camper conversions.

Additionally, in many ways the VW Crafter is extremely similar to the Mercedes Sprinter. 

The key differences between the VW Crafter and Sprinter are that the Sprinter is sleeker on the exterior, the Crafter is longer, and the Sprinter is much lighter.

Pros of the VW Crafter for Van Conversion

  • The biggest pro of the VW Crafter is its size. Combine the extended long wheelbase with a super high roof, and the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can do and fit in the interior of this van. 
  • The VW Crafter is a very easy van to drive.

Cons of the VW Crafter for Van Conversion

  • The biggest con of this van is its price tag. This is a very expensive van, and even used models are costly.
  • Not the most fuel efficient van on the market for campervan conversion.

Who is the VW Crafter Best For?

This van is best for someone with a large budget who wants to convert a large campervan! 

If you have an unlimited budget and want to design your dream van, this could be your perfect van for campervan conversion.

This is also one of the best conversion vans for camping with family, as it is so large you can sleep many people within the VW Crafter.

Example Crafter Camper Conversion

Full van tour video –> Family of Four Converts Off-Grid Van To Travel The World

Wooden interior of a Volkswagen Crafter van conversion

In this VW Crafter Campervan conversion, there is a large living room with a dining space that converts into an area that can sleep four people! 

They’ve incorporated some pretty unique campervan bed ideas. The dining table flips to create a double bed, and the two beds above connect with a plank of wood and become the perfect bunk bed for two small children.

5. Peugeot Boxer/ Citroen Relay/ Fiat Ducato 

A white citroen relay van
L1 H1L2 H2L3 H2L4 H3
Length2670mm / 105.1”3120mm / 122.8”3705mm / 145.9”4070mm / 160.2”
Width1870mm / 73.6”1870mm / 73.6”1870mm / 73.6”1870mm / 73.6”
Height1662mm / 65.4”1932mm / 76”1932mm / 76”2172mm / 85.5”

Off-Road Capability: Yes!

The Peugeot Boxer and newer Fiat Ducato vans have a 4×4 option for off-roading! 

Prices: $22,000 (used) / $33,000 (SWD)/ $50,000 (LWB)

These vans are all essentially the same variations of one another and are based on the Ducato Chassis. 

They are great vans for conversion because they are quite customizable, and a wide array of different sizes and models are available. 

These vans are also great vans for van conversion because of their square shape, ideal turning radius, and variety of sizes. 

Pros of the Peugeot Boxer/ Citroen Relay/ Fiat Ducato for Van Conversion

  • Has a very high safety rating and lots of safety features such as roll-over mitigation and enhanced steering control.
  • Gets very good gas mileage, can be upwards of 35mpg!
  • They are wider than Sprinter Van.
  • Compared to other large vans on the market, this is a very affordable option!

Cons Peugeot Boxer/ Citroen Relay/ Fiat Ducato for Van Conversion

  • These vans don’t have much storage in the cab.
  • These vans aren’t very tall without the extra high roof model.
  • Their width can make it difficult to drive on narrow roads.
  • These vans have been known to have electrical problems and finding replacement parts can be difficult.
  • These vans are not as reliable as Mercedes or VW Vans.

Who is the Peugeot Boxer/ Citroen Relay/ Fiat Ducato Best For?

This van is best for people who want an inexpensive and fuel efficient vehicle. These vans get great gas mileage, so they are great for long road trips. Due to their width, these vans are also great for anyone who wants to sleep across their van.

Example Citroen Relay Camper Conversion

Full van tour video –> Solo Female Self-Build Van Conversion

Solo Female's Citroen Relay RV interior

This beautifully designed Citroen Relay van conversion really showcases the width of these vans with the fixed bed going across the van. 

This van not only has a fixed double bed, but also a living room and large camper bathroom with beautiful stone-like walls with a shower and toilet.

With their wide shape and affordability, Citroen Relays, Fiat Ducatos, and Peugeot Boxers are all great vans for van conversion.

6. Iveco Daily

Iveco daily camper van

Roof Height: 

155cm low roof, 190 cm medium roof, 210cm high roof

Wheelbase dimensions: 

Length: 352cm SWB, 410cm LWB

Width: 200cm SWB, 200cm LWB

Off-Road Capability: Yes

The Iveco Daily 4×4 is one of the best vans for off-roading on the market. This chassis was specifically designed to handle high stress and as a result, this van can take you pretty much anywhere.

Prices: $40,000 used / $50,000 base model / $130,000 with LWB and upgrades

The Iveco Daily is the biggest campervan on the market! 

This van has a very positive reputation for being highly reliable, and as of 2020, there is a fully electric Iveco Daily on the market! 

This van can carry a huge cargo load and is great for someone wanting a large van with a powerful, reliable engine.

Pros of the Iveco Daily for Van Conversion

  • The Iveco Daily Van is a huge van so there are a million options for DIY van conversions.
  • This van has intense off-roading capabilities.
  • This van has many different models available on the market, including an all electric model.

Cons of the Iveco Daily for Van Conversion

  • The Iveco Daily is a fairly expensive van.
  • The Iveco Daily is not the easiest van to drive on the market.

Who is the Iveco Daily Best For?

The Iveco Daily is the best van for a luxury campervan conversion. It is such a large van that you can fit multiple rooms and whatever facilities you could possibly want, giving you full flexibility over your campervan’s interior. This is also a great van for those who love extreme off-roading due to its tough build.

Example Iveco Daily Camper Conversion

Full van tour video –> Genius Van with Solar and Water Powered Aircon

Genius Iveco camper van full living room

This Iveco Daily van conversion fully takes advantage of this beast of a van’s size. It features a full living room/workspace, kitchen, wet room, and almost an entirely separate bedroom!

Genius solar camper van interior

The extra long wheelbase of the Iveco Daily is fully utilized in this spacious and creative van conversion.

7. Renault Master

White Renault Master Van

Roof Height: 179cm, 208cm tall roof

Wheelbase dimensions:

Length: 318cm SWB, 368 LWB

Width: 138 cm

Off-Road Capability: Yes!

The Renault Master 4×4 has off-roading capabilities and can handle many different terrains.

Prices: $15,000 used / $44,000 SWB / $62,000 LWB with upgrades

The Renault Master is a great van for camping conversion. It is a reliable van and comes at a reasonable price! 

Its medium and long wheelbase models are great for solo travelers or even couples who want to convert a campervan to live in.

Pros of the Renault Master for Van Conversion

  • The interior of the Renault Master is the ideal shape for converting a van. The interior lines are smooth and straight, so insulation and renovations will be a breeze.
  • The Renault Master has a very strong diesel engine.
  • This van can carry a very heavy load, above 1,600 kg!

Cons of the Renault Master for Van Conversion

  • Due to being equipped to carry a heavy payload, the suspension makes the Renault Master a very bumpy van to drive around. 
  • This van needs to be serviced more frequently than other vans on this list, including the Ford Transit and Fiat Ducato.

Who is the Renault Master Best For?

The Renault Master is the best van for camping conversion for anyone who favors a powerful engine and doesn’t want to be too concerned about the weight of their van conversion.

Example Renault Master Camper Conversion

Full van tour video –> Self-Build Campervan with Clever Interior Shower

The Renault Master offers an excellent cargo space for converting a campervan. The van itself is very light so you don’t have to worry as much about weight when designing your conversion, which gives you a little more creative freedom. 

This Renault Master campervan conversion has a kitchen, shower, large bed, and tons of overhead storage.

Renault Master campervan sleeping area

The Renault Master is also wide enough to fit a bed across the van like they did! This saves a lot of space lengthwise in the van and creates a great opportunity for a solid kitchen or workspace. 

With its light build, great shape, and affordable price, the Renault Master is definitely one of the best vans for camper conversions.

8. International School Bus

Red international school bus and its owner

Roof Height: 182 cm standard, 198 cm high roof


Total Length: 7.6 meters mini, 10.6 meters medium, 13.7 meters standard

Total Width: 1.82 meters mini, 1.82 meters medium, 2.43 meters standard

Off-Road Capability: No

Prices: $7,500 used / $65,000 new / $100,000+ new with upgrades

Last but not least on this list of best vans for conversion is the International School Bus. 

While it’s not the most conventional choice for camper conversion, School Bus DIY campervans are growing in popularity due to their size, safety, and overall coolness factor.

Pros of an International School Bus for Van Conversion

  • Converting an International School Bus allows for tons of space for campervan conversion.
  • School Busses are extremely safe. They have a roll cage and are reinforced with steel so they are much safer than an RV. They were designed to transport children after all!
  • An International School Bus is much cheaper than an RV.

Cons of an International School Bus for Van Conversion

  • Besides the mini version, an International School Bus will not fit in normal parking spaces and can be quite difficult to drive due to its large size.
  • An International School Bus conversion has about zero stealth factor.
  • Medium and standard sized International School Busses are too large for a standard mechanic’s garage and will need to be serviced at a truck mechanic shop. 

Who is the International School Bus Best For?

An International School Bus van conversion is best for people wanting a safer and more affordable option than a traditional RV. They are also great for families because they have so much space. 

Example International School Bus Camper Conversion

Full van tour video –> School Bus Converted to an Amazing Tiny Home

Here is an example of an absolutely epic American School bus conversion. Named Big Red, this standard-sized school bus conversion takes full advantage of the size to create a lovely home on wheels.

The kitchen area in a converted international school bus

The kitchen area is large and spacious, and the long couch converts into an adult sized bed!

The living area in a converted school bus camper

All of the windows that accompany a school bus provide perfect natural lighting in a camper conversion.

The bedroom in a converted international school bus

This school bus conversion even fits a king size bed! With a vehicle of this size, the options are truly endless.

While it may not be for everyone, an International School Bus camper conversion is certainly awesome, and easily earns its place on this list of the best vans for camper conversions.

Best medium sized vans for camper conversions

If you’re looking for a cheaper van conversion, then a mid-sized base van could be better for you.

9. VW Transporter

White VW Transporter van
(T5)L1L2 H1L2 H2
Length2572mm / 2975mm2975mm
Width1700mm / 1700mm1700mm
Height1410mm / 1410mm1940mm

Off-Road Capability: Yes

The T5 4motion model of the VW Transporter is a 4×4 vehicle and has off-roading capabilities!

Prices: $35,000 used / $33,000 basic model / $50,000 extended model T6 with upgrades

You can also purchase older VW Transporter models like the V2 for under $10,000 but they likely won’t be reliable and will need lots of TLC.

The VW Transporter is a classic campervan for van conversion.

It all started in the 1960s with the VW Transporter T2 model, more commonly known as the VW Bus. VW Busses are still around today for campervan conversions, but they are vintage vehicles and priced as such. 

Today, the newest model of the VW Transporter is the T6 which is one of the nicest vans for camper conversion. 

Pros of the VW Transporter for Van Conversion

  • The V5 and V6 models of the VW Transporter are very reliable vans.
  • The VW Transporters hold their price very well, so they are a great investment!
  • They are easy to park.
  • Older models of the VW Transporter are very cool vintage vehicles.

Cons of the VW Transporter for Van Conversion

  • This is a smaller campervan.
  • Older models have many maintenance problems.

Who is the VW Transporter Best For?

The VW Transporter T5 and T6 models are best for anyone who wants a reliable and small campervan. 

The earlier models are best for anyone who wants to have a sweet vintage van and have an awesome campervan to take to festivals and shows, but also know how to do the proper maintenance on it.

Example VW Transporter Camper Conversion

Full van tour video –> Highly Functional Budget Self Build Van Conversion

This T4 model of the VW Transporter is a great example of a small campervan that still has a complete conversion. 

There is plenty of space for a kitchen, convertible bed, and plenty of storage space in a VW Transporter.

The highly functional budget VW Transport camper van interior

10. Nissan NV

A white nissan NV van crossing a bridge

Roof Height: 

135cm low roof, 195 cm high roof

Wheelbase dimensions: 

Length: 273cm

Width: 122 cm

Off-Road Capability: Yes!

4×4 is available on all Nissan NV 2500 and 3500 models.

Prices: $8,000 used / $30,000 standard / $45,0000 with upgrades 

The Nissan NV is an extremely underrated van for camping conversion. This is likely due to their short wheelbase and peculiar shape. 

However, because they are so rare for campervan conversions, Nissan NV vans are incredibly stealthy and low budget, earning a spot on this list of the top vans for camper conversions!

Pros of the Nissan NV for Van Conversion

  • The Nissan NV is one of the most affordable vans for campervan conversion on the market.
  • The Nissan NV is a reliable van with a well-built and powerful engine.
  • Because the Nissan NV is rarely used as a campervan and more frequently used as a cargo van, it is very stealthy.
  • Repairs on the Nissan NV are affordable and easy to get done.
  • There is now a fully electric version of the Nissan NV.
  • The Nissan NV is a light and easy to drive vehicle.

Cons of the Nissan NV for Van Conversion

  • The Nissan NV does not get great gas mileage. It averages about 10-15mpg.
  • This is a smaller van, so it won’t fit as many features as larger campervans on the market.
  • In the electric model, you have to stop frequently for charges which adds driving time.

Who is the Nissan NV Best For?

The Nissan NV is best for anyone who wants to build a campervan on a budget! You can find quality, used Nissan NVs for a fraction of the price of other campervans. 

This is also one of the best vans to convert for anyone who wants an easy van to drive and park in small spaces. 

Plus, with the new all-electric option, the Nissan NV is the best electric van for campervan conversion!

Example Nissan NV Camper Conversion

Full van tour video –> Fully Electric Van Conversion

Just because the Nissan NV is a small campervan, that doesn’t mean you won’t have enough space for two in this campervan conversion!

Workspace in a Nissan NV van conversion

In this clever fully electric Nissan NV campervan conversion, they managed to fit a kitchen, double bed, and a workspace! There is also plenty of storage.

Electric Nissan NV campervan kitchen and living area

This awesome Nissan NV conversion is a wonderful example of how you can design your dream campervan without an extra large van.

11. Mercedes Vito

Interior Dimensions

Length2568mm / 101.1”2831mm /111.5”3061mm / 120.5”
Width1685mm / 66.3”1685mm / 66.3”1685mm / 66.3”
Height1391mm / 54.8”1391mm /  54.8”1391mm /  54.8”


  • Mercedes is a trusted manufacturer with long lasting engines.
  • It’s easy to drive around and feels like driving a car. 
  • The interior width is generous for a small van.


  • The Vito has a higher price tag than other small vans do.
  • There is no built in bulkhead storage as standard.

12. Ford Transit Custom

Interior Dimensions

L1 H1L2 H2L2 H1L2 H2
Length2555mm / 100.5”2555mm / 100.5”2922mm / 115”2922mm / 115”
Width1775mm / 69.8”1775mm / 69.8”1775mm / 69.8”1775mm / 69.8”
Height1406mm / 55.4”1778mm / 70”1406mm / 55.4”1778mm / 70”


  • The wide interior means that you can be more creative with the layout.
  • It is available in various length and height options, so that you can find the exact size for your needs.
  • It’s small and easy enough to park in cities.
  • If you want a higher roof, a pop top is available to add to your conversion. 


  • There is no 4WD version of the Transit Custom available, so it’s not the best choice if you want to go off-road regularly.
  • It has a low MPG compared to other similar vans, so you may spend more on fuel. 

Best small vans for a camper conversion

13. Peugeot Expert

Interior dimensions 

Length2254mm / 88.7”2584mm / 101.7”
Width1600 / 63”1600 / 63”
Height1449mm / 57”1449mm / 57”


  • Feels almost like a car to drive.
  • Available in different lengths.
  • Widely available at a low price.


  • The cab is small and could feel cramped on long journeys.
  • The longer wheelbase van doesn’t have a higher roof.

14. Chevrolet G20

Interior Dimensions

Length2392mm / 94.2”2997mm / 118”3675mm / 144.7”
Width1798mm / 70.8”1798mm / 70.8”1798mm / 70.8”
Height1137mm / 44.8”1137mm / 44.8”1137mm / 44.8”


  • It looks and feels like a car which is great if you want to be stealthy.
  • Chevys are widely available and can usually be bought on a low budget.
  • Spare parts are easy to come by if you need to make repairs on the road.
  • There are lots of windows already installed, which will save on the actual cost of the van conversion.


  • The roof height on all models is low, meaning you won’t be able to stand up.
  • The interior space could feel small and cramped.
  • Before you begin the conversion, the back passenger seats will need to be removed from the vehicle.

15. Ford Transit Connect

Interior Dimensions

Length1831mm / 72”2231mm / 87.8”
Width1543mm / 60.7”1496mm / 58.9”
Height1269mm / 49.9”1269mm / 49.9”


  • These vans are widely available and can be purchased for a low cost.
  • Gives the appearance of a work van from the outside, so they are perfect as a stealth camper conversion.
  • The small size makes them easy to drive around, and no stress to park. 


  • The longer version has a slightly narrower width than in the other versions.
  • Again, the low internal height means that you can’t stand up inside.

Which van is best for your conversion?

Deciding which van to buy for your camper conversion is an important decision, and I hope that the information on this list makes your decision easier.

It’s important to not only do proper research on which campervan to convert, but to decide what it is you personally want out of a van, and choose your van accordingly. 

Everyone has different needs and wants for their dream campervan, so don’t be afraid to opt for whatever van feels right for you!

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The Van Conversion Guide (14th Edition)

The guide anyone can use to convert a van into a camper! This best-selling guide, now in its 14th Edition, has been used by thousands of people to transform a van into a camper.

  • 150+ page eBook
  • Helps you convert any kind of van
  • Diagrams for all the main systems
  • FREE mini-course - 28 video tutorials